Kriyyam FF ‘Love Story’ (Part 2)

Hey guys…Muniya this side…back with 2nd part of my ff…thanks to all of u for liking this new story of mine…I’ll try to update regularly.
If anybody wants to read the part 1, here is the link…

Part 1
After sometime

Yuvaani brings Baby to the mandap and all the rituals start. Yuvaan and Baby take seven rounds of the fire and exchange garlands. All showers flower petals over them. Yuvaan fills her hairline with vermillion. The priest declares them as husband and wife. He asks them to take blessings from their elders.

Badi Dadi and Pratima bless them happily. Others hug them.

The wedding gets over. All hv dinner together and Yuvaan and Baby were send to their room.

All others were gossiping on the drawing room.

Saumya: Suhani…It’s getting late…we should leave now.

Suhani: What?…No Saumya…u r not going today…u hv to stay back.

Saumya: But Suhani…

Pratima: Saumya…Suhani is right…u hv to stay back.

All others too ask them to stay back. Saumya smiles and agrees.

Suhani: Ok then…Yuvaani u take Krishna with u…and me, Somu and di…we will stay in our room…we’ll gossip whole night…it’ll be so fun….right di?

Bhavna and Saumya smile.

Yuvraaj: Wait wait…Suhani…than what about me and Sharad?

Suhani: Offo Yuvraaj….u both share di’s room.

Yuvraaj and Sharad look at eachothe. They leave. All laugh at them.

All others go to their room. Yuvaani and Krishna too go to their room. They sleep early as they were very tired.

Later at night

Krishna wakes up being thirsty. But there was no water in the room. She goes out to take water in the kitchen but was very scared due to darkness. She slowly goes to the kitchen and drinks water. Then turns to go back but again steps back. She sees a moving shadow and got more scared.

Krishna: Ye zaroor chor hoga…warna itni raat ko kaun ho sakta hai?…Hey bhagwan…mujhe bhi abhi aana tha…

Krishna continues to move back as she sees the shadow coming forward and it comes really very near. She gathers courage and holds the water bottle to attack the person. She was about to hit the person but instead the person only holds her hand to stop. Krishna gets afraid and the bottle falls from her hand.

Person: Krishna…what r u doing?

Krishna gets shocked to hear the voice of the person. It was Sayyam. She moves back.

Sayyam: Krishna…

Krishna: Sayyam..tum ho…mujhe laga koi chor hai.

Sayyam: And that’s why u were going to beat me…with this bottle?

Krishna: Sorry….I couldn’t see u due to darkness.

Sayyam: It’s ok…But what r u doing here at this time?

Krishna: I came to drink water.

Sayyam: Hmmm…I also came to get water…ok…now go.

Krishna smiles. She was going to leave but stops as she feels a running cockroach crawls on her feet. Her eyes get wide open and she stands there steel being too much afraid.

Sayyam drinks water and turns to go. He sees Krishna is still standing there.

Sayyam: Krishna…u didn’t go yet?

Krishna was panting heavily. Now she comes to sense to hear him.

Krishna: Sa…Sayyam…

Sayyam: What happened Krishna?

He goes to Krishna. She turns to him and holds his arm tightly. Sayyam looks at her.

Krishna: Sayyam…wo…yahan pe cockroach hai…

Sayyam: Cockroach…kahan?

Krishna: It was crawling over my feet.

Sayyam switch on the torch on his phone and searches on the floor.

Sayyam: Krishna…here is no cockroach.

Krishna looks here and there.

Krishna: But it was here only…

Sayyam: Yea..may be..but now its gone…so now go and sleep…its almost 3:00 a.m.

Krishna looks at him. She leaves his arm being embarrassed.

Krishna: Sorry.

She goes from there. Sayyam sees her going.

Sayyam: Ajeeb ladki hai…soory toh jaise hothon pe aatke hai iske…

He too goes from there.

The whole incident between Kriyyam was being witnessed by someone. It was Badi Dadi. She came hearing the sound of the bottle that fall from Krishna’s hand and saw them. She smiles to herself and goes from there.

Next morning

Saumya and Krishna gets ready to go back when Badi Dadi calls Saumya to her room.

Dadi: Ek minute Saumya…I hv to talk to u.

Saumya and all others look at her.

Dadi: And not only Saumya…I want all other elders to come to my room.

She goes to her room saying that. All gets tensed. They look at eachother and follows Dadi. Yuvaan, Yuvaani, Baby and Kriyyam stands there, tensed.

Dadi’s room

Saumya: Dadi…what happened? why did u call me?

Dadi looks at all. She seems to be serious. But than smiles.

Dadi: Tum sab dar gaye kya?

Pratima: Maa ji…do u want to say something?

Dadi: Haan…I m straight coming to the point…Saumya…humein tumhari Krishna bohut pasand hai…Sayyam ke liye…what do u think?

All gets shocked.

Saumya: Dadi…aap kya bol rahi hai?

Dadi: Arre…I want Krishna and Sayyam to get married?…Do u hv any problem?

All were happily shocked.

Suhani: Dadi…aap sach keh rahi hain?

Dadi: Bilkul… now u say Saumya?

Saumya: Dadi…what can I say?…

Dadi: No…tell me if u hv any problem…or u don’t want this relation?

Saumya: No Dadi…I hv no problem…but I think…before we go further…we should once ask Sayyam and Krishna.

Dadi smiles remembering the last night incident.

Dadi: I don’t think they will disagree…but still…if u want…we’ll talk to them…and if they agree…we’ll get them married.

All agrees and smiles. Suhani hugs Saumya.

Suhani: I just hope they agree.

Dadi smiles to herself and thinks in her mind

Dadi: They’ll surely.

Precap: Let’s see if Kriyyam will agree or not??…


So guys, that’s it for today. Awaiting for ur comments.
Thank u so much for reading.
Love u all.
Yours Muniya (Moumita)


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