Kriyyam FF ‘Love Story’ (Part 4)

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Next day

Sayyam goes to office and got busy with all the meetings and presentations. He totally forgot about going to meet Krishna in the evening.


Baby was admiring herself in the mirror. She was wearing all the jewelries she got as gifts.

Baby: Wow…I look so good in these jewelries…after all these r made for me…and these r so heavy…I could get all these a long time ago if I would not stuck to that Sayyam for a long time and come to Yuvaan…anyways…being late is better than never…I got what wanted I wanted for my whole life…now I’ll enjoy my new life.

She was talking to herself when noticed Yuvaani passing through her room, talking with someone on phone.

Yuvaani: Offo…Don’t worry…ok…wait I’ll come.

She cuts the call and was going but Baby stops her.

Baby: Yuvaani…where r u going and whom were u talking to?

Yuvaani: Oh Baby…it was Krishna…I m going to her home.

Baby: But what happened to her?…I mean u were saying not to worry and all?

Yuvaani: Actually…Sayyam and Krishna…they r supposed to get married…but before that Sayyam wants to meet her alone…that’s why Krishna is worried…so I m going to her…bye.

Yuvaani leaves from there saying that. Baby was a bit shocked to know that.

After sometime Yuvaani reach to Krishna’s home. She was pacing back and forth in her room. She was both tensed and excited about to go to meet Sayyam.

Yuvaani: Krishna…what happened?…why r u so tensed?

Krishna: Yuvaani… thank god…u came… I m very nervous.

Yuvaani: And that’s what I want to know…why r u so nervous?

Krishna: I told u na…Sayyam asked me to come to meet him at the cafe?….God know why did he call me.

Yuvaani: Krishna…not only god…I also know why did he call u…but u r such an idiot.

Krishna makes a face as Yuvaani calls her and idiot. Yuvaani comes to her.

Yuvaani: Arre yaar…tum dono ki shaadi ki baat chal rahi hai…so that’s why he wants to meet u alone…may be he wants to say something important to u.

Krishna: That’s why I m nervous Yuvaani…what if he says no for this relation?

Yuvaani: And why do u think he will do so?

Krishna: I don’t know…but I m tensed about that.

Yuvaani thinks to cheer her mood.

Yuvaani: Krishna…now leave all these…and get ready…only two hours left…and u know my bro is very punctual.

Krishna smiles a bit. Yuvaani helps her to get ready.

After sometime Yuvaani makes Krishna ready in a simple but elegant sky blue Salwar and they go downstairs. Saumya lovingly admires her daughter.

Yuvaani drops Krishna at the café and leaves. Krishna nervously goes inside and sits in the corner table which was already booked. The waiter comes to ask for order but Krishna doesn’t any. She continuously looks at the entrance.

Time passes and it was almost 7 pm. Krishna was still waiting for Sayyam. But he was not there. The waiter has come two more times for order and Krishna, being frustrated, has ordered for a cappuccino. She was sipping in the cup and her eyes were still stuck at the entrance of the café.

On the other side Sayyam was huge busy in office works when his new secretary comes to him.

Secretary: Sir…u had an appointment with Mr. Roy…but..

Sayyam was busy in observing the files, he doesn’t look at him.

Sayyam: Yea…I know…I’ll just complete this file and go.

Secretary: No Sir…I mean…Mr. Roy has postponed the meeting for tomorrow.

Sayyam: Ok…but tomorrow when?

Secretary: Tomorrow 10 am at Espresso Café.

Sayyam: Ok…u can leave.

Suddenly Sayyam remembers something.

Sayyam: What?…Espresso Café?….Oh shit !!!

Secretary turns back.

Secretary: Sir…any problem?

Sayyam: No…I mean yes….ok…listen….u complete this file and I hv to leave now…its urgent.

He says that and leaves in a hurry.

At the Café

Krishna looked t her watch and saw its 7:30pm. Now she turned dull. She thinks something. Than she pays the bill and leaves from there.

She comes out and was waiting for a cab. Suddenly there comes a white car that stops in front of her. Krishna looks on confused and than was shocked to Sayyam coming out of the car. She looks away. Sayyam comes to her.

Sayyam: Krishna…I m…I m really sorry…I was really busy in office…I m sorry.

Krishna doesn’t look at him and shows hand to stop a cab.

Krishna: It’s ok Sayyam…its getting late…so I hv to leave.

The car comes and Krishna was about to go inside but Sayyam holds her wrist. Krishna was shocked. She looks back at him and forces a smile.
Krishna: What happened Sayyam?…I said na its ok…I can understand…now plz let me go.

Sayyam asks the cab to leave. It goes. Krishna looks on.

Krishna: Sayyam…why did u let it go?…I hv to go home.

Sayyam: I know…I’ll leave u to ur home…but before that…I want to talk to u.

Krishna was staring at him. Sayyam again holds her hand and pulls her with him again inside the café. They go and sit in the corner table. Krishna was quiet. Sayyam ordered two cold coffies.

Sayyam: Krishna…I m really sorry…I was busy in office…I m sorry…

Krishna doesn’t say anything. The coffie comes. Sayyam offers Krishna a cup.

Sayyam: Krishna…plz hv this.

Krishna: I hv already had Sayyam…

Sayyam feels bad and thinks to himself

Sayyam: Oh god…what I hv done?…now I hv her spoiled her mood and above that if I say something serious…she won’t be able to take it and will be hurt…what can I do now?

He was thinking all these when suddenly Krishna’s phone rings. He looks at her. Krishna takes the call.

Krishna: Yes mumma…I m on the way…I’ll be home in sometime.

She cuts the call and looks at Sayyam.

Krishna: Sayyam…now I hv to leave…mumma is waiting.

Sayyam: Ok..

They got up and goes out. Krishna stops Sayyam.

Krishna: Sayyam…I want to know why did u call me here?…I mean…do u had to say something important?

Sayyam was puzzled. He didn’t know if he’ll say anything to her or not. Krishna waits for his reply.

Krishna: Sayyam…u know what our elders hv thought for us…they want to know our opinion…it’s about our life…so we only hv to take this decision…plz don’t hesitate.

Sayyam: Before I say something…I want to know what do u think?

Krishna thinks for sometime.

Krishna: I hv no problem.

Sayyam was not that shocked to know her decision as he already knew it. Suhani told him in the morning. So many thoughts goes in his mind and he takes a sudden decision. He, as if copying Krishna’s line, said

Sayyam: I also hv no problem.

Krishna’s dull face was brighten up at once. She looks at him happily shocked. Her eyes were glittering in happiness, happiness to see her dream come true. She can’t hide her excitement and said

Krishna: Really !!!

Sayyam looks at her. She was smiling. Sayyam nodes and smiles. Krishna felt embarrassed at her own excitement and became quiet. She bows her head being shy.

Sayyam: Lets go now.

Krishna smiles and they leave in Sayyam’s car. They hv a quiet journey. They reach Krishna’s home and goes inside. Sayyam also goes and hv a casual talk with Saumya. Than he leaves. Krishna sees him leaving and smiles. It looks like she just forgot that she had to wait for him for the whole evening.

As soon as Sayyam leaves, Krishna hugs Saumya in excitement, which she was suppressing for a long time. Saumya too hugs her and comes to know the reason of her excitement. She too became happy to see the cute smile of her cute daughter.

Sayyam was driving to home. He was still thinking about his sudden decision.

Sayyam: Did I do right?…Why did I take such a sudden decision?…and its not only about myself…Krishna’s life is also involved in this…why did I do this?

He thinks these for sometime but than some other thoughts also pass in his mind.

Sayyam: No…it’s not wrong…I can’t stuck to that one incident for my whole life…why do I even bother about that?…I hv to move on…yes…I hv to.

He reaches home and meets Suhani in the drawing room. She smiles at him. She was very curious to know his decision but can’t ask anything. Badi Dadi comes there. She was also curious to know Sayyam’s decision and asked him

Dadi: Toh tum gaye the Krishna se milne?

Sayyam: Haan Dadi.

As soon as he said ‘yes’, Suhani excitedly asked

Suhani: So what’s ur decision?…Do u agree for this relation?

She, including Dadi, eagerly waits for his reply. Sayyam looks at their curious faces and also remembers Krishna’s glittering eyes and smile. He once again looks deep into his own heart and finally says

Sayyam: Maa…I hv no objection with this relation.

He smiles. Suhani, as if, was dying to hear it from him. She hugs him tightly.

Suhani: I knew it.

Sayyam hugs her back.

Badi Dadi smiles and thinks to herself

Dadi: I also knew it.

Suhani calls everyone and reveals the news. All become happy to know that Krishna will be soon coming to this house, forever.

Only Baby had no change of expression. She didn’t bother too much.

Yuvaani and Yuvaan congratulate Sayyam. They were so happy for him.

Sayyam became happy to see all the happy faces of his dear ones and their bird’s chirping like discussion to start the marriage preparation soon. He smiles unknowingly.

Precap: Kriyyam wedding


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