Kriyyam: Mujhe tumse pyar hain (Part 10)

Hi guys! I cnt believe that i have reached part 10
So viewers how did you liked my ff till now??
Recap: yuvi and saiyyam shaking hands.

At about 10 oclock, both the mehendi and the bachelors party ended and all the men came inside the house. There all the ladies were sitting in the living room, waiting for their mehendi to get dry. Suddenly, yuvaani came infront of them and adked saiyyam and yuvaan to search for their respective names in krishna and baby’s hand. As yuvaan was already sitting near baby, he holded her hand and started to look for it while saiyyam who was standing near the wall waljed towards krishna. There was no seats reserved for him as all the ladies of the house occupied them. So he sat on his knees before krishna and hold her hands delicately while krishna was staring at her. At the same time, baby was jealous looking at them, she stared angrily at yuvaan but he was busy looking for his name. At least, saiyyam found it and shouted:
Saiyyam:HERE IT IS!
Everybody looked at him as he was looking very cute. Soon baby started to boil with jealousy, so she stood up and walked away and yuvaan was shocked to see this gesture.
Dadi then asked everybody to go to their room as the big day was to be held the nextday.
Whwn everyone was gone, she asked saiyyam to wait and asked him if he remembered his revenge. Saiyyam was silent for a moment then he answered.
Saiyyam: of course! What do you think why im doing all these things? He breathed… ge tgen continued.. i am fulfilling my so called mother’s wish by getting married to krishna.
Meanwhile, suhani heard all, she called saiyyam and asked him.
Suhani: who are you saiyyam? And who is your mother and what revenge….
Saiyyam: geez… who i am… ha ha hahaaaaa of course how would you know when its already been 20 years old when you left me…. hmmm sambhav’s sonn.. you think i will forgive yoh when you ditched me and killed my father..
Suhani could not hold herself and sat on the counch she was crying.
Suhani: so you are taking revenge by using krishna.. poor her….
Saiyyam was going to answer her when he saw krishna coming there. He was lost into his own thoughts…
Krishna:how dare you saiyyam?
She took a knife and slit her wrist and she started to bleed…

Then after sometime, saiyyam came into his senses and saw krishna taking her mobile. She looked at suhani and asked her why her eyes were teary… she told her that it was the tears of happiness. Krishna went to her room and saiyyam asked suhani..
Saiyyam: you could have told her the truth… then why did you lie to her..
Suhani: you think i am a fool….i know that you hate me but i have seen in your eyes that you love her unconditionally and i know that you wont hurt her..
Indeed saiyyam did not accept it but he was sure that he was using krishna for his ugly motives..

After 4 hours, saiyyam was not be able to sleep so he went upstair. When he arrived near the door, he coul hear someone laughing. He peeped around and found krishna and yuvi on the terrace. They were playing cards and talking cheerfully to each other. They would sometimes highfive then, yuvi stopped laughing and started narrated something..
Yuvi: krish do you remember when we would go to camp and then at around 2 am we, i, you, ragini, nandini and jay(two of their friends) would gather around the fire and would hear you girls gossipping…….we would play like kids.
Krishna: yeah those were the days…. i wish to live those moments again… u have indeed
forget jay and nandini’ s love story..????
Yuvi: yeah i totally agree
They both laughed while saiyyam was getting jealous. He went on the terrace and did as if he didi not know that they were there. He asked them what they were doing there and even yuvi questioned him the same. He told yuvi that he could not sleep so…. yuvi then said tge same thing and yuvi and krishna laughed and saiiyam acted as if he was laughing. He was so jealous as krishna was not so open with her. He then asked her to go to sleep..after her departure, yuvi watched saiyyam with a wicked face while saiyyam was looking for an opportunity to leave from there. But ut was yuvi who left first saying that he was going to bed.
saiyyam was extremely jealous.

Later that day, at about 9 oclock, everone was ready for the sangeet. As decided, krishna wire her majebta and gold colour designer saree. While saiyyam wore his majenta and gold sherwani. The guests were talking about how in every functions they wore match clothes.
While baby was jealous as nobody was praising her. Soon, krishna looked at her dark mehendi and wished that saiyyam would see it. She then saw yuvi and raised her hands to signal him. Saiyyam was as that time in the middle of them he was so jealous, he went next sit next to krishna, he put his right hand on krishna’s left hand. She then blushed and looked at her right to avoid himm from seeinh her red chin. After sometimes, the cameraman came and started taking their pictures, he asjed saiyyam to look at kriahna’s mehndi, while krishna was happy that her wish was unknowingly fulfilled.

Precap: kriyyam taking pheras, hand in hand..

Sorry guys if things are missing, but im doing my best… keep reading ???

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