Kriyyam: Mujhe tumse pyar hain (Part 12)

Recap: kriyyam are now husband and wife.
After the wedding, there was the grahapravesh. After baby’s grahapravesh, suhani insisted krishna to do it as neither her nor saiyyam had a family (she knew that saiyyam was his son) and they were going to live in the same house as them.
After tge welcoming ritual, the couples went to do the ring ritual. As for yuvaan and baby, it was baby who won and everybody mocked yuvaan as he was going to be biwi ki gulaam and as for kriyyam, it was saiyyam whi found the ring, he then passed it to krishna under the milk. Krishna looked at him and then removed her hand.
Later, everybody went to their rooms except saiyyam and suhani.
Suhani stopped saiyyam from going to his room and took him with her to talk to him in her room.

In suhani’s room.
Suhani: look saiyyam ur nw married to krishna and i hope that you wont hurt her or ..
Saiyyam: who told you that im hoing to hurt, its you whom im going to hurt..
Suhani: u can hurt me if you can but dnt even think of hurting krishna. Whats my fault if she is the apple of my eyes. I know she is my weakness and that you will use her against mee but please try to understand.. i did not send you to live a miserable life in that orphanage. I had my reasons..
Saiyyam: geeeez! What reasons hmmm?? U just got rid of your son because i was not yuvrajj’s son… for you i was just a mistake.. right! Now watch wat im going to dooo.

Meanwhile, krishna heard everyrhing, she was shocked and stumbled.
She had all those disgusting and bad thought of what was going to pass through.
Krishna: saiyyam hates aunty so much that he married me just to use mee. Oh how can i forget that i was always used for personal motives. Even yuvaan and dadi did the same. And even suhani aunty, she knew that saiyyam was marrying me for his revenge, she could have stopped himm.
She thougjt while crying. She was deeply hurt.
Krishna then went to her room where she removed her earings and her necklaces and threw them on the table and then removed her res veil on her head and thre it on the ground, she then wiped her eyes and when in the washroom. There she washed her face. At the same time, saiyyam came into the room, he switched on the light and saw that krishna’s veil was on the ground and her jewelleries scattered on the table. He looked at the door of the washroom as it opened. Krishna came out. Saiyyam was shocked. Krishna’ s face was red and blitchy and it wad obvious that she was crying.
Saiyyam went toward her and holded her arms and said..
S:whats happened? Why are you crying?
K: so you are asking me why! Krishna said in an angry tone, as tears rolled down hee cheeks and she removed his hands around her.
Saiyyam was shocked.
K: plzz end all these actings now! Dont you dare
S: wat r u sayying?
K: plz stop it! I cant bear it anymore!! U have been using me just for your revenge and wat do you want me to be hmm? Happy!
Saiyyam was shocked as krishna knew everything.
He walked one step towards krishna and wiped her tears while krishna scolded him sayying that he was again acting good. Saiyyam knew that she was hurt. Krishna pushed saiyyam and went to sleep. She threw one pillow at saiyyam angrily.

Precap: krishna threw water on saiyyam

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