Kriyansh- their story..! OS


In a foggy area, a railway track….
Breaking that fog, a train came out…. the sounds of train filled the surroundings.
Faster than that train,
A man’s thoughts are running fast… more than train sound, his heart is disturbing him a lot..
His face is shown from the glass window of the train… His eyes are showing, that his mind is lost somewhere. He has no sad or happy expression. But, it’s just an idle expression.

He is Reyansh..!

His thoughts are disturbed by a cough. He looks beside. A girl who is in a saree and her hands are filled with mehendi. Her bangles has covered her hands. Looking as a newly married girl.

She is Kriya..!

Reyansh takes out a blanket and covers on her. With his touch she opens her eyes and looks at him. Both have an eye lock which spoke different feelings. Reyansh moves away his eyes out again. Kriya bends her eyes.

Rey’s pov start…

“Life is not a straight line. It has many curves. And, our duty is to make it complete till the end point. Whether there are perpendicular bisectors or any breaks in page. Stupid logic..?? You will understand my point, after knowing my story…”

His pov is again disturbed by a sudden weight on his shoulder. He looks beside. Kriya’s head was fell on his shoulder as she was sleepy. He didn’t wanted to disturb her, so he remained calm. He looks at sindoor in her mang.

A flash back is shown….

**Kriya was in bridal dress. She was crying sitting at a corner and her room door is closed.
Outside in wedding hall, everyone are talking seriously. The thing is, “Groom has eloped..!”
Kriya who was shattered with the situation, closed herself in room. Her mother Smriti, the alone lady who has brought up her daughter all alone, is also shattered. She was crying sitting in a chair.

A man was talking seriously with Reyansh in other room.

That man:: Rey, now you have to marry that girl.

Rey shocked:: dad..?? But why should I..?

Man:: bcz, no one comes forward to marry that girl again. That groom has cheated her family by eloping. Marry her and give her a new life now. This is orthodox village, this girl can’t raise her head again…

Rey:: but dad…

Then they hear shouts, “kriya…don’t do that. Open the door…!!”

Rey and his dad runs out of room and shocks to see Kriya is trying to commit suicide. Reyansh breaks the door and rushes in. He throws poison bottle aside from her hands. She closes her eyes and cries bitterly. He holds her hand and brings her out. She keeps looking at him.
In front of all family members, Reyansh marries Kriya putting sindoor and mangal sutr. Kriya looks on shocked. Smriti happily blesses them.

End of flash back…..

Train stops, with sudden jerk kriya opens her eyes and finds her head on his shoulder. She quickly gets up and sets her hair saying sorry. Reyansh smiles, “friend need not tell sorry..!!” Kriya too smiles looking at him.

Later, Reyansh takes her to his grand house in Germany. Kriya is looking at all the city fascinating as she was just a village girl. She felt amazed to the new world and new culture around her. She surprises to see a pair is kissing publicly. She gets shy and turns her eyes. She shocks to see that Reyansh was looking at her and he observed what she has seen. Now, she doesn’t understand where to keep her eyes, she simply closes her eyes bending her head.

They reach the house. Rey shows separate room for her. Kriya enters into her room and settle downs herself. She opens her bag to set her things. Then a boy’s photo falls from her dresses. She takes that boy photo into her hand. A tear falls on it. He was the groom whom she is supposed to marry.

Again flash back….(kriya remembering)

Their both engagement was done grandly. Kriya, who never even looked at any boy directly started loving her would be a lot. She always dreamt about him. She was excited about the marriage same as all other girls. He was the one, the match made by her family. She never talked to that boy directly. She was shy to talk.
All the marriage arrangements were made and at last, the groom has ran away.
Then she happened to marry Reyansh.

Flash back end….

Kriya cries looking at the photo. Rey just comes to say her something and sees her. He goes near her, she keeps that photo aside and wipes her tears.

Rey:: don’t stop crying kriya..cry until your heart become lite.
She looks at him.

Rey:: I know your pain. I have no words to console you. Your heart was broke and in same way mine too… both of us stories are same.

Rey keeps hand on window looking out…kriya looks at him….
They both remembers past again..,

Final Flash back…

Reyansh singhaniya, an open minded, happy going, businessman. Unlike others, he is always cheerful with all around. He feels his life more colorful, when a girl enters in his life, who became his girl friend. Both were happy together always. They shared promises to marry each other.
But… that girl is a cheater..! She used Rey only for money. He was heart broke.
His dad brings his son to India, to forget his past. He brings him to their distance relative’s marriage. It is Kriya’s marriage.

Rey fell in love with the beauty of green village. There he happens to meet Kriya.

Kriya and Rey becomes friends. Rey likes her innocence, bubbly nature. Kriya even though doesn’t speaks with boys, she likes to talk with Rey.

While Kriya always tells about her dreams of marriage with Rey, He used to tell his painful flashback. However, they both likes each other’s character just as friends.
But, the fate has designed them to become life partners. Rey’s father forced him to get married to kriya, so that he may start his fresh life.
However, Kriya and rey promises each other that they would be friends forever as before, because it was a sudden marriage.

…………Flash back over…!!……
They both come out of flash back with a calling bell sound. Rey goes away silently.

Next morning..
As every day Reyansh goes to office and kriya remains alone in house.
Kriya thinks,
‘I used to tell him all about my groom. What he may think about me now..? how can rey accept me..? but, he is the one who married me. I don’t know, what he may thinking about me now..!’
On the way to office, Rey’s thoughts run like this,
‘Kriya- the girl who entered into my life suddenly. I’m her husband now. I used to tell her about my failed love story. Don’t know, how she may feel about it. Can she accept me..?’

It was night already, 11’ O clock.
Kriya walking here and there in frustration. ‘What is he thinking? Did he remember that a wife is waiting for him alone in house..?? he has no responsibility..!!’
Then suddenly she remembers something,
‘Oh, i’m not supposed to think like this. He is just a friend..not a husband. He thinks me as a friend, that’s it..!!’
Then itself Reyansh comes home. ‘Sorry kriya, actually… i was busy in office…’
Kriya: you need not tell sorry Reyansh ji, why I will get angry on you? I don’t have that right..

Reyansh thinks:: that means, she really doesn’t like me. If she likes me, she would have fought with me…

Kriya goes to her room and cries. ‘He is telling sorry..!! why is he telling sorry?? Is he not thinking me at least as a friend??’
‘May be he said casually..?’ her heart speaks. But, she thinks, ‘No..!! he doesn’t like me..! that’s it..!!’ she concludes.

Next morning,
Kriya wakes up and does puja. She was going all through the house to have a look. Reyansh forgets that kriya is in house. As a habit, he comes into kitchen that day also with bathrobe.
Kriya who didn’t see him, gets bumped into him suddenly. She gets shy looking at him in bath robe. Even, Rey get’s tensed. ‘Kriya..’ he is about to call.

Kriya rubbing her hands: vo, actually..i came to make coffee..
‘Ok..’ says Reyansh and runs into his room. He just turns back to see her, she was smiling.
She smiles and suddenly looks up to find Rey was looking at her. This makes her more embarrassed and she runs into kitchen.

She holds a chair and gulps. She remembers Rey’s face and keeps smiling. Reyansh gets ready happily and comes down. She brings coffee for both of them. Rey keeps looking at her when he is taking sips. Kriya knows that he is looking and she starts getting nervous.

To come out of that weird silence,
Kriya: are you not going to ofc today..?

Rey: No..!! let’s go out. I will show you all Germany..!

Kriya gets excited and gets ready soon. She comes out in saree.

Rey: are you going to come like this..?

Kriya: why..? am i not beautiful..?

Rey laughs:: kriya…kriya..!! of course, you are beautiful..!! but, saree means..

Kriya turning other side:: i understood rey, are you trying to tell, I’m a village girl. And, i shouldn’t follow my village culture here…everyone will laugh at me..??

Rey smiles and turns her towards him holding her shoulders. ‘Kriya, now we will go out right. You will see all the girls here. But, I bet..none of them looks beautiful than you..! you are the perfect rose among all those thorns.’

Kriya just looks at him. She gets lost in his honey eyes. Reyansh moves his hand before her eyes and brings her to world. ‘Come..! let’s go..!!’ he holds her hand and takes her out. Kriya keeps looking at him.

Kriya looks all the places amazed. She keeps adoring everything. Reyansh gets happy looking at her.
After visiting all the places, while they are returning, the rain starts.

“Rey..rey..! plz, stop the car..!!’


He stops the car as she asked.

Kriya gets down from car and starts playing in rain.

‘Kriya..!! get in..! you will catch cold..!!’

‘No..!! I love rain..!!’ she keeps wetting in rain.

Rey silently keeps looking at her in smile. Kriya gets wet completely. Her body parts are visible through the saree… Rey gets mesmerized looking her like that. Unknowingly, he steps out of the car and reaches her.
He looks at her slightly visible waist and holds it and drags her near. Kriya shocks at once and looks at him. Both are very close. Even she moves her hands on his chest without her knowledge. Rey’s eyes move towards her lips and she closes her eyes. Both move closer, then suddenly a thunder strikes, which makes them get into world. They both realizes their position and moves far. She runs into car and sit silently.

Rey too comes and starts driving. Both are silent.

After reaching home, Kriya runs to her room and closes her door. Rey gets upset with his behaviour. “How can I do like that..??” he gets upset.

Kriya in her room, “what am I doing..? do i love him..? or this is just..?”

Anyway, Rey decides to tell her sorry and he decides to be more far from her to prevent these situations in future.

Next morning,

Kriya is cutting vegetables. Rey comes near her. Her eyes have slight tears.

“I’m..I’m sorry for yesterday. I couldn’t control myself..!!” he says.

Kriya puts knife with a thud on chopping board. Rey looks at her.

‘I thought, you have approached me, bcz you love me. So, it’s not that..!! it was only…” she seals her lips in upset as she can’t utter that word.

‘No kriya..! don’t misunderstand me. I’m not such a man. Did I ever behave with you like that..? even in the village also you got wet in rain many times. I never felt like that on you at that time..!! but, i don’t know suddenly i felt that you are mine..!!’

Kriya looks at him.

‘I just thought, the girl in the rain is my wife.. maybe I’m just possessive no you..! I’m sorry for that..!!’ says rey and goes away.

Now, Kriya really feels sad. “I’m trying to forget my past. I’m trying to get close to him. I wanted to start a new life with him. Why can’t he understand..??’ she thinks.

Even Rey thinks same, “I wanted to propose her. That’s why, I took her out. I forgot the girl who cheated me in her innocence smiles. I want to make myself to her. But, she is not ready to accept me..!!”

Like this, some days pass with minor misunderstandings and many accidental eye locks.

May be Reyansh understood what kriya was thinking. He decides to propose her again. He keeps a one piece dress in her room on her bed when she went to bath. He comes out silently.

Kriya comes out and looks at the dress. She gets happy. She keeps it on her and looks herself in mirror. The dress is reaching up to her knees. And, it’s sleeveless.
“Rey wants to see me in this dress..??” she gets shy.

But, suddenly she thinks something.

‘Why he want to see me like this..? however he don’t love me..!! then..??’ her eyes turn red.

She goes out of room holding that dress. Rey was standing holding a bouquet.

“Reyansh..!!” she calls him in anger. Rey turns to her hiding that bouquet. She keeps dress on the chair. He keeps looking at her.

“I want to go back to India..!!” she says. Rey shocks. “but what’s wrong kriya..??” he asks.

Kriya in tears:: i can’t stay with wrong man like you..!!

Rey shouts in anger:: kriya..!!

She becomes calm.

Rey: oh, as i gifted that you thought about me like that..?? fine..!! yes..!! I’m such a man..!! and you go away…!!!

He says in frustration and leaves the house.

Kriya confuses, she gets amazed looking at the red roses bouquet. Then she looks at a ring box.
“That means. Reyansh is trying to propose me..??”

She is shocked and tries calling him. He forgot his phone on table and she is surprised to see the name displayed on the mobile as, “My Love”
Now, Kriya really gets very sad for hurting him. “I’m sorry Rey..!! come back..!!” she cries.

She waits for him for so much long time. She wears the dress which he gifted.
It was night 12’O clock, he has not come still. Kriya was getting tensed.

Just then Rey comes home. He was surprised to see Kriya in the dress which he gifted. But, he looking at other way,
‘I have booked your ticket to India for tomorrow. You may leave..!!”

But Kriya smilingly comes near him and tears the ticket.
‘are you mad..?’ he is about to scold she moves closer to him and keeps her fingers in his head.

Kriya: maybe.. I’m mad..
She moves closer and Rey tries to go back but be falls in sofa. She sits in his lap.

Both have eye lock…. they moves closer and……

I can’t tell what happens next… you may imagine whatever you want.. haha…

But, at last kriya and Reyansh has become Kriyansh… that’s it.
Let’s wish them happy married life…!!

…..The end….

How is it..??

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  1. Akshata

    Aaaaaaa, i want to scream loudly, kriyansh os……???? really.. thank you, thank you, thank you…… i am commenting before reading it. i cant control myself i am so so so happy….
    love you Astra….. <3
    on now i am going to read it……

    1. Astra

      hhmmmm…haha..and this is for you dear..! now, i want to see ur reaction. i have written this just for u…

    2. Akshata

      Omg you did research on kriyansh, i am so happy and blessed that i got such a wonderful frnd like you. you know i love kriyansh more than raglak ( i am sorry i know you r a raglak fan, me too but love kriyansh bit more ).
      i have never read this kind of a story, there is always like kriya is a very strong girl and rey is Casanova. both love each others truly but love their ego’s more. but your story is really different she belongs to small town not only small town but she is a village girl and he is a NRI, who loves her selflessly, and never lets his ego to come between them. beautiful story with moral.
      you really made me feel special with your kind gesture. and right now i am tearing, dont worry , tears of happiness you know.

      woah what a compliment you are the perfect rose among all those thorns.’

      1. Astra

        haahah…yes. i did a research on this serial to write this os. but, kriya is already a strong lady, i just wanted to show her in other angle. even rey. I’m very very veryyyyy happy that u liked it. I’m bit scared whether u will like it or not.. but I’m so happy now. I could give a wonderful gift to my friend..

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    To be honst I don’t evn no which serial it is.. But wantd to read ths os so opnd it!! Nvr thought it wld have been such a damn good OS really u’ve gt talnt in writtng? Watever @last I was happy to knw bth became one!! I was laughing ? whn u wrte think urself?? Watever be it ws a fab OS

    1. Astra

      thank you…thank you so much… I’m so glad that yo like it…

  4. I am so happy to see my kroya and D3 ….it was really amazing. thank u for posting.

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      thanks a lot diya..I’m so glad u liked it..

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