Kriyyam: Mujhe tumse pyar hain (Part 9)

hello guys! i sorry for making u all waiting for so long… so lets start….. :p
recap:everyone is dancing….
later on that day, they all went to change for the mehendii ceremony..
as expected, krishna wore her dark red colour lahenga and went downstair, she was looking like an angel, even baby was jealous of her.

as it was mehendi, boys and men were not allowed so, they went to their to saiyyam and yuvaans bachelor party at the outhouse…
there, saiyyam was feeling restless to see krishna, he wanted to know how she was looking. he was at that time standing near the bar holding his glass of whiskey when yuvaan called him to dance on the dance floor but he denied…

at birlas house…..
one of the mehdi artist gave krishna a book to choose her mehendi design. but out of jealousy, baby snatched the book from krishna”s hand saying that she had the right to choose first because she was going to be the elder daughter in law and not krishna. that girl gave baby a severe look while she was choosing her design. she then gave krishna another one.. in fact the other one was much more better than the first onhe. krishna choose a simple but beautiful bridal design while baby choosed the full arm one.. baby heard from the girls that one of them were a genius so she insisted that girl to apply the mehendi on her hands.

the mehendi ceremony started and yuvaaani started to dance, she danced on ‘mehendi laga ke rakna doli saja ke rakna…. ‘
after sometimes, a strange lady with her veil covering her face entered th ceremony. she went towards krishna and hold her hand…. she made her stand in the middle and then danced around her.
all the ladies were shocked. yuvaani shouted at that lady and asked her about her name..
there was a complete silence in the hall. that lady then walked a step near krishna and then reveiled her face.. it was a man…

krishna shouted loudly by covering her mouth:ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
and then she hugged him, everyone watched her as she hugged him she then called his name, it was yuvi(zain imam), her boy best friend… she did not know that he would be coming at her wedding. she introduced him to the family and they welcomed him…
suhani who knew him from before, holded his ears and said.
suhani: yuvi! u wnt stop doing your mischievous actions… u knw how we were scared…

yuvi: oh aunt, u knw nah how yuvi luthra is…ha ha hahhhh and its krish mehendi so how can i miss this opportunity…
krishna: yeah yeah i already know you hahahahaaa
dadi told him that boys were not allowed here and told him to go to the outhouse to enjoy…

yuvi was curious at first as he did not know the men except yuvraj.. just then an idea came into his mind.. he went in the bachelor party…
there, when he entered the outhouse, he said to himself…
yuvi; shit i dnt even knw the groom so how will i recognise him
at the same time he saw yuvaan who had all the attention grabbed.but he thought…
yuvi: how can krishna choose this guy.. no no it cant be him
then, he saw saiyyam near the bar in his own thought. he knew that it was him.
yuvi went near saiyyam.

yuvi: (in an angry mode) so you are saiyyam hmm ur the one who snatched her from me..
saiyyam: oh sorry can you please be more polite…
yuvi: u have taken the most precious thing from me and u r asking me to be politeee
saiyyam: wat do you mean???
yuvi: ui knw exactly wat im talking about, its krishna
saiyyam: hw dare you

yuvi started to laugh while saiyyam looked at him angrily and said..
yuvi: dude ur just perfect for her…. ha h aahh
saiyyam was shocked and asked him..
saiyyam; nw when ur laughing u can tell me now who are you
yuvi: sorry sorry, i am yuvraaj luthra, krishna’s bestfriend
saiyyam(thinking): so how many bestfriends does she have..
yuvi: u dnt have to think o much, im just her friend.
they then shake hands…

precap: saiyyam is jealous

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  1. Aww so cute. Cant wait to see saiyyam jealous. Update soon please

    1. Shayneez

      Keep reading

  2. Bring someone for saiyyam too so krishna is jealous?

    1. Shayneez

      Hmmm no that will be too early
      But i will bring someone

  3. Aarti32

    R u also a TEI fan like me?? I liked Zain Imam’s entry.. Episode was vry nice n will Saiyyam be jealous of Yuvi?? If yes, it’ll be fun..

    1. Shayneez

      Yeah i was a TEI fan but with the entry of rocky, i stopped watching the show bcoz i wanted twinkle and yuvi ti end up together…
      N yes i am bringing this character into this ff to make it more interesting.. do till nw, keep reading

      1. Aarti32

        Even I stopped watching after dat rocky entered..Coz I liked only siddhant gupta n Jasmine bhasin pair..Not naman ways..N Yuvi was a darling..I liked his n Mahi’s pair too..

  4. Syedul

    If zain entered for real then it b the best thing evr

    1. Shayneez

      I would surely love that

  5. Awwww say yam jealous?super excited❤?

    1. Shayneez

      More to go ???

  6. Shaani

    Superb yaar…keep writing… Waiting for the next part..

  7. Waiting 4 next epi..wanna see saiygam jealous…saiyyam will look cute if he is jealous….waiting…..Nyc episode.. 🙂

    1. *saiyyam..sorry typed so fast…

  8. Honeypriya

    I love zain imam a lot.
    N sayyams jealousy wowowow

  9. Wow wat a ff. Fabulous yaar❤❤

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