Kriyyam FF ‘Love Story’ (Part 3)

Hey guys…Muniya this side…back with 3rd part of my ff…Thank u for all the supports u all show through ur lovely and encouraging comments.
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Half an hour later

YuvAni, Saumya and all others come out of Dadi’s room. They look happy.

Yuvaani: Mumma what happened?…Why did Badi Dadi called u ?

Suhani looks at all and smiles.

Suhani: Its nothing serious Yuvaani…we’ll tell u later.

Saumya: Ok..than now we’ll leave.

Suhani and Bhavna hugs her and Saumya leaves with Krishna.

At night

Saumya goes to Krishna’s room

Saumya: Krishna…hv u slept?

Krishna: No mumma…come.

Saumya goes and sits beside her. She looks at her lovingly.

Krishna: Mumma…what happened?…why r u looking at me like this?

Saumya smiles at her.

Saumya: I m just watching…

Krishna: Kya dekh rahi ho aap?

Saumya: Nothing.

Krishna: Mumma…r u fine?…Apki tabiyat theek hai na?

She checks her and Saumya smiles.

Saumya: I m alright Krishna…don’t worry.

Krishna: Than why r u behaving like this?

Saumya: Kuch nahi beta…I came to talk to u… just listen to me…dekho…now u hv grown up…and I want u to get married.

Krishna gets shocked.

Krishna: What r u saying mumma?..

Saumya: Relax Krishna…first listen to me…today morning….

She told Krishna everything what all Dadi said them. Krishna didn’t know how to react. One side she was happy to know that Dadi wants her to get married to Sayyam, whom she loves from her childhood. It was like a dream come true for her. But on the other side her heart was crying to think that she has to leave her mumma.

Saumya tells her everything and waits for her reply when Krishna hugs her tightly.

Saumya: Krishna…what happened beta?…why r u crying?

Krishna: I can’t leave without u mumma.

Saumya’s eyes too glistened to hear that.

Saumya: Even I can’t leave without u…but…we hv do this na?

She breaks the hug and wipes Krishna’s tears and smiles at her.

Saumya: Now tell me…do u like Sayyam?

Krishna gets shy and bows her head.

Krishna: Mumma…I…I…can’t say…

Saumya smiles and lifts her face.

Saumya: Ok…u don’t hv to say anything…I got it.

Krishna too smiles and hugs her, shyly. Saumya smiles and hugs her.

Later at BH

Sayyam was talking to someone in phone.

Sayyam: What?…But how can they do this?

OS: Sorry sir.

Sayyam: What sorry?…here I m ready with all the presentation to show them tomorrow…then how can they finalize another company for this project?

OS: I know that…even I told them…but…

Sayyam: Listen…I don’t want to hear anything…and tomorrow they will see what I can do.

He disconnects the call angrily and throws the phone on the bed. Meanwhile Suhani comes to his room.

Suhani: Sayyam…what happened beta?…why r u so angry?

Sayyam: Maa..u know…that project I was working for and had a presentation tomorrow…they hv finalize another company for the project…but I won’t leave it so easily.

Suhani goes to him and makes him sit on the bed. She caresses his hair.

Suhani: Sayyam…calm down…so what if another company got the project…it was not that big…U can work hard and get another big project.

Sayyam: No maa…it’s not about big or small.

Suhani: Than what?

Sayyam: Maa…I thought to launch it in Yuvaani’s name.

Suhani smiles to see his love for his sister.

Sayyam: And that’s why I can’t lose it that easily.

Suhani: Ok..I understand that…but u can do any other project on Yuvaani’s name.

Sayyam: No Maa…I won’t let it go.

He seems determined. Suhani feels proud of her son.

Suhani: Ok…do what u think is right.

Sayyam smiles. Suhani starts to leave. Sayyam holds her hand.

Sayyam: But Maa…I didn’t ask u…why did u came?

Suhani again turns and smiles at him. She sits beside him.

Suhani: Sayyam…I came to talk to u about something important…but now u r tensed…so its ok…I’ll talk to u later.

Sayyam: No no Maa…I m fine…I know what I hv to do about this…so u can tell me.

Suhani hesitates.

Suhani: Actually Sayyam…Dadi..

Sayyam: Badi Dadi ko kya hua?

Suhani: No…unhe kuch nahi hua…actually she was saying…

Suhani tells him what Dadi said.

Sayyam listens and became serious.

Suhani: Sayyam…this is her wish…now she wants to know ur decision.

Sayyam doesn’t reply. Suhani gets tensed.

Suhani: Don’t worry Sayyam…u can say what u think…be clear about ur decision.

Sayyam: Maa…I can’t say anything now…I need some time.

Suhami smiles.

Suhani: It’s absolutely fine Sayyam…u take ur time…Don’t hesitate to say ur heart.

Sayyam fakes a smile. Suhani hugs him and leaves.

As soon as Suhani goes Sayyam becomes dull.

Sayyam: What should I do now?…How can I spoil someone’s life?…And Krishna is such a sweet and simple girl…how can I do this to her?

He paces back and forth in the room and can’t decide what to do.

The night fades.

Next morning

Saumya calls Suhani and tells her that Krishna agreed. They both were so happy and smiles.

Suhani: But Somu…Sayyam said…he needs time…actually nowadays he is quite busy with some projects…may be that’s why…

Saumya: I can understand Suhani.

They talk for sometime and then cuts the call. Sayyam heard everything what Suhani said and got that Suhani and all others wants this relation.

Suhani sees him.

Suhani: Sayyam…wahan kyun khade ho?…Come here.

Sayyam smiles and comes to her.

Sayyam: Maa…I want to say something.

Suhani: Yea…tell me.

Sayyam: I hv thought about what u said to me at night.

Suhani becomes curious.

Sayyam: Maa…before I say something…once I want to talk to Krishna.

Suhani becomes happy.

Suhani: Off course…u can talk to Krishna…but I must tell u that Krishna doesn’t hv any problem.
Sayyam was once shocked to know that Krishna agreed. But he doesn’t show it.

Suhani: Ok..than I’ll call Saumya and tell her.

She calls Saumya and tells her that Sayyam wants to talk to Krishna. Saumya happily agrees. They smile.

Sayyam looks at Suhani’s happy face and unknowingly smiles.

Precap: Kriyyam meeting at restaurant.

Sorry for the boring updates…but I promise…loads of Kriyyam scenes will be coming in next epis.


So guys, that’s it for today. Awaiting ur comments.
Thank u so much for reading.
Love u all.
Yours Muniya (Moumita)


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