Kriyyam: Mujhe tumse pyar hain (Part 8)

Recap: the entry of ragini
Both krishna and ragini were talking when suhani came in and scolded krishna for dragging ragu for so long with her useless chattings. Suhani then took ragini with her and went to sit in the hall. There, ragini called yuvaani, baby,krishna and saiyyam to decide their weddings decorations.
Yuvaan: i think this one is good..
Baby: yuvaan! Nooo thats one is better..
Ragini: guys! Hold on, ur nt the only couple.. remember!
Baby’s stared at ragini with her big eyess
Ragini: i mean… even kriyyam is getting married so decide among yourselves…
Yuvaan: ok.. okkk
Krishna: i think that this one is good..
Yuvaani: krishna! Hats off to your taste…
Baby was jealous but that design was really very good so they accepted..

Later that day, yuvaan called his cousin sanskar maheshwari and invited him and his family to the wedding..
Moreover,the would be couples went together to shop.
Saiyyam came outside first, he was again mesmerised seeing krishna, she was wearing a yellow salwar kameez with red lipticks and her hair openned.. she walked towards him and he opened the front door for her but yuvaan entered and sat down. He looked at yuvaan with severe eyes then sat down at the driver’s seat. He rolled the mirror towards krishna and she pushed her hairs back , behind her ears, her earings shined in the mirror and saiyyam closed his eyes and then opened them after a while. Then, baby entered the car, of course with her designer bag and goggle. Saiyyan then turned the key and start to drive.
Upon arriving there, saiyyam parked the car in the parking lot and then went towards the zebra crossing. There was a lot of cars passing by with stopping, saiyyam holded krishna’s hand and crossed the road. They went inside the hall hand in hand.
They all went in the jewellery’s shop where krishna was looking at the necklaces when suddenly a hand put a locket around her neck. It was saiyyam, he made her wore a piece of heart with “together” written on it. While she turned around and found saiyyam wearing the other piece with”forever”.. she smiled..
After purchasing jewelleries, the boys went in the boys section and the girls went in the girls section…
There, saiyyam found out that he was holding krishna’s phone. So, he went in the ladies section..
There, he saw one of the salesgirl talking to krishna..
Salesgirl: i think that you should wear colour coordinated dresses with ur would be husband…
Krishna: thats sound good…
Meanwhile saiyyam walked him..
Salesgirl: excuse me sir! Its ladies section.
Saiyyam: i know, im here with my fianC..
Salesgirl: oh sorry sir..
Krishna: its good that you came, she told me that it would be good if we wouls wear colour coordinate clothes.. i think we should wear yellow on our haldi.. it look good on you..
Saiyyam stared at her lovingly…
She continued..

Krishna: hmmmm i think, for mehendi, we should wear majenta and gold colour and for sangeet…hmmmmmm
Saiyyam: when u have decided all these, then u should also choose my sherwanii.
He holded her hand and dragged her there, he watched her as he choosed all the sherwani. Indeed the dresses were a match..
They all finished their shoppings and left.

At home, they freshed up and when they went in the dining room when at the same time ragini came. Suhani asked her to eat with them.. after eating, krishna took ragini to her eoom where she showed her, her lahengas…. ragini became emotional and remember ed her pre wedding preparations. But she did not showed it on her face, a big smile hid all her emotions..
The scene moved to the hall where the maheshwari family entered the birla’s house. Sanskar congratulated yuvaan on his engagement. At the same time, ragini and krishna went downstair. Ragini and sanskar was lost in each others eyess and then ragini looked at krishna telling her that she need to go. Sanskar looked at her as she went towards the door.
He was told that ragini was krishna’s bff and her wedding planner.
Sanskar thought that he would disturb ragini’s work and he himself would not forget her so he decided to go from there. The scene shift to ragini.
Ragini: (thinking) u dnt think that i should be there, krishna’s wedding can be organised even if im nt there..
She called her crew and strictly ordered them to plan the best wedding..
Ragini: (still thinking) im sure krishna will understand me…
After half an hour, the maheshwari family left from there.
The next day, the marriage prep started..
It was haldii….
Krishna wore her sleeveless yellow lehenga while saiyyam wore his yellow sherwani.. and went downstair…
All the guests watched them as they sat by facing each other. Even yuvaan and baby was there..
The family members started t apply haldi on them…. “aise na mujhe tum dekna seene se laga dunga” music plays as the screen freezes on kriyyam’ face….

Everybody dances happily
Precap: sangeet and mehdi

Sorry guys, im ending the maha ep as i am lacking ideas to write more..
But anyway, im sure thats your liking my ff.
Sorry for late asap..
Im thinking of ending this ff in part 10, if you want moreep, then comment below

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