Kriyyam FF ‘Love Story’ Part 18

Hey Guys? …Muniya this side…back with 18th part of ‘Love Story’ ?

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One week passes after that.

And Kriyyam life was now going towards the hell and all credits for that, goes to Baby.

Kriyyam tried their best to keep calm but everything has a limit and it becomes worse, when that limit is crossed.

Baby has tried her best to create misunderstanding between Kriyyam. Sometimes, she adds more spices to Sayyam’s food, sometimes she disarranges all the important papers and documents of him, just to put the blame on Krishna, so that their misunderstandings reaches its height.

Only one day was left for Sayyam to leave for Delhi. But his mood was hell offed with all the happenings. He gets ready in the morning to go to office and leaves soon. Krishna saw him, going. She too was upset with all these as there was no clue on her part.

After sometime

Sayyam reaches office and then only he remembers that he has forget to take his laptop which was needed for an important presentation. He immediately sends the driver back to home to bring it and also call home to say that.

He could easily call Krishna and tell her but he didn’t do that as he was upset with her. He calls the landline but still, Krishna only takes the call.

Krishna: Hello…

Sayyam’s frowns but he had no way now.

Sayyam: Hello…main bol raha hoon…

Krishna gets his voice in no time.

Krishna: Haan Sayyam…

Sayyam: I…I forgot to take my laptop…I hv send the driver…give it to him.

Krishna: Ok…but u could call me na…

Krishna’s voice had a touch of calmness which was clearing that she upset. And hearing that, at once, her tearful eyes flashes in Sayyam’s mind, which hurts him. He was melted in no time and felt bad.

Sayyam: Nahi…woh…ur phone was unreachable…that’s why…

Krishna: Hmmm…par tum SMS bhi kar sakte the…

And with that Sayyam knew that was a very bad excuse. He was about to say something but before that the phone was disconnected from the other side.

Sayyam feels bad. But soon he brushes off that thought as he had to attend the meeting in few minutes.

On the other side

The driver comes after sometime and Krishna goes to her room to bring the laptop. She comes out with the laptop and unfortunately enough, she collides with Baby, who was rushing that way. Krishna loses her balance and the laptop falls from her hand.

Krishna somehow prevents herself from hitting the floor and looked at the laptop, shockingly. She quickly picks it up and opens the lid, only to see the cracks on the screen. She was hell shocked.

Krishna: Oh my god…ye kya ho gaya?

She reaches the verge of crying. Baby was standing by her side, with an unnoticeable smile. She remembers, she saw Krishna talking with Sayyam and got the matter. And that’s why, she collided with Krishna, intentionally and result was in front of her eyes.

Driver comes there.

Driver: Mam…plz give me the laptop fast…Sir said meeting will start in ten minutes.

Krishna looks at him, shocked. She didn’t know what to do.

Baby: Ohh..I’m so sorry Krishna…this happened because of me…I’m really sorry.

She simply left from there, saying that, just to keep an eye on what Krishna will do now.

Krishna can’t think anything in that moment, but then an idea hits her.

Krishna: Tum chalo…main abhi aati hoon.

She goes to her room to take her phone and goes with the driver. Baby gets shocked to see that. She doesn’t get where Krishna was going.

Krishna decides to go to Sayyam’s office. On the way, she transfers all the presentation files to her phone, from the laptop.

As she reaches there, she gives her phone to the driver and asks him to give the phone to Sayyam. She sends a message to Sayyam, saying everything that happened and also that she has put all the files in her phone. She left from there, taking an auto-rickshaw.

And as Sayyam got the message, he was shocked like anything. Soon he gets her phone from the driver and was literally amazed. He asked for Krishna and was informed that she has left. It made him quite upset but soon his mood was up as he really admires his wife’s intelligence and general knowledge. He proudly enters the conference room, with a happy face as he knew he’ll surely succeed now.

Krishna reaches home after sometime, praying for his success. She told everything to Suhani and others. Their reaction too was similar to Sayyam. They were happy and praises her intelligence.

And there stands Baby, with her eyes, wide open to know all these. She just can’t take the scenario, all admiring Krishna, and left from there.


So guys…that’s it for today…Hope u all like this.

Don’t worry things will be fine very soon…

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  1. Palak_55

    Hey, it was super duper episode ….liked it very much…waiting from so long tym….more misunderstandings, more luv?….nice update …come soon..waiting eagerly…..n dear once again thnku so much for ur help n welcoming me here… dearest frnd?

    1. Muniya

      Thanks a lot Palak…
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      Anything for u my dear friend?

  2. Wow so nice and awesome and wonderful update loved it so much. Eagerly waiting to read next update

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    1. Muniya

      ???…The reason u mentioned is the only reason i chose that pic…
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      Yea same reason…
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