KRIYYAM OS Agar Tum Saath Ho By Muniya

Hey cuties,? Muniya here, back with another Kriyyam story. Thanks is a very small word to express my gratitude towards u all. Love u all so much guys. ??

*****Now coming to the story*****
Krishna is a sweet simple girl. She has lost her parents and lives with her Uncle and aunt. She is kind of introvert but very meritorious student and a passionate dancer. But her family is very strict and of bossy nature. They don’t like or appreciate her dancing. Krishna completes her graduation and her family starts to find for her alliance. She tries to stop them but in vain.
Sayyam is an orphan. He has struggled a lot in his life. Now he has his small business. Krishna’s uncle knows him in business purpose and likes him for his good and honest nature. One day he approaches him with Krishna’s marriage proposal. Sayyam at once accepts as he already had a crush on her. They hv met once in a party, thrown by Krishna’s uncle, for the success of a deal. He liked Krishna at the very moment he saw her.
Their marriage was fixed. They meet very few times before their marriage. Krishna tried to tell him that she is not ready for marriage. But couldn’t gather courage to do so. But she gets to know well that Sayyam is a very nice person.
Sayyam was very happy to get her. He took her silence to be her approval for their relation and became happy.
The story starts on Kriyyam’s wedding day. They hv a simple wedding. They get married and comes to Sayyam’s home. As Sayyam had no one in his house, he himself welcomes Krishna.

At night
Krishna is sitting on the decorated bed in her bridal attire. Sayyam comes to the room and closes the door. Krishna’s heartbeat raises as Sayyam comes near her and sits on the bed beside her. He removes the veil on her face. She was looking so beautiful. Sayyam stares at her, lovingly. He holds her hand and feels her hands trembling.
Sayyam: Krishna ji..what happened?..Aap theek hai na?
Krishna feels uncomfortable due to his proximity. She moves her hand. She gets up from the bed and stands in a corner of the room. Sayyam goes near her.
Sayyam: Krishna ji..
Krishna became so uncomfortable that unknowingly she speaks out her heart.
Krishna: Sayyam ji…I need time.
Sayyam takes few seconds to understand what she said and what she meant. He then smiles and hesitantly holds her hands. Krishna felt his touch to be so comforting and soothing that she couldn’t take her hand off.
Sayyam: Krishna ji..i can understand…it’ll surely take time…and its absolutely fine…
Krishna now looks at him. Sayyam continues
Sayyam: But I want to tell u something.
Krishna continues to look at him. Sayyam first hesitates but than he says
Sayyam: Krishna ji…I..I…I love u.
Krishna was so shocked. Sayyam continues.
Sayyam: I really love u…I love u since I first met u…and I can assure u one thing that my love is unconditional…I’ll never force this relationship on u until u want…I can’t even think about that…I can wait for u for my whole life…and plz don’t take me wrong…I just can’t help it…but if u want I can free u from this relation…whenever u want…u just feel free to share…but I think till then…we can become friends…I mean.. if u don’t hv any problem to accept me as ur friend…

Krishna was absolutely dumbfounded to know that Sayyam loves her. He never told her before. She was not able to think how to react. But there was a warmth in his eyes that provided comfort to her. Krishna slowly nods in positive. Sayyam smiles at her.
Sayyam: Ah.. actually…I had to give u something.
Krishna looks at him. Sayyam takes out a small box. There was diamond ring inside it. He takes it out and makes Krishna wear the ring.
Sayyam: Do u like it?
Krishna looks at the ring. It was really beautiful. She looks at Sayyam and for the first time, genuinely smiles at him. Sayyam becomes happy.
Sayyam:…now its too late. We should sleep. U sleep on the bed.
Sayyam goes from there to change. Krishna slowly lies down on the bed. She was more comfortable and relieved now. But she couldn’t understand how she became so comfortable in such a short time. After sometime Sayyam comes and lies down on the sofa. Sayyam continues to stare at her until he falls asleep.
Tum mere ho iss pal mere ho…Kal shayad ye aalam na rahe…Kuch aisa ho tum tum na raho…Kuch aisa ho hum hum na rahe…ye raaste alag ho jaayein…chalet chalet hum kho jaayein…Main phir bhi tumko chahunga…Main phir bhi tumko chahunga…Iss chahat mein mar jaaunga…Main phir bhi tumko chahunga.
They slowly falls asleep as the song fades away.
Next morning
06:00 am
Krishna was in deep sleep. She wakes up hearing her phone ringing. It was from her aunt. She answers the call in a sleepy voice.
Krishna: Hello…
Mom: Hello…Krishna…r u still not wake?
Krishna frowns, being irritated.
Krishna: No…I was just..
Her aunt cuts her off
Aunt: Ok…go get ready and make some good breakfast for Sayyam…and yea…make sure to prepare some sweet dish…since today is ur first ‘Rasoi’…and then…
Her aunt advises about a lot of things. Krishna listens to her silently.
Krishna gets up but doesn’t find Sayyam in the room. She was about to enter the washroom when Sayyam comes out from there. They collide and Sayyam holds Krishna. They hv a small eyelock but soon they composes themselves. Sayyam makes her stand back.
Sayyam: Good Morning..Krishna ji.
Krishna: Good morning.
Sayyam smiles and leaves. Krishna gets ready and after 15 minutes goes downstairs, somehow draping the Saree. Sayyam sees her coming and was mesmerized. He keeps on staring. Krishna looks at him.
Sayyam: U r looking very beautiful.
Krishna doesn’t know what to say so she just smiles. She was about to approach the dining area but trips on the pleats of her Saree. Sayyam holds her. Krishna gets shocked as she was preparing herself to hit the floor. She looks up at him. They again hv a small eyelock.
Sayyam: R u fine?
Krishna nods as Sayyam makes her stand back. She again moves but again trips. And Sayyam was again there to hold her. Krishna looks at him, embarrassed.
Sayyam: I think u r not comfortable in Saree?
Krishna lowers her eyes, indicating yes. Sayyam understands.
Sayyam: Than why r u wearing Saree?..go and change something else which u r comfortable in.
Krishna looks at him, stunned. For the first time she heard someone saying about her comfort. She turns to go but than stops as she remembers something. Sayyam looks at her.
Sayyam: What happened?…go..
Krishna: But I don’t hv any other dress. Aunty has packed my bag only with Saree.
She says very innocently. Sayyam couldn’t help but smile at her cuteness.
Sayyam: That’s not a big problem…actually that’s not a problem at all…we can go for shopping…and u can buy anything u want.
Krishna looks at him, amazed. Sayyam smiles.
Sayyam: And I think…till than u can manage this Saree…bcz u r really looking very beautiful in Saree.
Krishna looks at him shocked. Sayyam smiles.
After sometime they go out for shopping. Krishna buys some Salwars.

At night
Krishna is a good cook. She prepares dinner and also Kheer as sweet dish. Sayyam comes from office. Krishna serves him.
Sayyam: Wow…kheer…I love kheer…actually…I hv tried a lot of times to prepare perfect kheer…but every time I failed…so when I feel like hving kheer…I order it from any restaurant…but now as u r here…so I think I don’t hv to order from outside anymore.
He eats the kheer and genuinely praises it. Krishna gets happy to see him behaving like a child, while having kheer. She smiles broadly.
After one week
It is a very special day for Sayyam. Today his company completes three years. He keeps a pooja in his office. Krishna also goes with him. He introduces her to everybody. Everytime Sayyam addresses her as his wife Krishna feels a strange feelings of happiness. They attend the pooja together.
They come back at night. Sayyam was in washroom when Krishna’s friend calls her.
Krishna: Haan..Riya..bol.
Riya: Main kya boloon…tu bol… don’t u hv to study further?…only two days r left for the last date of admission in university…and where r u?
Krishna: No..Riya..i can’t go ahead for higher studies..i hv problems.
Riya: But what’s ur problem? was ur dream to take admission in this university…than what happened now?
Krishna tells her problems and after sometime hangs up. She turns and sees Sayyam standing in front of her. He has heard everything. Krishna looks away to hide her tears and was about to go but Sayyam holds her arms to stop her. Krishna gets shocked and looks at him.
Sayyam: Krishna ji…why don’t u want to study further?…What’s ur problem?
Krishna doesn’t say anything. Sayyam continues.
Sayyam: Am I ur problem?…i mean.. do u think…I’ll stop u?..U think I won’t allow?..if so..than I think u didn’t get what I meant to be ur friend on our wedding day…
Krishna doesn’t know what to say. She looks at him with a blank face. Sayyam hesitantly holds her hands.
Sayyam: But I really meant it..i really want to be ur friend.. to be by ur side…to fulfill ur wishes.. I didn’t marry u to do the household works only…u must hv some dreams of ur own…which u want to fulfill…and that’s not bad…but I think u couldn’t believe me..
Krishna looks at his face. She can understand that whatever he said it was true and from his heart. But doesn’t know why she feels so bad.
Krishna: Sorry..Sayyam ji…
Sayyam: No..plz don’t say sorry…I know its my fault…I never asked u what u want to do…may be I couldn’t….
Krishna cuts him off
Krishna: No…its not like that…actually.. I wanted to study further… its my one and only dream…even I told my uncle about that…but he at once denied saying that whatever I hv done its enough for a girl…he just didn’t try to understand me…didn’t even listen what I wanted to say…and I couldn’t tell u anything due to the fear of being rejected again.
Krishna lowers her head to hide her tears. Sayyam looks at her and feels bad. He tries to light the situation.
Sayyam: But now that u know I’ll not deny…so now u’ll take admission…right?
Krishna looks at him, shocked. She just couldn’t think that Sayyam will accept this so easily. She became very happy and smiles in tears. Sayyam couldn’t help but smile broadly, seeing her so happy.
Sayyam: Ok.. than its final.. tomorrow we’ll go for ur admission.. we can’t wait for the last date…right?
Krishna became so happy. She smiles broadly.
Next day Krishna goes to university for admission and meets her friends. Sayyam was also introduced to them. They all like him. Krishna was happy.

At night
Krishna was in another room when Sayyam comes to her. She was arranging some books.
Sayyam: What r u doing?
Krishna gets shocked due to sudden voice.
Sayyam: Sorry..maine aapko disturb kiya.. ok.. u do ur work..i m leaving.
Sayyam was about to leave but Krishna calls him back.
Krishna: Sayyam ji..rukiye..i m not disturbed.
Sayyam turns and smiles. He goes to her and helps her. They spend sometime together. They finish works and Krishna looks at him. She seems to want to ask something. Sayyam understands and asks
Sayyam: Do u want to say something?
Krishna first hesitates but than says
Krishna: Sayyam ji.. can I use this room as a study room?…i mean…if u don’t mind?
Sayyam comes near her and holds her hands
Sayyam: Krishna ji…how many times I hv to say that this is ur house…u can do anything…anything u want…no need to ask me for everything.
Krishna looks at him happily as a little smile curves on her lips. Sayyam also smiles.
One fine morning
Krishna has already get up and become ready. Sayyam is not yet awake. Krishna comes out of the washroom and calls Sayyam. He wakes up. Krishna was about to go out of the room when she hears
Sayyam: Ouch!!…
Krishna turns and finds Sayyam sitting, holding his back. She goes to him and sits beside him.
Krishna: What happened? Are u fine?
Sayyam: Wo… actually.. my back has been cricked…wo sofa pe sone ki aadat nahi hai na…shayad isliye.
Sayyam was wincing in pain. Krishna feels very bad. She thinks bcz of her Sayyam was suffering. She helps him to get up and cares for him. She massages balm on his back. Sayyam feels better.

At night
Sayyam was moving towards the sofa but Krishna calls him.
Krishna: Sayyam ji..u sleep on the bed.
Sayyam: No Krishna ji..i m fine now…its ok..u sleep on the bed.
Krishna insists him but he denies.
Krishna: Oh..that means…aap yunhi bolte ho…ki iss ghar mein main jo chahe wo kar sakti hoon?…but its not like that in real.
Sayyam: No..No..Krishna ji..aap galat samajh rahi hain…I was just…
Krishna turns to other side.
Krishna: Its ok…I can understand…
Sayyam understand that she became hurt.
Sayyam: Ok…ok…I’ll sleep here…
Krishna turns and smiles at him. Sayyam also smiles. They both sleep on the bed on other sides.
Few weeks passes
Krishna joins her dance classes too. She was so happy now. She now enjoys her life. She thought that after marriage her life will get ruined. But looks like it has reversed. She can’t remember any happier moment than these before her marriage.
One night Krishna falls asleep in the study room while studying. Sayyam was working in his room. It becomes late night when he finishes his work. He goes to call Krishna to sleep. When he enters the study room, he finds Krishna sleeping, sitting in the chair. Sayyam goes to her and stares at her lovingly. She looks so pretty. Sayyam takes book out of her hand and lifts her in arms. Krishna snuggles into his arms in sleep. He takes her to the room and gently lies her down on the bed. He was about to go when Krishna opens her eyes.
Sayyam: U slept in the study I…
Sayyam thought she will get him wrong but instead Krishna smiles.
Krishna: Aap bhi so jaiye.
Sayyam smiles and nods. He also sleeps beside her.
Six months passes.
Now they hv fall in a routine. Everyday, before going to office, Sayyam drops her at the university and brings her back in the evening, after her dance classes. In between, someday, they go for movie or to café. They really become good friends and enjoys eachothers company. Krishna likes to share her thoughts with him. Sayyam also tells her how his day went in office. Krishna, unknowingly enough, falls for him.
Sayyam had to go out of station for some business deal. So he tells Krishna to go to her maternal home for some days as she can’t stay alone at home. Krishna had no options, so she reluctantly agrees.
Next day Sayyam drops Krishna at her maternal home and leaves. Krishna was again put into the cage. Again she had to follow all the rules.

Krishna feels suffocated. She misses her freedom in her own house, where she can do anything, anytime. Everytime she had to follow some rules, either to go for dinner at 9 or to sleep at 10, she would miss her freedom. She misses her evenings spend with Sayyam, either on the way to home in car or in café or movie. Most importantly, she had to wear Saree, bcz her mom said that as she is married now, she should wear only Saree.
She was really upset with all these.
One week passes like this. Krishna becomes desperate to get back her freedom. She wants to go back to her own house. She calls Sayyam.
Krishna: Hello..Sayyam ji.. when will u come?
Sayyam: Krishna ji..i told u na…it’ll take time…I may come on day after tomorrow.
Krishna: Ok..but when?
Sayyam: May the evening.
Krishna: Ok..than…u straight come here…and I’ll go with u.
Sayyam: But..its ok..u can stay there for some more days..i’ll pick u later.
Krishna was already upset. Now she gets angry as he tells her to stay here for more days.
Krishna: Why?.Do u hv any problem?.. or Don’t u want me to come with u?
Sayyam: No..No..its not like that…I was just…
Krishna: Ok..if u hv problem…toh phir koi zaroorat nahi hai aane ki…
Saying that she cuts the call and throws the phone on the bed and goes to the terrace, her fav place in the house, when she gets upset. She sits in the swing. She couldn’t understand why she was feeling so bad, so restless. Unknowingly, tears starts to flow down her cheeks.
Krishna: Nobody loves me or cares for me…he said he loves me…but no…now even he doesn’t…aur waise bhi..why will he care for me..I always trouble him…I m very bad…
She was very upset. She falls asleep over there while crying.
On the other side, Sayyam couldn’t understand what’s wrong with Krishna. But he could feel her anger. He tries to call her back. But she doesn’t receive. He becomes very tensed. He continues to try her phone whole night but with no result. Many bad thinking captures his mind.
Love has many forms. Sometimes it comes in form of jealousy, sometimes in form of anger, sometimes in form of uneasiness or restlessness or even sadness. That’s why sometimes it becomes very difficult to identify the subtle deep cut of the sword of love. Krishna was exactly in such situation. She was unable to identify her true feelings. She was so angry but doesn’t know why. She couldn’t stop to think about Sayyam.
Krishna wakes up in the morning and goes to her room. She recalls everything what happened at night. She takes her phone and was shocked. There were above eighty missed calls and messages from Sayyam. She immediately calls him back. His phone rings only once before he receives the call.
Sayyam: Krishna…
Love, fear, concern, care, relief- there were so many emotions mingled in his voice. Unknowingly, fresh tears makes their way down to Krishna’s cheek. She somehow manages to speak up
Krishna: Hello…Sayyam ji..
She can hear Sayyam heaves a deep sigh of relief. For a long time, both of them couldn’t speak out a single word.

After that Sayyam starts to speak. He literally scolds Krishna and says how much tensed he got. Krishna listens to him silently. But she was no more sad or angry. Instead, she was enjoying the feeling of his concern towards her. Sayyam scolds her a lot and then thinks he became over rude to her and says Sorry. Krishna was still silent. She than says that she slept and also says Sorry and after sometime they hang up.
Krishna stood silent for sometime. Every moments spend with eachother flashes on her mind. How Sayyam cares for her, how he becomes happy when she does something for him. The clouds of her heart was washing away with the continuous flow of tears from her eyes. His face was flushing on her mind. His tensed voice echoes in her ears. It became unbearable for her to take it anymore. An unknown power forced her to speak out her heart. She loudly voiced out the turmoil of her feelings.
Krishna: I love u Sayyam ji…I love u.
She cries out loud, saying that. She cries for a long time. Unnamed tears were now named as the tears of happiness, of joy and of Love. She felt so relieved and light like a feather. She impatiently waits for Sayyam.
Next day evening.
Krishna was so happy to find her true feelings for Sayyam. She prepares his fav dishes. She knows that Sayyam likes to see her in Saree. So, she selects a beautiful Saree, of his favorite blue colour and gets ready.
She looks at Sayyam’s photo in her phone and smiles.
Krishna: I know how much u love me…U hv done so much for me…but I m such a stupid that I just couldn’t understand my own feelings…I love u too Sayyam ji…I love u too…U don’t need to wait for me for ur whole life…today only I’ll tell u about my feelings.
She smiles broadly and hugs her phone.
Sayyam comes in the evening. He was still tensed about Krishna. He thought she is still upset but instead she opened the door with a cute smile. Sayyam gets relieved to see her smile. He says Sorry for his rude behavior. But Krishna seems to don’t mind.
Krishna was behaving noticeably different around him. Sayyam hv some casual talk with her parents. And they leave for their home after dinner. Krishna was so happy to go back.
Kriyyam were coming back. FM was turned on. Baarish song was playing. Krishna was humming with the tune. Suddenly it starts to rain heavily. Krishna becomes so happy at once. She extends her hand outside the window of the car and catches raindrops. Sayyam smiles at her childish act. Krishna turns to him with a smile
Krishna: Sayyam ji..plz stop the car..plz.
Sayyam: But why?…we r only 10 minutes away from home.
Krishna: Plz na..
She says so cutely that Sayyam couldn’t deny. He stops at the side of the road. As soon as he stops the car, Krishna gets more happy and goes out in rain. She starts to dance in rain. She spreads her hands and was moving round and round.
Sayyam was looking at her lovingly. For the first time he was seeing Krishna this much happy.
Chehre mein tere…Khud ko main dhoondoon…Aankhon ke darmiyaan…Tu ab hai iss tarah…Khwaabon ko bhi jagah na miley…Ye mausam ki baarish…Ye baarish ka paani… Ye paani ki boonde…Tujhe hi toh dhoonde…Ye milne ki khwahsh…Ye khwahish puraani…Ho poori tujhi se…Meri ye kahaani…
Sayyam was lost in her beauty and unknowingly he goes out of the car. Krishna sees him and laughs. Sayyam was also enjoying the rain.
Kabhi tujhme utroon…Toh saanson se guzroon…Toh aaye…Dil ko rahat…Main hoo bethikana..Panaah mujhko pana…Hai tujhme…De ijazaat…Na koi darmiyaan…Hum dono hai yahan…Phir kyun hai tu bata phaasle…Ye mausam ki baarish…Ye baarish ka paani… Ye paani ki boonde…Tujhe hi toh dhoonde..Ye Milne ki khwahish…Ye khwahish puraani…Ho poori tujhi se… Meri ye kahaani.
Sayyam goes near her and hugs her from back. Krishna gets shocked. Sayyam slowly turns her and stares at her deep brown eyes. Krishna was also lost in his eyes. They were fully drenched. Sayyam was about to kiss her when he feels something hit his face. He comes out of his thought, being shocked and finds himself standing in the middle of the road with Krishna smiling in front of him. He understands it was his imagination.
Krishna gathers raindrops in her palm and splashes on Sayyam’s face. He takes few seconds to understand what was going on. Krishna laughs and again splashes rain water. Now Sayyam smirks and starts to chase her. Krishna runs from there. They run through the empty road. Sayyam runs behind Krishna. They were enjoying very much. Suddenly, Krishna falls down and sprains her ankle.
Sayyam: Krishna…be careful.
Sayyam holds her to help to get up. But she was unable to get up. So, Sayyam lifts her in his arms. Krishna heaves a gasp, being shocked. She clutches his collar tightly. As soon as Sayyam lifts her, her saree gets removed and her fair belly was exposed. Sayyam’s eyes got stuck at the beauty in front of his eyes. Krishna follows his sight and was stunned. She feels uneasy, but this time due to shyness. She quickly pulls her Saree to cover up the exposed part with her free hand. Sayyam, being embarrassed, averted his gaze to the other side.
He makes her sit inside the car and drives off to home. Once they reach home Sayyam again carries her to the room. Krishna was enjoying his proximity to the fullest. She forgot all about her pain and stares at him lovingly with a cute smile. Sayyam puts her down on the sofa and holds her feet.
Sayyam: Krishna…I’ll fix it…but…thoda dard hoga.
Krishna didn’t hear him. She continues to staring at him. Suddenly, Sayyam twists her ankle and Krishna screams loud, holding his hand. After sometime she opens her eyes and feels that her pain was gone. She smiles at Sayyam.
Sayyam: R u fine now?
Krishna nods, smilingly. After sometime Krishna gets up and stands beside the window.
Sayyam: Krishna…go and change…or u’ll fall ill.
Krishna looks back at him but doesn’t move from there. Sayyam was staring at her.
Sayyam can feel today Krishna is driving him totally crazy with her every action. With the smell of her wet hair, with her tender touch, with her intense gaze. She was totally different today. He was going to washroom for change when Krishna calls him.
Krishna: Sayyam…
Sayyam was shocked to hear Krishna calling him only Sayyam, without ‘ji’. He at once remembers that he has also started to call her by name only, without ‘ji’. He turns to her, smiling and goes near her. Krishna holds her hands and smiles.
Krishna: U know Sayyam…I…I didn’t want to marry u…I thought to tell u that before our marriage…but couldn’t…
Sayyam gets shocked and was also hurt. He gets more shocked when Krishna cups his face and smiles
Krishna: But today…I thank god that I couldn’t tell u anything…otherwise I would become the most unluckiest person in the world…bcz if I’d tell u these…tum mujhe chhod ke chale jaate…and I would lose the chance to meet such a good person like u…and would never get my best friend.
Sayyam continues to stare at her and lovingly cups her face.
Sayyam: What happened Krishna?…what r u saying all these?
Krishna looks deep into his eyes. She confesses her love to him.
Krishna: I love u…Sayyam.
Sayyam takes few seconds to understand what Krishna said. He initially didn’t believe in his ears.
Sayyam: What…Krishna…Krishna…u…love me?…U really love me?
Krishna smiles and tears beams in her eyes
Krishna: Yes Sayyam..I love u…I love u so much..
Sayyam was in tears now. He hugs her and Krishna also hugs him. They both shed tears of happiness in eachothers arms.

Sayyam lifts her face to look at her. They hv an eyelock.
Tumse hi mil kar toh…dil dhadakta hai…Tum saanson jaise ho…Aisa lagta hai…Pehli dafa jo hone laga hai…Pehle hua na kabhi…Mehsus dil ne job hi kiya hai…Lafzon mein kehdoon abhi…Pyaar ho jab pyaar ho…Har baar ho tumse hi.
Tum jo nahi the saath toh…Tanhaa satha dil ka safar…Bin khwaab hi soti rahi jagti rahi…Meri nazar…Aa paas mere…Palkon pe rakhdoon…jitney hai sapney sabhi..Hothon pe mere ghulne lagi hai…khwahis thi dil mein dabi…Pyar ho jab pyaar ho…Har baar ho tumse hi…Pyaar ho beshumaar ho…Tumse hi.
Krishna pulls him closer by his collar. Their noses almost touch. Sayyam supports himself by holding her waist and looks deep into her petal like eyes. Krishna whispers
Krishna: Sayyam…I want to be urs..forever…will u make me urs…plz..
They were lost in eachothers eyes when suddenly a loud thundering occurs and Krishna, being afraid, at once hides herself in his arms. Sayyam also hugs her in a protective manner.
He gazes at her bare neck and shoulder. There were prevailing some raindrops on her skin. He couldn’t control himself, anymore. He brushes his lips over there and sucks them from her neck to all the way down to her shoulder. Krishna feels the current run through her body and gets weak on knees. She clutches his shirt with a gasp. Sayyam stops and looks at her. She was closing her eyes. He lifts her chin and Krishna looks at him.
Sayyam: I love u Krishna.
Krishna smiles and hugs him tight.
After sometime Krishna breaks the hug but Sayyam pulls her closer by her waist. Krishna blushes as Sayyam puts her hair back and moves down to kiss her cheek. His warm breath against her wet skin make her shiver. Krishna closed he eyes tight.
Saanson ko saanson mein ghulne do zara.. Dheemi si dhadkan ko badhne do zara…Lmahon ki guzaarish hai yeh paas aajaye..Hum..Hum tum…Tum..Hum tum…Aankhon mein humko utarne do zara…Baahon mein humko pighalne do zara…Lamhon ki guzaarish hai yeh paas aajaye…Hum..Hum tum…Tum…Hum tum..
Sayyam is now bestowed with all rights. As her friend, as her husband and mainly, as her lover. His happiness was beyond limit. He lifts her in his arms. Krishna opens her eyes. They reach to the bed, without breaking the eyelock. Sayyam lies her on the bed.
Krishna, who was still holding his collar firmly, slowly pulls him over her. They both had desire for eachother in their eyes. Water dripping from Sayyam’s hair. He stares at her glossy lips and slowly leans towards them. He captures her lips with his and starts to kiss her. Krishna enjoys his kiss for sometime and then starts to respond. They desperately kiss eachother, pouring their heart, full of love, into the kiss.
Once they break the kiss, Krishna turns Sayyam and comes upon him. Sayyam holds her by the waist. He smiles as Krishna kisses his finely trimmed bearded cheeks. Krishna unbuttons his shirt and Sayyam nuzzles on her neck. Sayyam removes his shirt and smirks and turns her over the bed. He separates the pinned portion of her Saree from her shoulder. Krishna closed her eyes, shyly.
Sayyam comes over her, putting his whole weight and leaves a long trail of butterfly kisses from her neck to her navel. Krishna deeply inhales as she arched her body. She clutches the bedsheet and turns. Sayyam removes her wet hair from the back and kisses all over there. Krishna shivers in pleasure. Sayyam again turns her and kisses her lips.
Nature sends its blessing to their lovemaking moments through the continuous down pour and through the splashes of rainwater and the smell of wet breeze that enters the room through the open window. Their lovemaking grows more and more wild and desperate as the rain outside, that pours in more heavily with the hissing sound of storm.
Krishna clutches Sayyam more tightly after every thunder and lightning. That’s makes him more crazy. There were no more barriers between them. They were on the way to become one, forever. Sayyam deepens his lovemaking with Krishna’s consent. Krishna clutches him more tightly. Deep sea green nail polish applied to her finely manicured nails perfectly contrasts with the fair skin of Sayyam’s back.
They consummate their marriage, wholeheartedly, with the blessing of the god of love.
Next morning
The bright sunlight and cool breeze is pouring into the room through the widely open windows. Curtains are waving aimlessly.
Sayyam and Krishna is still sleeping. Sayyam is wrapping his hand around Krishna from her back, resting his head in the nook of her neck. Their legs were entangled with eachother. Krishna’s long brown hair is covering her bare back. They are wrapped in single duvet.
Krishna slowly moves in sleep and slowly opens her eyes. She tries to move but feels a weight on her body. A bright smile spreads on her face as she feels Sayyam’s hot breath and his heart beat respectively on her neck and back.
Krishna slowly turns her head to glance over Sayyam’s face. He looks so cute while sleeping. She removes his hand and gets up. Sayyam turns to the other side in sleep. Krishna caresses his messy hair that were falling on his forehead and covers him properly as his body was cold due to cool wind. She gathers her hair into a top bun and was about to get down of the bed when her hair falls lose on her back. She frowns and again ties the hair but it again falls back. Krishna now gets irritated. She again ties a top bun when she heard Sayyam saying
Sayyam: Offo..Krishna…open ur hair na…u look more beautiful.
Now Krishna understands why her hair was falling lose again and again. She turns towards Sayyam narrowing her eyes only to see, he smiling at her.
Krishna: U opened my hair?
Sayyam pulls her to fall over him and opens her hair.
Sayyam: Yes.. darling.
He tucks her locks back and kisses her cheeks. Krishna blushes. They stare into eachothers eyes.
Krishna: Now let me go…I hv to prepare breakfast…warna aap office ke liye late ho jaoge na.
Sayyam: Krishna…meri office chahe jitni bhi chhoti ho…but main wahan ka boss even if I become late.. there’ll be no problem…and besides…who told u that I m going to office?
Krishna: What?..u won’t go to office?..but why?..
Sayyam: Aise hi…I don’t feel like.
Krishna becomes worried and checks him.
Krishna: Are u not feeling well?.. do u hv fever?
Sayyam holds her hands
Sayyam: No Krishna…I m absolutely fine…I won’t go bcz today I want to spend my whole day with u.
Krishna gets relief and smiles. Sayyam pulls her closer and Krishna blushes.
Time skips to few months.
Krishna passes the exams with a good marks. Now she helps Sayyam in his office works.
One fine morning Krishna acknowledges the biggest happiness ever of their life. Krishna was so happy to know that she is pregnant.

At night, Krishna was in her room when she heard the doorbell ring. She gets more happy, knowing its Sayyam. She goes to open the door and welcomes Sayyam with a warm hug. Sayyam gets shocked, happily. He raises his eyebrows.
Sayyam: Kya baat hai..Krishna..aaj mujhpe itna pyaar kyun aa raha hai?…anything special?
Krishna: Haan..very special…but I’ll tell u later.
Krishna smiles and goes to the kitchen. Sayyam follows him.
Sayyam: Baad mein kyun?…Abhi batao na..
Sayyam insists her but Krishna only smiles, doesn’t say anything.
They finish their dinner and Sayyam goes to the room. He became irritated with Krishna as she didn’t tell him anything. After sometime Krishna also comes to the room. Sayyam was sitting with some files. He sees Krishna coming and turns to the other side. Krishna goes to him and turns his face towards her. But he doesn’t look at her.
Sayyam: Kya hai Krishna…let me finish my work.
Krishna smiles and kisses him on his cheek. Sayyam gets happy but doesn’t show it. He again turns other side.
Sayyam: Ab ye kis liye?
Krishna comes in front of him.
Krishna: Congratulations Sayyam.
Sayyam now looks at her, confused.
Sayyam: Congratulations…for what?
Krishna can’t keep the secret anymore. Her smile widens as she hugs him tight, shyly and says
Krishna: Bcz..tum papa banne wale ho Sayyam.
Sayyam was stunned at first. But soon he realizes the fact and was in cloud nine. He lifts Krishna’s face
Sayyam: Really…
Krishna nods in positive, smiling. Sayyam lifts her in his arms, being overjoyed.
Sayyam: Ohh..Krishna…I can’t believe this…I m so happy…u gave me such a big news…I love u Krishna…I love u so much.
Krishna becomes very happy, seeing his happiness. Sayyam then makes her stand and hugs her tight. They spend some emotional moments before they go to the bed.
Time skips to nine months
Sayyam takes good care of Krishna. He tackles with her mood swings very well and cares for her so much that sometimes even Krishna gets irritated with him.
One fine morning
Krishna is plodding down the stairs, holding her waist. Sayyam sees her coming and rushes to her.
Sayyam: Krishna..tumne mujhe bulaya kyun nahi?
He helps her to come down and make her sit at the dining.
Krishna: Sorry Sayyam..main jaldi nahi uth payi..and u had to do all the works alone.
Sayyam side hugs her and kisses her forehead.
Sayyam: Don’t say sorry Krishna…I love u… and I can do everything for u and my baby.
He caresses her baby bump. They smile.
Time skips to 7 years
Now Krishna has her own dancing school. She also joins Sayyam’s office.
One beautiful morning
Today Sayyam’s company completes ten years. So he has keep a pooja, like every years.
Krishna comes out of the kitchen with breakfast. She arranges all the dishes on the table and calls Sayyam.
Krishna: Sayyam..jaldi karo…hum late ho rahe hain.
She then goes near a babycot and comes back with a baby in her lap. Sayyam also comes down with his princess in his arms.
Sayyam: We r ready.
They take seat at the dining and Krishna serves them.
Krishna: Itni der kyun lagti hai tum dono baap beti ko tayaar hone mein…mujhe aur mere bete ko dekho…hum kabse tayaar hoke baithe hai..
Sayyam: Krishna..relax…its not that late…we’ll be there in right time…aur waise bhi…achcha dikhne ke liye..thoda time toh lagta hai na..right princess?
Anshika: Yes papa.
Krishna: Oye..papa ki chamchi..jaldi se apna nashta khatam karo.
Sayyam takes his son in his lap.
Sayyam: kya pehenaya hai Ansh ko.. make him wear something good.
Krishna: Kyun?..kya kharabi hai isme?…achcha toh dikh raha hai..
Sayyam: Achcha isliye dikh raha hai kyun ki mera beta hai hi itna cute..warna ye dress..its not at all good.. change it.
Krishna fumes.
Sayyam: Ok…leave it…But Krishna..I must tell u that when Ansh will grow up and understand the importance of looking good, he’ll also join our team…dekh lena tum.
Krishna rolls her eyes and argues.
They hv a cute argument. But these arguments only deepens their love for eachother.
Sayyam: Krishna…ab humein der nahi ho rahi?..
Krishna looks at him, narrowing her eyes. Sayyam and Anshika suppress their laughs. But Krishna smiles, seeing their expression and they also join.
They quickly finish breakfast and leave for the office. Kriyyam attend the pooja together, happily, with their kids in their laps.
Kriyyam come back at night. Kids sleep fast as they became tired. Krishna finishes all the works and finally comes to the room. She finds Sayyam standing near the window. She goes to him and stands beside him. Sayyam looks at her with a smile.
Sayyam: Bachche so gaye?
Krishna: Haan.
Krishna entangles her arm with his and rests her head on his shoulder.
Krishna: Kya hua Sayyam? Tum kya soch rahe ho?
Sayyam: Kuch nahi…bas aise hi..
Krishna looks at him
Krishna: Share nahi karoge mujhse?
Sayyam hugs her
Sayyam: No..Krishna.. its not like that..
Krishna: Then tell me.
Sayyam breaks the hug and looks at her
Sayyam: I was thinking…how to thank u?
Krishna looks at him, confused
Krishna: Thank me…for what?
Sayyam holds her hands
Sayyam: For everything…for being in my life…for being by my side…for loving me…and mostly for the two sweet gifts…my little prince and princess…and for fulfilling my dream of a loving family.
Krishna smiles at him happily.
Krishna: Hmmm…if so…than I hv a longer list than u…if I hv fulfill ur dream…than u hv turned my life into a sweet dream only…u hv fulfilled all those wishes of mine…of which even I was ignorant…u hv given me freedom in every small thing…and about being by ur side…it is when I love u…but u were always there for me, by my side even when I wouldn’t love u…u gave me the happiness of motherhood…u hv completed me in every aspect of life…agar tum mere saath nahi…toh main kuch bhi nahi…aur agar tum saath ho…toh main toh puri duniya se bhi nahi darti.
Sayyam looks at her lovingly. They hv a cute eyelock. Sayyam keeps his hands around her waist and places a soft and gentle kiss on her lips, as a sign of his love towards her. Krishna also reciprocates the same way, to show her love for him. They spend sometime in eachothers arms.
Pal bhar theher jao…
Dil ye sambhal jaaye…
Kaise tumhe roka karoon…
Meri taraf aata har ghum phisal jaaye…
Aankhon mein tumko bharoon…
Bin bole baatein tumse karoon…
Agar tum saath ho…
Agar tum saath ho…
Suddenly, Ansh cries in sleep. Kriyyam gets shocked and smiles at eachother. They go to the bed. Krishna calms Ansh down and make him sleep again.
Sayyam and Krishna lay down on their side of the bed, with their kids sleeping peacefully between them. They keep their hands over them and sleep, with a satisfying smile plastered on their faces. Another beautiful morning awaits them in their sweet dreams.
So guys that’s it. It’s a long and simple story still hope u all like this.
I know some things r stupid over there…?but plz try to ignore…bcz I m also nothing less than a stupid and weird person.?
I know it’s a long story. First I thought to write it as a two shot story…but what to do..i love one shot story more.. so it became such lengthy…Sorry about that.
Again Sorry for late update guys…actually my laptop had some problem, needed to send it to service center. And then I typed half of the story, but mistakenly it all got deleted. So had to type it again. That’s why I became late.
Awaiting ur precious reviews.
I’ll be back soon. Till then bye.?
Love u all.?
Yours Muniya (Moumita)

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  1. Fenil

    Fantabulous Work.
    Marvellously written by U.
    Wow such cute start of story and Awww end.
    How u manage me to travell Wow to Aww and Aww to wow an again wow to awwwwww… on…
    Bathroom eyelock,Back pain moment concern, First rasoiwith kheer.Study and dance approval.
    Krishana missing her freedom at uncle house at that time u make small mistake u use mom instead Aunt.Cute anger moment.Realisation of love.Rain dance and love making everything seems so perfect.Anshika and Ansh so sweet.

    Songs selection was perfect cherry on top of cake.

    Love u and miss u kriyaam.

    Love yaa too sissy.

    1. Muniya

      Thank u so much Bhai…Very happy to know that u like it….
      Ur comment made my day…
      And i don’t know why i wrote mom instaed aunt…sorry about that..
      Yea…me too..missing Kriyyam…badly…..
      Again thanks for ur analysis…means a lot..

  2. Its simply beautiful u described everything so beautifully yaar

    1. Muniya

      Thanks YG… glad u like it..

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      Hi Diya…thank u…glad to know that u like it..

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    1. Muniya

      Hey Tejaswi dear…thank u so much…glad u like it…
      Yea..i’ll try to write on Yuvaani…

  5. AnahitaAnnie

    Firstly amazingly done.. The way they supported each other.. The way Saiyyam stood up for her is really cute.. And than calling each other “ji” was just so adorable.. I loved ur definition of love and their happy ending.. And confession was on fire.. I love love ur writing skills.. I was soo happy when I saw this OS.. Loves it..
    Thanks for posting such a beautiful piece of penmanship.. Btw, the fact that Saiyyam confessed before was astounding.. That was different and unique..??

    1. Muniya

      Hey Annie dear…thanks a lot for ur lovely comment…it always made my day and make me smile….?? U a;ways come up with a short analysis of the whole story…
      Thamk u so much dear…

  6. Nice OS .plz..don’t stop writing.waiting for the next one.
    Missing kriyam

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      Thanks Kriyyamfan…glad u like the story…
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  7. It’s really amazing. A simple but very cute Os . You are really an amazing writer. There are no words to praise you. I loved the way you described each and everything. Even the song selections were really good

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      Thank u so much Ankita…its really good to know that u like the story…
      Thanks for commenting dear..

  8. Loved the episode write another one soon!!!❤❤️❤️❤️

    1. Muniya

      Thanks Aman…glad u like it…
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  9. Marvellous os
    I am just fan of your writing skills
    U r awesome
    Their moments was so cute and both calling each other “ji” was just awesome

    1. Muniya

      Thank u so much Pallavi dear…
      Really happy to know that u enjoyed the story…Thanks..

  10. Shagufta Farid

    Awesome awesome awesome plz do post more Kriyyam os and stories plz plz plz

    1. Muniya

      Thanks Shagufta…Glad u like it…
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    Wow muniya..i became so happy to see your os.i was eagerly was simple,sweet and well written story.even i love lenthy and one shot story…u rocked it..don’t know how to praise ur writting…waiting for another beautiful story…

    1. Muniya

      Hi Mithila…Thanku so much for liking that story and commenting…
      I really love one shot stories….tahts why it became such lengthy…but glad u like it…
      I’ll be back soon..

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  12. Hi Muniya a sweet and simple yet a beautiful story. Missing kriyam a lot. Thank you. Great work. Plz Sooon come up with another one. Eagerly waiting for your story

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      Hi Yura…Thank u so much dear…
      Glad u like the story…
      Missing Kriyyam a lot…
      I’ll be back soon…

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    Miya ?

    1. Muniya

      Hey Isha…Thank u so much dear…very happy to know that u like it…it really means a lot…
      Yeah…i know it became really long….
      Love u too yaar…
      And ur another name Miya…nice name..

  14. Aarti32

    Superb OS muniya!! I was waiting for your OS since long..start typing d next one from now, coz we want it rilli soon..

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      Thank u so much Aarti dear…glad to know u like the story…
      Yea..i hv started typing another one…so hope to come soon….

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      Thanks a lot Sabana…
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    1. Muniya

      Hey Palak…thank u so much dear…glad u like it..
      And i m really very happy to know that i hv been able to fulfill ur wish…
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  18. Its just incredible yaar and rain romance is awesome come back with another os dont be too much late plzzz

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  19. Fidato

    Hi… Muniya… Actually…I thought I posted my comment but it didn’t..
    Sorry…So I’m typing again…
    OS is simply wow… Just perfect in every way… Really loved the way… Sayyam supported her.. Krishna’s confession…

    And Dance…Is your dream also some what like this…I mean your own dancing schoo

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      Sorry Fidato…actually i typed to reply ur comment…but mistakenly…it published as a individual comment…plz don’t mind…Thanks for commenting…it really means a lot…

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    Recently i m preparing my cuties for Durgapuja functions…which is in September…they all r quite good in dancing…and i love to see them dancing even if they do mistakes…and try to encourage them…they all call me di.

    1. Fidato

      Hey… Please…Don’t say sorry dear…. Wow … Dance teacher huh…..Not bad….. It’s really give us tremendous pleasure…I knew…It… In college also I used to teach my fellow companions…And if it’s about little ones… mazza or bhi… hai…

      Actually for a community activity… I had a chance to teach pre school kids a game… it was…I dunno…How to tell you… I really enjoyed..
      All the very best….For your Durga pooja…Functions…And all the very best to your cuties also….

      1. Muniya

        Fidato..Thanks for ur wishes…from me and also from my cuties..??
        By the way…hv u passed college??

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      Thank u so much Jenita…I m glad that u like it…
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      Love u too dear….

  23. Muniya

    Thank u so much Jenita…I m glad to know that u like it…
    I’ll be back soon…
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