Kriyam(Love, a beautiful relationship) Episode 31

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Hey guys, I am sorry for not posting yesterday as I was very busy with my school. Anyways, thankyou so much those who read and comment on my episode. I know that you think that this track is no hood but I think that you will love it.

Let start the episode.

Suhani comes to kriyam’s room to send Elsa in another room.

Elsa: Sorry. But Saiyyam declares Krishna as a maid so Krishna, you must shift to the servent’s room.

Krishna gets teary eyed but composes herself. And agrees. Everyone is shocked. Elsa goes to the room. Everyone gathers around Krishna.

Suhani: Krishna! How can you sleep in Sargent’s room. You are the bahu of this house. I will not let you sleep there.
Krishna: I would be fine aunty. It is the only option. Elsa has totally controlled Saiyyam and if we try anything else, we may lose him forever.

Finally everyone agrees. After sometimes, Elsa comes there.

Elsa: First you pack your bags and go to another room and then I have a work for you.
Suhani: She will not do anything. She is pregnant.
Krishna: Wait aunty. Let me talk. Well, what’s the work.
Elsa: While Saiyyam is sleeping, you all remove all the pics of Krishna and Saiyyam.

Krishna looks at her shocked while Elsa goes. Suhani comes to her.

Suhani: Krishna! How could you see another girl standing with your own husband in front of you?
Krishna: Don’t worry aunty. I promise you all that I will get Saiyyam back from the clutches of this Elsa.
Yuvaani: I know but how will you see her now with your husband?
Krishna: I need your support to get Saiyyam back.
Yuvraaj: Beta, we are with you.
Suhani: Yes, we all are all together with you. For you and your baby’s sake.

Krishna: I am not just promising to you but I promise to my child too that when the baby will come to this world then his/her father would be next to him.

All smile hopefully.She wipes her tears and everyone goes after her. They go to her room. They all help her in packing and after that they started removing the pics.

Everyone feels emotional while removing the pics and feel sorry for Krishna. Suhani wipes Krishna’s tears and said her to be strong.

Krishna cries seeing kriyam’s pic together. Seeing this, Elsa comes to her and slaps Krishna. Everyone is shocked.

Elsa: You know Krishna, now I can make my love story perfect but the only thing is that there is one obstacle in my way and that is you. You must leave from here.

Krishna stands up and faces her.

Krishna: You are mistaken. You might take my place in this house but you can’t take my place in Saiyyam’s heart

Elsa fumes in anger.

Elsa: OK. I challenge you that in a week’s time , I will send you out of this house.
Krishna: You may send me away or even kill me but can’t take my place in Saiyyam’s heart. And I promise you that Saiyyam will love me same as he did before. This is a wife’s promise to get her husband back. I challenge you.

Elsa eyes Krishna furiously.

Screen fades.

Saiyyam asks suhani to accept elsa as their bahu or he will leave the house with Elsa.

Guys, I know that this episode is emotional but next episode will be revenge type. So please comment.

Till then bye and tc.

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