Kriyam(Love, a beautiful relationship) Episode 16

Hi everyone, hope you are fine. So let’s start the episode.

Suhani goes out of the room. Krishna stares at him angrily. Saiyyam saw this.
Saiyyam: Um… What happened?
Saiyyam: Its just..
Krishna: What?
Saiyyam: Maa would have felt hurt if we would have said no.
Krishna: But I don’t want to go.
Saiyyam: There’s no need of argument. We are going and that’s final.

Krishna makes an angry face and hit him and says.
Krishna: I will make up something and we will not go.
Saiyyam: No.
Krishna: Yes.
Saiyyam: That’s enough.

He holds Krishna’s arm and tightly griped it.
Krishna: Ouch! Its hurting. ( a tear flows from her eyes)
Seeing this, Saiyyam’s grip loosened.
Saiyyam: We will go and get ready by 8:00

He leaves from there.
Krishna cries. But she calms her down that now this is going to be fate.

She started to select dress for her.
While Yuvaani was talking to someone.
Yuvaani: Are all the arrangements done?
Os: Yes.

She cuts the call and goes away.
At 7:00.
Saiyyam comes in the room. He saw that Krishna was struggling in selecting the dress.
Krishna: What are you watching. Come and help me pick a dress.
Saiyyam: I don’t care. Do whatever you want.
Krishna: Please please.
Saiyyam: OK OK.
Krishna: So should I wear this pick and purple frock or this black and red frock.
Saiyyam (thinking): I think you should wear this black and red frock.
Krishna: OK I will wear it.

She goes to change clothes. After a while, she comes. Saiyyam saw and was amazed.
Saiyyam (in mind): Wow, she is looking a beauty.
Krishna: How am I looking?
Saiyyam (not in his senses): You look so so so beautiful.
Krishna: What do you mean?
Saiyyam: I mean that your looking nice.

He himself gets ready and at 8:00, they reached the hotel.
Saiyyam: Isn’t it nice..
Krishna: Yeah.

They go inside.
Manager: Are you Mr. Saiyyam birla?
Saiyyam: yes.
Manager: Welcome sir.

They go and were going to sit when.
Manager: Sir, you will not sit here.
Saiyyam: Then where?
Manager: Please follow me.

He took them to a hall. It was decorated with red, heart shaped balloons and Romantic music was playing in background.
Manager: Here you are. This is specially for couples.
Krishna: But we can sit there also.
Manager: Ma’am, they are booked and your tables were booked here by miss Yuvaani birla.
Saiyyam: Yuvaani!!
Krishna: Um.. OK.

They both go and sit on their table. It was decorated with flowers and bears.
Saiyyam: Isn’t it beautiful.
Krishna: What??
Saiyyam: N..nothing.

Waiter comes and takes their order.
Host: Hello everyone, today we are going to play some couple games. So first we will play a quiz game in which you have to tell your husband’s or wife’s fav thing.
Host: So this couple and that couple please come.
He points at Kriyam.
Krishna: We don’t want to play.
Host: Please ma’am. Its a game.
Krishna: OK.
Host: So the winner will get a trophy.

Host: So first question to Mrs Saiyyam. What is your husband’s favourite dish.
( She remembered how he ate kheer)
Krishna: His fav is kheer.
Host: Correct.

The game goes on. At last, it finished.
Host: So the winner is Mr and Mrs Saiyyam birla.

They handed them the trophy.
The go back and sit.
Saiyyam: I didn’t know that that you know everything about me.
Krishna: Nor did I know.

They ate dinner.
Host: Now its time for some couple dance. Stand up everyone.
Everyone goes except Kriyam.
Saiyyam: Come on Krishna.
Krishna: But Saiyyam..
Saiyyam: I will not bite you so come.

They go to dance floor. They held each others hand and Saiyyam out his other hand on Krishna’s waist.
She felt a current flow through her. Romantic dong plays in background and they dance. They have an eye lock. They were looking in each others eyes. They both were getting closer when the songs finished and everyone claps for them.

Lady: Wow, such a beautiful couple.
Everyone there praises them. Krishna feels a shy.

They then go home.
Yuvaani: So how was your dinner.
Krishna: It was OK.
She goes to their room.
Yuvaani: Oh so something has happened. (Smirks)

Reception party.

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