Kriyam(Love, a beautiful relationship) Episode 15

Hello everyone. I am here with a new episode.

The sun is set and it’s morning. Kriyam is seen sleeping. Sun rays hit on Krishna’s eyes. She gets up and rubs her eyes.

Krishna: Good morning Rohit.
But there wasn’t a reply suddenly she remembered last night’s happenings. She had tears in her eyes and Saiyyam wearing her the mangalsutra’s pic was coming against her eyes. She tried to calm down.

Krishna: I must forget the past. Its the first day and I have to ho down early.

She goes to bathroom. She had a shower and changed her clothes. She came from bathroom drying her hairs when she noticed that Saiyyam is still asleep. She didn’t wanted to wake him so she sat on the dressing table and did some light makeup. Suddenly, Saiyyam woke up. He saw Krishna. He was mesmerised by her beauty.

He saw that she was picking the mangalsutra but was hesitating to wear it.
Saiyyam stood up and went towards her. He took the mangalsutra from her and help her wear it. Then he took the sindoor and applied it on her hairline.
Song was playing in background. They have an eye lock.

Saiyyam: You are now my wife so you don’t need to hesitate in wearing the mangalsutra and sindoor.
She nods.

She goes downstairs while Saiyyam goes and have shower. She goes to kitchen to make breakfast. It is her first rasoi. She made some special items for everyone.
Soon everyone comes down for breakfast. She lays all the things. Everyone praises her.

Yuvraaj: Wow, you have made my favourite dish.
Suhani: And mine too.
Kaira: Wow, my fav, pasta. Thankyou.

Saiyyam was staring that how she cares for his family. They all eat breakfast. They were going to their rooms when she stopped them.

Krishna: I have also made two more things.
Suhani: Acha, you have made so many things.
Krishna: Wait, I will bring those.

She goes to kitchen and comes back with two dishes. She opens the dishes.
Saiyyam ( in excitement he shouted): KHEER!! MY FAVOURITE..
Suhani: Beta, be patient.
Kaira: wow, and my favourite pudding.

They all eat the kheer and exclaim in joy.
Suhani: Yum, kheer is delicious.
Yuvraaj: Yeah.
Yuvan: And this pudding is also yum..

She smiles seeing all of them happy.
Suhani: Saiyyam, you have nearly eaten two plates.
Saiyyam: Yeah maa, you know its my favourite.
Krishna: Don’t worry. I have made so much.
Saiyyam: Thankyou Krishna.
She smiled back.

Then everyone goes to their respective rooms. Today, Saiyyam was not going to office. Saiyyam was doing some work on laptop. Krishna comes in the room.
Krishna: Did you really liked the kheer.
Saiyyam: Yes, is there any problem.
Krishna: No just asking.

He closes his laptop and comes to her. Suhani and Yuvaani also come in the room.
Suhani: What happened to your hand s Krishna?
Krishna: Its just nothing.
Saiyyam: She was taking her bangals and they broke thats why she got injured.
Suhani: OK but next time be careful.
Yuvaani: We want you to go some where.
Krishna: Where?
Suhani: Well, last night was so quick for you that you didn’t got time to spend with each other so you must go to dinner tonight.
Krishna: There’s no need.
Saiyyam: Um.. We will go.
Krishna looks at him with stern look and glares at him but he was determined to go.
Suhani: OK, we have booked seats for you. Be ready at 8:00
Saiyyam: OK.

Dinner and reception party.

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  1. Aaravjaikar

    amazing one … love it…

  2. Lovely episode. The kriyam bond is just awesome. Intensely emotional and fabulous episode. It mesmerised me as always. The dialogues and actions were beautifully spoken and undertaken. Sayyam’s kheer has become my favourite too now. His actions were just so adorable, loving and caring.

  3. AnahitaAnnie

    It was an marvellous episode princess. Can i call u princess? Well i hv been a barbie fan since long and I like calling girls i wanted to call u princess. I am sorry for not commenting earlier. But truly I am baffled by ur episode. It was really good…. Keep posting and I just can’t wait for the next one….

    1. Princessporsha

      Thankyou and yes you can call me princess. I would love it.

  4. It was very cute and superb episode

  5. Its so cute

  6. Saiyyam looks so adorable when he is happy…super cute epi..Loved it & update ASAP 🙂

  7. Princessporsha

    Thankyou so much everyone.

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