Kriyam(Love, a beautiful relationship) Episode 14

Hi everyone, I am back with a new episode. Thankyou all who read and comment on my ff. Keep commenting.

So let’s start:

Krishna wears her bridal dress. The lady did her makeup. Suhani comes there.
Suhani: Arrey wah. You are looking so pretty. god save you from evil eyes.
Krishna: Thankyou aunty.
Suhani: Acha, these are some jewellery for you. I will make you wear them.

She makes her wear them. All the guests have gathered in the hall. Juices and snacks were being served. Yuvraaj and Yuvan are greeting the guests. Yuvraaj comes to pandit.
Pandit ji: Muhrat is perfect. We will start the marriage in half hour.
Yuvraaj: OK pandit ji.

Yuvraaj goes to Suhani and Yuvaani who were talking to some ladies.
Yuvraaj: Excuse me. Suhani come here.

Suhani comes to Yuvraaj.
Suhani: What happened Yuvraaj?
Yuvraaj: Rohit’s family has not arrived yet. The marriage will commence in half hour.
Suhani: Don’t worry! May be they are stuck in a problem.
Yuvraaj: But Suhani please call them.
Suhani: Okay! Okay! I am calling them now go.

Yuvraaj goes and Suhani is trying to call them but their phones are going unreachable.
Suhani: Yuvaani, go to Krishna room and see if she’s ready.
Yuvaani: Yes maa.

Yuvaani goes to Krishna’s room. They both talk for a while.15 mins were remaining but still there was no sign of Rohit. Soon everyone got tensed.

Yuvraaj: Why aren’t they picking the call.
Suhani: I don’t know.

Pandit comes to them.
Pandit ji: Bring the bride and groom.
Yuvraaj: But groom hasn’t arrived yet.
Pandit ji: Be quick. Muhrat is finishing.
Yuvraaj: Ji.

Suhani tells Yuvaani to bring Krishna in mandap. Krishna comes down with Yuvaani. Saiyyam was standing there. He was Staring at her.
Saiyyam’s POV:
Wow! She is looking beautiful. I wished that I was the groom but I can’t be. But u can’t love her. She is getting married.
POV end.

Krishna sat in mandap waiting for Rohit. Suddenly, a parcel came for them. Yuvraaj signed.
Suhani: What is this?
Yuvraaj opens it.
Yuvraaj: Um.. It is a CD.
Suhani: Connect it with the TV. Who send it?
Yuvraaj: I don’t know as there is no name.

He put the CD in TV and switched it on. Rohit photo comes on screen. He was with a girl and the both were wearing garlands. And the girl had mangalsutra in her neck.
There was silence in the hall as the CD was started to play.
Rohit’s message: This is my wife, Priya. We both loved each other but I was forced to marry Krishna but I can’t so I married her without my parents permission. I am so sorry but I can’t marry you Krishna. I can’t. I am so sorry. Please don’t blame my parents. It was my decision to marry Priya but due to my parents force, I agreed to marry Krishna as they didn’t liked her. But yesterday, I realized that we both should marry or Krishna and mine life would be ruined. I hope you understand. I am sorry.

And the message finished. There was silence everywhere. Suddenly Suhani got a call.
Suhani: hello.
Shivani: Hello.
Suhani: What is this. Your son did this to Krishna and left her in mandap. Why?( angrily)
Shivani: We got the CD. I am so sorry but we can’t do anything now. I am so sorry.
Suhani: hello? Hello?
Saying this, she cut the call.
Krishna was just shocked. She was sitting still and tears were rolling down her cheeks.She got up and ran towards her room.
Yuvaani: Krishna!!

Everyone ran after her. She ran to her room and started to cry badly. Yuvaani and Suhani were consoling her.
Yuvraaj: How dare they do this to Krishna.
Yuvan: I will not leave that Rohit.
Suhani: No beta, we can’t do anything.
Yuvan: But because of him, Krishna is crying. I can’t bear this.
Suhani: But if she had married to him then she would have not been happy nor he would have been happy.
Yuvaani: Yes yuvan. Maa is right.
Yuvraaj: But what should we now. Everyone would be talking about Krishna. Her life is ruined.
Suhani: Yuvaani be with Krishna. Yuvraaj I need to talk to you.

They both go in another room.
Yuvraaj: What happened?
Suhani: I think its time.
Yuvraaj: But for what?
Suhani: I think that we should get Saiyyam married to Krishna.
Yuvraaj: But how? They will not agree.
Suhani: But they have to or else Krishna’s life would be finished. She would be lifeless.
Yuvraaj: But will Saiyyam agree.
Suhani: He have to.

They both go to Saiyyam.
Suhani: Saiyyam, we need to talk to you.
Saiyyam: What happened maa?
Suhani: Huh.. We want you to marry Krishna.
Saiyyam’s shocked face is shown.

Saiyyam: But I can’t.
Suhani: Please for me. If you didn’t marry her I don’t know that what will she do to her.
Saiyyam thinks for sometime and agrees.
Suhani: Thankyou beta.
Saiyyam: But I am just doing this for your sake.

They go to Krishna.
Suhani: Krishna, I want you to marry saiyyam.
Krishna: No no. I don’t want to marry him.
Suhani: But you have to. I can’t bear that people raise fingers on you.
Krishna: No no.. I don’t want to marry him.
Saiyyam: But.
Krishna: No buts.

But Suhani and Saiyyam forcefully take her to mandap. She tries to get free but couldn’t as Saiyyam’s grip was so tight.

Soon the rituals were done and pandit announced them as husband and wife. Guests go back home but Krishna was sitting there lifeless.
Suhani takes her to Saiyyam’s room. And went away.

Saiyyam went to his room and called Krishna.
Saiyyam: See, I have done this only for maa’s sake and nothing Else.

Krishna got so angry.
Krishna: But you ruined my life. I didn’t wanted to marry you but you forcefully married me. How can you.

She started to threw her bangles and jewellery on floor and cried badly. Blood was coming from her hands. Saiyyam felt really bad for her but he couldn’t do anything.
Saiyyam: There is so much blood. Let me do your first aid.
Krishna: No, I don’t want to.

But Saiyyam forcefully took her and did her first aid.
While aiding.
Saiyyam: See, we both have to compromise. You sleep on bed and I will sleep on couch.
Krishna: No need, its your room and I will sleep on couch.
Saiyyam: Now it’s our room.
Krishna: But I will sleep on couch.
Saiyyam: Um.. As you wish.

She went to change her clothes and went to bed but she was crying badly and didn’t know when she slept. Saiyyam was watching all this. He felt bad as he couldn’t see her crying but somehow he also felt a relief.
Saiyyam (thinking): I am happy that I married u. You are mine Krishna. Only mine.
Thinking this, he slept.

Starting of new married life and some Kriyam moments.

So guys, how’s the episode. Please share your opinion about this episode in comments.

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  8. The episode was too good. Rohit has done right in a way by saving krishna from a meaningless marital life but the steps he took to complete his action were baffling. Nice for krishna that her life got saved…
    Kriyam marriage was thinkable but not in this way. The episode highlighted numerous phases in krishna’s life from betrayal to marriage to grief. Truly magical episode…

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