Kriyyam FF ‘Love Story’ (Part 1)

Hey guys…Muniya again…and this time I m here with a Kriyyam ff…many friends asked me to write a ff…so thought to fulfill their wish as now I hv time. Hope u guys will like it as u all liked all of my os. I m very much thankful to guys for that.

This story too came to my mind as os…but than I thought that if I’ll try it as ff…I will be able to show all the events I hv thought. So, decided to write this ff. Hope u all like it.

**So Here Starts Our New Journey**

Sayyam Birla, son of Yuvraaj and Suhani Birla, is one of the famous businessman of Allahabad. He has his own business of textile, separate from family business. He loves his family and can go to any extend for them. He has a good bonding with his twin siblings, Yuvaan and Yuvaani. Now he is trying his level best to be the No.1 businessman.

Krishna Mathur, is lovely daughter of Saumya. She has lost her dad in childhood and lives with her mumma and loves her a lot. Saumya and Suhani are childhood friends, so as Krishna and Yuvaani. Yuvaan is a nice guy, friendly with all. Badi Dadi is also good. She too loves Krishna.
Krishna loves Sayyam from childhood. And all know that except from Sayyam. He is too much engrossed in his works that he doesn’t hv enough time to think of all these.

Baby is an orphan. She joined Sayyam’s office as his secretary. She tried hard to make Sayyam fall for her with her tricks but that didn’t work. In the meantime, Sayyam faced a huge loss in business and Baby, being a greedy for money and wealth, turned her way from him. Yuvaan had a crush on her. One day he proposes her and she accepts it at once.

The story starts in a beautiful day.

It is Yuvaan and Baby’s wedding day. All are busy in preparation.

Sayyam’s room

Sayyam was busy with his laptop, doing some important presentation. Suhani comes to him.

Suhani: Sayyam…tum kya aaj bhi kaam karoge?

Sayyam looks at her and smiles.

Sayyam: Maa…toh kya hua…abhi toh sirf 10 baje hai.

Suhani: Toh kya hua?….Sayyam…tum bhool gaye ho kya…aaj tumhare bhai ki shaadi hai…and u r still busy in ur own office work?

Sayyam: Maa…I hv to present this project after two days…so I hv to finish this presentation.

Suhani: I understand that…but…

Sayyam: Plz Maa…it will take only half an hour to finish this.

Sayyam makes a puppy face to convince his mother and it worked. Suhani smiles.

Suhani: Ok…but remember…only half an hour.

Sayyam smiles and hugs her.

Sayyam: Promise…I love u.

Suhani: I love u too…now do it fast and come soon.

Sayyam nodes and Suhani leaves from there smilingly. Sayyam was once again engrossed in his work.

Few time passes

Saumya and Krishna come to BH to attend the wedding. Suhani and Bhavna greet them.

Bhavna: Saumya…u came so fast?…aur thodi der baad aati na toh shaadi bhi ho jaati.

Bhanvna fakes anger. Saumya smiles and hugs her.

Saumya: Sorry di…Sorry Suhani.

Krishna too hugs them.

Suhani: Its ok…but u could send Krishna…right?

Saumya looks at Krishna and sighs and other two look on confused.

Krishna: Actually auntie…we got late bcz of me only…I couldn’t wake up early in the morning…and that’s why…

She smiles sheepishly and they all laugh at her cute face.

Bhavna: Awww…than it’s ok.

She hugs Krishna.

Saumya: Arre wah Di…now only u were taunting me for coming late…and now when it’s bcz of Krishna…still u hug her?

Bhavna: So what if it’s bcz of her?…She accepted it na?

Saumya sighs in disbelief. They all laugh.

Yuvaani comes to them and takes Krishna with her. This whole time Krishna’s eyes were searching for someone and that’s none other than Sayyam. Yuvaani gets that.

Yuvaani: He is still in his room…working on some presentation.

Krishna gets shocked to hear that from Yuvaani.

Krishna: Yuvaani…what r saying?…I mean…whom r u talking about?

Yuvaani rolls her eyes and than smiles.

Yuvaani: I m talking about him only whom u r searching for…until u came here.

Krishna gets embarrassed. Yuvaani smiles.

Yuvaani: Krishna…Now don’t be so shy…I know everything.

Krishna too smiles.

Yuvaani: But Sayyam is not yet out…he is still working.

Krishna gets disappointed to know that. She turns dull. Yuvaani sees that. She tries to cheer her up.

Yuvaani: But don’t worry…I m sure…today when he’ll look at u…he won’t be able to take off his eyes from u…and that’s my challenge dear.

Krishna smiles. Yuvaani too smiles and hugs her.

They go to Yuvaani’s room and get ready. Yuvaani helps Krishna to get ready beautifully. They wear beautiful Lehengas. Yuvaani curls Krishna’s hair and makes a side bun. She too gets ready in open hair.

Krishna and Yuvaani look beautiful like angels. Both come out and goes to Baby. She was almost ready in her bridal lehenga and make up with heavy jewelries.

Someone calls Krishna from outside. She excuses herself and goes out. She was going through the corridor and trips over a wire on the floor. She screams and tries to hold a flower stand to prevent herself from falling. She closed her eyes in fear to hit the floor at any moment but didn’t. Rather her head safely landed on a warm surface. She loses her balance and finally falls down over someone. Her lose bun was opened and her beautiful curls were scattered. The flowers, kept on the flower stand, too scattered over them.

Krishna opened her eyes, feeling safe and her eyes falls on the face which she was searching for a long time. Yes…Krishna fell over Sayyam. And that warm surface was Sayyam broad shoulder to protect her. Sayyam was coming that way and tried to save her from falling. But they both fall.

Sayyam removes her scattered hairs and both hv an eye lock.

Yuvaani came there rushing to hear Krishna’s scream and saw Kriyyam in that position. She stops there and smiles to herself.

Sayyam broke the eye lock and tried to get up. Krishna was still lost in his eyes.

Sayyam: Krishna…Krishna get up.

Krishna’s trance was broken by his voice. She looks away and tries get up but again falls over him. She looks at him and sees that her necklace was stuck in the button of his Brown Sherwani. She tries to take it out but can’t.

Sayyam: Wait…I’ll do it.

Krishna moves her hands and Sayyam holds her necklace. He slowly takes it out.

Sayyam: Done.

Krishna gets up hurriedly. Sayyam too gets up.

Sayyam: R u alright?…

Krishna: Yea…wo…sorry…I didn’t see u.

Sayyam: It’s ok…and walk carefully.

Krishna smiles. Sayyam’s ph. rings and he excuses himself. Krishna stands there and smiles to herself. Yuvaani comes behind her and clears her throat. Krishna looks at her and smiles.

Yuvaani: Kya chal raha tha?…Romance and all…

Krishna blushes.

Krishna: Yuvaani…I fall down…and Sayyam saved me…nothing else.

Yuvaani: Yea…I can see that.

Yuvaani laughs and Krishna gets shy. She goes from there.

Yuvaani: Krishna…be careful…phir se mat gir jaana.

Krishna turns and makes a face at her. Yuvaani laughs harder. Krishna smiles and goes from there.

Precap: Yuvaan and Baby’s wedding and proposal for Kriyyam marriage.


So guys, that’s it for today. Tell me in comment section if u like it and if I’ll continue it.
Thank u so much for reading.
Love u all.
Yours Muniya (Moumita)


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  1. Wow so nice ff and the story is so nice it is so awesome and wonderful I loved ur ff so much. Update regularly please and try to write os I gave u a idea na when sayyam is angry with Krishna for blaming Suhani in Suhani pregnancy please

    1. Muniya

      Thank u so much dear…
      Glad that u like it…
      I’ll try to update regular…And will surely try utr idea…its really good…
      Thanks dear…

  2. hy muniya , first of all sorry to u for nt comenting on ur last os…really really vry sory i ws vry busy in exams….ystry only i read it…it was marvellous n ur new ff is much more than it….vry nice story plot…plz plz continue it…dnt even think to halt it…u r a suprb writer…very nice….bring nxt prt soon…waiting

    1. Muniya

      Thank u so much Palak…
      Don’t say sorry dear…its absolutely fine…study always comes first…
      I’ll continue this…will update soon…

  3. love u & thnk u muniya.ami bola bujhata parbo na ami koto ta khusi hoya6i ajka tomer new ff Dhaka er stti story Iine oo khub darun…..tank

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  5. Wow totally different concept. I liked it. Thank u thank u thank u 4 starting ff. Keep writing we always with u. ????

    1. Muniya

      Thanks a lot Bonna…
      so happy that u like it…

  6. Wow… Amazing ff… And i am waiting for next episode. Post daily

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  8. Such a superb start Di.. Loved it so much. It is so unique and lovely. Thanks a lot Di for writing a ff

    1. Muniya

      Thanks a lot Tejaswi…
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  9. Aww…such a cute episode..!

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    first of all i would like to thank u for writting a ff…..plzzzz don’t stop it midway……..and yeah very cute,sweet episode

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    Amazing start.. Loved it very much.. And so sorry for late comment..

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  12. Well I am backI missed kriyyam so much and my TU friends too..really happy you started a new ff…Always wanted this!! Loved the concept Muniya??

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