Kriyyam: Mujhe tumse pyar hain (Part 14)

Recap: kriyyam knok-jhok

@in kriyyam’s room.
When krishna tried to run from there, saiyyam hol her hand and stopped her.
Saiyyam: ur becoming wild day by day…
Krishna: any problem!! Ha ha haaaaaa

Leap after 6 months(everybody now knows that saiyyam is sambhav and suhani’s son, even saiyyam know his dad’s truth and is now sincere towards his mother. Kriyyam is now witnessing the most beautiful moments in their lives but ktishna has still not forgotten that saiyyam had tried to use her for his motive)

@in birla’s house.
Suhani called saiyyam.
Suhani: 6 maine hoh gaye tum dono ki shaadi mein aur tumne krishna ko kahi gimne kyun nahi lekar gayii…
Saiyyam: ab woh jana jati toh hi mein use lekar chalti na…
Suhani: pagal! Biwiyaann koo khush karne keliye jsko puchne ki koi zarurat nahi hein aur vehse bhi lardkiya loves surprisesss. Tum use 2, 4 din keliye gumne lekar chalo yahan se kahin door..
And thats an order.
Saiyyam: aapse toh jeetna mumkin nahi. App jaise bologi meein vaise hi karungi.
Suhani: app tumhaaree maa hone ka koi to faida hona chaiyye na..

After this conversation, saiyyam went to his room where krishna was drying her wet hairs infront of the mirror. He walked and stopped infronnt of the mirror without even realising it. He talked to himself: how will i tell her???
Krishna who was seeing himm : r u mad??
Saiyyam: whhhha…t? Oh actually i need to tell u something…
Krishna turned towards him and looked at him with curiosity.
Krishna: go on!!!
Saiyyam: actually mom booked two tickets for goa and want us to go there for one week…
Krishna was going to reply when saiyyam halted her.
Saiyyam: and thats an order!!!!
He exclaimed with a sly smile..
Krishna: okkk im going to pack my bags immediatelyy
Both of them were really happy.

@in Goa
They entered the hotels and krishna collapsed with a girl and she dropped her belongings. Saiyyam looked at her and shouted.
Saiyyam: you!
Unknown girl: oh my god! I dnt believe its you… how come u r here…
Saiyyam: hmm i have come on a holiday with my wife..
He then introduced that girl to krishna. Her name is Shaiina(im introducing krysle d’souza in my ff as shaiina, saiyyam’s friend)

Precap: both saiyyam and krishna are jealous

So guys i was wondering that the last episodes was becoming boring so i introduced a leap and made the bond of suhani and saiyyam stronger..
So hope u like it and i will try to make more romantic scenes of kriyyam

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