Kriyyam: Mujhe tumse pyar hain (Part 11)

Recap: saiyyam is jealous..

Just then, krishna turned towards saiyyam and looked at him. Then suddenly, dadi came and announced the dance competition. All the familt members were classified into two groups. While, suhani, ragini, bhavna and yuvi wad in krishna and baby’s side, yuvraj, dadi, sharad, anuj, yuvaani and pratima was in saiyyam and yuvaan’s side.
Firstly, bhavna comfronted sharad and danced on teri galliyan. This time, bhavna won it as sharad was lost in bhavna. Secondly,suhani and yuvraaj danced on its the time to disco and this time yuvraaj won. It continued……

Then came yuvi, yuvi danced on bachna ae haseeno lo main aa gaye. He then dragged ktishna in the middle and danced on suraj huwa mataam…. saiyyam was jealous…..
Then came yuvaani, she danced on hawa hawaiii..
Then, came the result.. the girls had won.

After some time, it was time for the couples to dance. Yuvaan and baby danced on the humma song and kriyyam danced on hain hai ban gaye hai nami ban gaye…. while dancing, saiyyam kissed krishna on her cheeks. She touched her cheeks and watched him. He then winked at her.
At about 2 oclock, all the guests went to get ready for the marriage ceremony. Just then, suhani came in the hall and called everybody(just the family members). Saiyyam was scared and thought.
Saiyyam: now, whats gonna happen???
Suhani then told everybody that if saiyyam wants, he can live in birla’s house.
Saiyyam was shocked and he told her that he would love to. Then everybody went to get ready.

After a while, saiyyam and yuvaan went on the altar. There, the priest called for the brides. Soon, baby and krishna came down and sat next to their respective grooms. Saiyyam looked at krishna who had worn her red and gold laheng, her maan tikka and her red lips. She was looking vedy beautiful. Then it was time to put the mangalsutra and then the vermillion. After the kanyadaan, they all got up for the pheras. Saiyyam holded krishna’s hand and started taking the pheras. After this last ritual, they were declared as husbands and wifes. They then took the the blessings of the elders.

Precap: krishna learning the truth..

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