Kriyyam FF ‘ Love Story’ (Part 5)

Hi…Muniya…back with 5th part.
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Next Day

Badi Dadi, Pratima, YuvAni and all others, except Sayyam go to Saumya’s house for further discussions about Kriyyam marriage. All were so happy. Yuvaani and Krishna goes to her room.

Yuvaani: Chal ab bata…kal Sayyam ne kya kya kaha?…and how was ur first date?

Krishna smiles and tells her everything. Yuvaani gets shocked.

Yuvaani: What? Sayyam didn’t even reach there at time and u had to wait for so long?

Krishna: Yea…he said he was busy in office works…so got late.

Krishna said in such a way as if she is defending Sayyam.

Yuvaani: Aur tu maan gayi?

Krishna looks at her blankly.

Yuvaani: Krishna…tera sach mein kuch nahi ho sakta…arre…u had to show some attitude na…phir Sayyam tujhe manane ki koshis karta…toh kitna maza aata…but no…u stupid…tu toh uske bina kuch bole hi maan gayi.

Krishna smiles cutely.

Krishna: So what? He said sorry na…and he was busy in office.

Yuvaani can’t help but smile at her friend’s cute face while trying to defend her brother. She smiles and hugs her.

Yuvaani: Buddhu…

Krishna too smiles and hugs her.

All the elders were downstairs. They were waiting for the pandit. He comes after sometime and tells that there is a perfect day for marriage after two week and another is after 3 months. They all get happy.

Dadi: Ok than…we’ll keep the marriage after two weeks.

Saumya: But Dadi…two weeks is very less time…how can I manage everything in these two weeks?…I think it’ll be better after 3 months.

Dadi: Saumya…u don’t worry…things will be managed…we’ll do everything together.

They discuss over this. Saumya first hesitates but than agrees to keep the marriage after two weeks. All becomes happy.

Yuvaan: Aunty…u don’t worry…I’ll work for both sides…I’ll help u in everything.

Yuvaraaj: Actually Dadi…if u would tell us about ur wish a few days ago…than we could arrange for both Yuvaan and Sayyam’s wedding together…than it would hv been more fun.

All laugh. They all congratulate eachother and hv sweets. Than Birlas go back and both families start the preparation for Kriyyam marriage.

After two days

They decide to go for shopping. All the ladies go together. Krishna selects dresses and matching jewelries for every function. She selects her bridal lehenga when Baby comes to her. She sees all the dresses and ornaments and felt jealous of Krishna.

They take whole day for shopping. It was almost 6 p.m when Suhani calls Sayyam and asks him to come for his shopping.

Sayyam comes there after half an hour. Krishna gets happy to see him and smiles.

Sayyam: Maa…why did u call me here?…U know my choice…U could hv chose dresses for me.

Suhani: Ye kaisi baat hui…tumhari shaadi hai…toh tumhe hi pasand karne hai na?

Bhavna: Aur nahi toh kya…Sayyam…u r being lazy day by day…shaadi ke liye ladki bhi hum pasand kare…aur ab shaadi ki shopping bhi hum kare?…toh phir tum kya karoge?

Yuvaani: Offo Maasi…don’t u even know that…Sayyam will…

Sayyam gets that Yuvaani is up to something embarrassing for him, he quickly grabs Suhani’s arm and says

Sayyam: Ok…Maa…let’s go.

Sayyam pulls Suhani with him. Yuvaani suppress her laughter.

They select all the dresses for Sayyam, matching the colours of Krishna’s dresses. Krishna was so happy.

They took two more hours to finish the shopping. Sayyam felt stuck between all the ladies. They finally finish their shopping and go to restaurant to hv dinner. All enjoy a lot and than go to home. Sayyam leaves Saumya and Krishna home in his car.

Days passes like flying birds. .

Preparations were on full swing in both families.

They decide to do Kriyyam’s engagement. Krishna and Saumya were invited to BH. They come in the evening. Krishna looks gorgeous in her light pink lehenga.

Kriyyam look at eachother when exchange rings. All claps for them.

One by one Mehendi, Sangeet and Haldi functions goes on. All enjoy to the fullest and finally the most awaited day, that is, the wedding day comes.

All gets busy from the early morning.

Yuvaani goes to Sayyam’s room. He was busy on phone, talking to someone. He looks happy.

Sayyam: Yea…thanks…I’ll definitely try my best.

He cuts the call and turns to see Yuvaani standing there. He smiles broadly and hugs her.

Yuvaani: Sayyam…kya hua?…

Sayyam: Yuvaani…I m so happy.

Yuvaani: I can see that.

She smiles as they break the hug.

Yuvaani: Ab bata bhi do kya hua?

Sayyam: Yuvaani…u know…that project which I wanted to launch in ur name…Last week I lose that…but today…they called me again and said that…my products r best for this project…so I hv again win it.

Yuvaani becomes happy for her brother.

Yuvaani: Really Sayyam…wow…that’s a great news…congratulations bro.

Sayyam: Thanks..

Yuvaani: Ab toh maan na hi padhega ki Krishna tumhare liye bohut lucky hai.

Sayyam doesn’t say anything and smiles.

Time passes to night

Krishna gets ready in her red bridal lehenga with golden embroidery and ornaments. She looks like an beautiful angel. She was looking at herself in the mirror and smiles. She looks more beautiful

Saumya comes there and saw her daughter ready in her bridal attire. She smiles and goes to her. Krishna sees her too and smiles. Saumya’s eyes became moist to think that soon her daughter will go leaving her. Krishna understands that and feels bad. She was also teary eyes. But Saumya smiles.

Saumya: Krishna…no…no tears…ur make up will be ruined na.

Krishna understands that her mother is trying to make the situation lite, so she also smiles. They hug eachother.

After sometime

Whole Birla family arrives with Sayyam’s ‘baraat’. All looks so happy. Saumya greets and welcomes them warmly.

Soon the marriage rituals were started and Krishna was brought to the mandap. All becomes happy to see Krishna looking so beautiful. Krishna sits beside Sayyam and he looks at her. Krishna looks at him from the sideways of her eyes and then looks away shyly.

The pandit asks Kriyyam to stand up to start taking the round of the sacred fire. Yuvaani does their ‘gathbandhan’ and they stand up. They take the rounds of fire and all happily showers flower petals over them. Then they were asked to exchange their garlands. Kriyyam look at eachother and do as they were said to.

And finally Sayyam fills Krishna’s hairline with ‘sindoor’ and clasps the ‘mangalsutra’ around her neck. Krishna’s eyes got filled with tears of happiness and feels complete. She closes her eyes and smiles. All claps for them.

Kriyyam take blessings from all their elders and hugs their siblings and friends. Everybody congratulate them.

Finally the time comes for Krishna’s ‘Bidayi’. Krishna cries like anything to think that she has to leave her mumma, only one of her own. She hugs Saumya and cries. Saumya too was in the same state as Krishna. Suhani and Bhavna go to them and try to console them.

Suhani: Saumya…Krishna…plz stop crying…I know how it feels…but Saumya…u can see Krishna anytime u want…and that’s for u too Krishna…u can come her meet Saumya anytime.

Still they cry for a long time.

Saumya finally breaks the hug and cups Krishna’s face. She kisses her forehead and wipes her tears. She smiles and gesture Krishna too smile.

All others smile to see them. Suhani goes to Sayyam and tells him to bring Krishna. Sayyam nodes and goes to Krishna. She looks at him as Sayyam smiles and holds her hand. He takes her near the car and opens the door for her. Krishna becomes so happy at once. A little smiles forms on her lips as she sits inside the car. Sayyam too sits beside her and close the door.

Saumya becomes so happy to see that. She smiles in between her tears to Kriyyam left for BH.


So guys, that’s it for today…. Sorry guys…I know…this epi is not up to ur expectations…still hope u guys like it…
Awaiting ur comments.
Thank u so much for reading.
Love u all.
Yours Muniya (Moumita)


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