Kriyyam: Mujhe tumse pyar hain (Part 15)

Recap: kriyyam in Goa

After Shaiina and kriyyam’s meeting, they all went in their roons and after half an hour, kriyyam went to eat at the restaurant.
There, kriyyam remisnisce their second meeting in the restaurant in Goa, they were indulged in each other when suddenly shaiina appeared infront of them and asked if she can sit with them. Saiyyam was going to answer when krishna replied..
Krishna: with pleasure… come, sit…
Saiyyam, feeling a bit weird, stood up and when to order the lunch.
Both the girls were talking and soon became besties.

@the menu board.
While playing with some keys in his hand, the keys fell on the ground and when saiyyam bend to pick them up, somebody else picked them up before him and when saiyyam raised his head to find yuvi (zain imam) standing infront of him.
Saiyyam was shocked while yuvi said….
Yuvi: what a pleasant surprise! How come u r here??? Wait…wait, if u r here that mean that krishna is also here
Saiyyam was still shocked and thought..
Saiyyam(in his mind): ab yeh yahaan par kya kar raha hein.
Saiyyam was going to say no when yuvi noticed krishna and walked towards her.
Yuvi:hey krishna!

Krishna: yuviiiii
They hugged each other and saiyyam and shaiina looked at them…
Shaiina then stood up , she was a bit weird on seeing yuvi.. when kriyyam tried to introduced the both, they were both looking weird as 8f they knew each other. Even krishna asked yuvi if he knew shaiina but he remained quiet with a sly amile on his face.
They all sat together eating their lunch. While saiyyam was talking to shaiina, krishna was talking to yuvi and they all peeped among themselves feeling jealous.
(It is clearly shown that shaiina and yuvi know each other but acging strange)

Precap: a new love story

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  1. Pinkyyy

    Nice update dear
    So now another love story starts huh

  2. I wish u bought twinkle wid yuvi bc Twinklr Yuvi r my second fav jodi after kriyam

    1. Shayneez

      I wanted to bring her but then i thought that i wanted a fresh new pair
      N this love story would be temporary

  3. Can’t wait for this jealously track and the next update but pls make the update longer?❤️

  4. Aarti32

    It’s getting more interesting day by day..I’m loving dis jealousy

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