Kriyyam FS – How I found my momemt of love?? (Part 1)


At Birla Mansion:
In bedroom:
Krishna was sitting on the bed still dressed in her bridal attire and was continuously talking to herself…

Krishna’s POV:
Oh God!! When this idiot will come inside?? First of all, I m very tired and irritated because of this heavy dress.. And that idiot is standing out and fighting with Yuvaani… Can’t he just give her what she is asking and come inside…
Krishna’s POV over

Yuvaani: No bhai, M not going to let u go inside… First give me my gift..
Saiyyam: Listen Yuvaani, Plz let me go inside.. We will talk about gift tomorrow…

Yuvaani and Saiyyam were continuously fighting as she was not allowing Saiyyam to go in his room as it was his first night after marriage. And on other side, Krishna was hell irritated because of their voices.. Now it was enough for her. She was very angry now. She screamed on top of her voice…
Kri: Saiiiyaaam, come inside….

Both Yuvaani and Saiyam were shocked to listen Krishna shouting so loudly..
Yuv: Bhai, I think she is eager to meet u.. U go inside, we will discuss about my gift tomorrow..
Sai: Thank u..Now go from here..

Soon, Yuvaani left from there and Saiyyam entered inside..
Kri(said sarcastically): Finally, someone got time to come inside..
Sai: Woh.. Yuvaani was troubling me…
Kri: Stop it.. I m very tired now. M going to change my dress..
Sai: Y r u behaving so rudely?? What I said u??
Kri: Don’t ask?? U r really idiot.. Standing out and fighting with ur sister.. U r not a small child to fight like this.. Its so Immature behaviour…
Sai: And what r u doing with me now??
Kri: What??
Sai: Fighting… It means u r idiot and immature.. Not me..
Kri: Just shut up.. I m not in the mood to argue with u…

Saying this Krishna went in washroom to change her clothes. Where as Saiyyam stood there shocked and confused…

Saiyyam’s POV:
She is crazy.. Who fights like this with husband.. And that also on first wedding night. I thought that we would sit and talk for sometime, but she just destroyed all my plans.. On first night, she is behaving like this.. Than God knows, how I will handle her all my life?? Par, ab pyaar kiya hai toh sehna toh padhega… Get ready Saiyyam…
Saiyyam’s POV over

His chain of thoughts were broke when Krishna came out of washroom dressed in her night dress. As soon as Saiyyam saw her he stated laughing loudly… This was because Krishna was wearing night suit on which Mickey mouse was printed and she had made two pony tails…

Kri: Are u mad?? Y r u laughing like this??
Saiyyam (tried to control his laughter and said): Look at u.. U r really looking like a small kid.. Now I m really confused that I m married to a kid.. He again started laughing..
Kri: U know what, I don’t care whatever u think.. I m very tired and I m sleeping on right side of bed.

She swithed of the lights and went to bed. Soon she slept leaving a shocked Saiyyam behind…

Hey friends.. I hope u all will show ur support as I m going to write few shots on kriyyam. So here was the first part.. I hope u all liked it.. And coming to the story of this fs, I can only tell that Kriyyam had an arranged marriage.. And Saiyyam really loves Krishna. But Krishna does not like Saiyyam coz she was literally forced for this marriage.. If u want to know further, than tell me whether I should continue or not..
Till than, bye and take care..

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  1. Plzzz continue your writing kashu.nice & interesting storyline plzzz Cary on.

    1. Komal

      Thank u so much dear.. Will continue it!!

  2. Oh god I just love this storyline and i really want to see Krishna as kiddo I want to see how saiyyam handle her kiddo wife its amazing plz continue and try to be regular plz

    1. Komal

      Thank u so much dear.. And I m going to be regular.. Will try to post next part tomorrow..

  3. Muniya

    Nice storyline dear…
    Bechara Sayyam is always cute..
    Plz Continue the story..

    1. Komal

      Thank u so much dear.. I will continue it….

  4. Mithila Farzana

    Obviously u should continue thi..and seeing krishna like this will be fun…

    1. Komal

      Thank u so much dear.. And I m going to continue it.

  5. Faeeqa

    I’m liking Krishnas personality, it’s different. Will be interesting to see their relationship develop in this. Please do continue.

    1. Komal

      Thank u so much dear.. And I m going to continue it.

  6. Nice storyline ?
    Plz continue…..

    1. Komal

      Thank u so much dear.. And I m going to continue it.

  7. Nice kashu amazing. I am damn excited to read next chapters.

    1. Komal

      Thank u so much dear.. And I will try to post next chapter tomorrow.

  8. Fenil

    Heheh outside room Siblings fighting and inside room Husband and wife fights.
    Can’t wait for next.

    1. Komal

      Thank u so much dear.. And I will try to post next chapter tomorrow if I got time.

  9. Aarti32

    Kashu baby..continue was rilli great

    1. Komal

      Thank u so much dear.. And I would try to post next part today if I got time..

  10. Rehmat

    hey kashu your ff lovely because it’s different story next post soon

    1. Komal

      Thank u so much dear.. I will post next part today…

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