Kriyyam FF ‘Love Story’ Part 17

Hey Guys? …Muniya this side…back with 17th part of ‘Love Story’ ?

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part 16

Yuvaan and Baby go to their room and hv a fight over the topic of going to honeymoon. Yuvaan declares that he won’t go anyway. Baby fumes at him. Yuvaan goes from there. Baby gets thinking.

Baby: If Yuvaan has said that he won’t go that means he won’t go anyway…but then…Krishna and Sayyam will go alone…no no no…I can’t let them go alone…if we are not going that means they are also not going…but how can I stop them?

She gets thinking of some of her cheap plans to stop Kriyyam from going to Honeymoon.

Baby: Yess…I can’t do anything directly…but I can create misunderstandings between them…so they will be angry with eachother and won’t go.

A broad smile appears on her face.

Baby: Ye maine pehle kyun nahi socha?…I could hv done this before too to separate them…chalo koi nahi…it’s never too late…now let’s see…who can stop me to snatch Sayyam back from that Krishna.

She holds the evil smile on her lips.

Next day

In the kitchen

Suhani, Bhavna and Krishna were cooking. Baby comes there and starts to help them. Others accept her helps with smiles, without knowing that she is helping them as a part to execute her evil plans.

Suhani: Krishna…give me…I’ll cut these veggies and u prepare the kheer for Sayyam.

Krishna: Ok…

She starts to prepare the kheer. Baby was standing there, for a chance and there she got one when Krishna finishes preparing the kheer and her phone rings. Soumya calls her. She takes the call and goes out while talking to her mumma as Suhani asked her to go.

Baby sneaks the chance and adds a large quantity of salt in the kheer, made by Krishna, without being noticed by Suhani and Bhavna. She smiles and soon leaves from there.

At the dining

All were hving dinner. Krishna serves the kheer to Sayyam and he smiles.

Sayyam: Thanks…

Kishna too smiles.

Baby was waiting eagerly for the outcome when Sayyam will taste the kheer.

Sayyam takes a spoon full of kheer and puts the spoon in mouth. But he spits out the kheer in few seconds and coughs. All gets shocked. Krishna starts to rub his back and gives him water. He drinks the water and feels better.

Baby smiles to see that.

Suhani: Are u alright?

He nodes.

Krishna: Kya hua?

Sayyam looks at her.

Sayyam: Ye kya hai Krishna?…ye kheer tumne banaya hai?

Krishna gets confused.

Krishna: Haan…par kyun?

Sayyam: U hv put salt into it.

All get shocked.

Krishna: What?…Ye kaise ho sakta hai?…Maine toh sugar hi daali thi…

She goes to taste some kheer but Sayyam stops her.

Sayyam: Krishna… no need to taste this…it’s really bad…mere batton pe yakeen nahi hai?

Sayyam gets irritated with such bad taste of his favorite kheer.

Pratima: It’s ok Krishna…kabhi kabhi ho jaati hai.

Krishna: But Dadi…main sach keh rahi hoon…mujhe yaad hai.

She feels really bad and looks at Sayyam.

Krishna: I’m sorry Sayyam…

Sayyam: It’s ok.

Sayyam leaves from there. Krishna’s eyes got filled with tears.

Baby can’t hold her happiness to see tears in Krishna’s eyes. She smiles.

All tries to console Krishna, but she became really sad.

After sometime Krishna goes to their room and sees Sayyam, sitting with his laptop. Sayyam was still a bit irritated. Krishna goes to him.

Krishna: I’m really sorry Sayyam…I don’t know how that happened…I..

She was cut off in the middle.

Sayyam: Krishna…I said na it’s ok…leave it now.

However his voice was calm, but it cleared that he was disturbed. Krishna gets that and again her eyes were filled. She goes to washroom. Sayyam saw her going.

Sayyam: Oh god…lagta hai maine over react kar diya.

He shuts the laptop and goes to the bed. He waits for Krishna to come. She comes out after a while and straight goes to the bed. She didn’t look at Sayyam. Sayyam feels bad.

Krishna was about to put the light off and lie down when Sayyam gets up and goes to her side. Krishna looks away. Sayyam holds her hand.

Sayyam: Krishna…I’m sorry…

Krishna looks at him.

Krishna: It’s ok Sayyam…aur waise bhi…tum kyun sorry bol rahe ho?…Galti toh meri hai na…I’m sorry.

She moves her hand and turns to other side. Krishna tries to hold her tears, but fails miserably. Sayyam gets that she is really hurt with his rude behavior. He again turns her, holding her arms.

Sayyam: Krishna…I know I overreacted and u r hurt with that…and I’m really sorry.

Krishna can’t speak out a word as her voice was chocked due to suppressed sobbing. Sayyam can’t see her crying. He was about to say something more, but before he could, Krishna falls on his chest, crying bitterly.

Krishna: I don’t know Sayyam…I don’t know how it happened…I really don’t know…I’m sorry.

Sayyam gets shocked. He hugs her back.

Sayyam: Krishna…Krishna it’s ok…why are u crying?…plz…stop crying…plz…Krishna.

Krishna doesn’t stop. Sayyam tries his best to calm her down. She stops after a while. Sayyam gets relieved. He breaks the hug and looks at her.

Sayyam: Why are u crying?…I said na it’s ok…it happens sometimes…I can understand…and I’m really sorry…I got irritated…it’s just bcz…u know na…how much I love kheer…that’s why…I just…

Krishna looks at him, with red eyes.

Krishna: But believe me…I didn’t pour salt…I don’t know how it happened.

Sayyam holds her hands.

Sayyam: Leave it now…jo hua wo hua…let it go.

He smiles at her as he wipes off her tears. He again holds her hands and kisses her hands. Krishna gets shocked.

Sayyam: And tomorrow again u hv to make kheer for me…u’ll do na?…Promise?

He tries to cheer her mood. Krishna gives a little smile and nodes in yes. Sayyam gets happy to see her smiling face.

Sayyam: Always smile like this…tears doesn’t suit u.

Krishna was amazed. She smiles. Sayyam too smiles.


So guys…that’s it for today…Hope u all like this…and honeymoon epi will coming soon…but there will be few twists before that…so that it becomes more enjoyable ?.

Thanks for reading??

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  1. Nyc update nd I hate this baby
    She always do this with krishna

    1. Muniya

      Thanks Kirti…
      Glad u like it…
      And Baby will be done very soon?

  2. So nice and awesome and wonderful update I loved it so much. Waiting for honeymoon episodes .

    1. Muniya

      Thank u so much Sravya…
      I’ll update soon…

  3. hy dear, epi was very nice….and ya bring so many twist n turns so that their honeymoon going to b very very enjoyable… keep posting daily…waiting for next one eagerly

    1. Muniya

      Thanks a lot Palak…
      I’ll update soon…

      1. hy dear frnd…i commented second tym just to say u A very very Happy New Year…i dont know whether u come up with another part today only…so i thought to wish u here and it was really imp. to do….as i got u as a frnd in 2017…may our frndshp goes on more further…

    2. Muniya

      A very Happy New Year to u too my friend?
      It means a lot to me…i’m really happy to hv such friend like u…Off course our friendship will go further??
      Thank u so much…

  4. hiii muniya…. stti bolta tomer ff or os jai hok ami pori er chok bondho kora sob er chok er samna dhakta pai.thank u sooo much ato realistic story jonno keep posting love.

    1. Muniya

      Thank u so much Sabana…
      Ur comment made my day…
      I’ll update soon…

  5. Superb episode Di.. Loved it. Baby is the worst character of ssel

    1. Muniya

      Thanks dear…
      Glad u like it…

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