Kriyam(Love, a beautiful relationship) Episode 13

Hello everyone, I am back with a new episode. I couldn’t post yesterday because of studies so this would be a long one.

The birla mansion is shown where ladies are present. The house is decorated as it is the mehendi function.
Suhani: Yuvaani!!
Yuvaani: Yes maa?
Suhani: Where is Krishna?
Yuvaani: I think that she is in her room.
Suhani: OK. Tell her to get ready. Mehendi function would soon start and you also get ready. I will see the preparations.
Yuvaani: OK maa.

She goes upstairs where she met Saiyyam.
Yuvaani: Saiyyam! Have u seen Krishna?
Saiyyam: Yes, she is in her room.
Yuvaani: OK and where are you going?
Saiyyam: Um.. Papa said to come to buy clothes for tomorrow. We all boys are going to shopping.
Yuvaani: OK. But are you OK?
Saiyyam: Yes but why are you asking.
Yuvaani: You reacted so much in haldi.
Saiyyam: Um.. It was just that I was in a bad mood.
Yuvaani: OK now go.

She goes to Krishna’s room. She was selecting a dress.
Yuvaani: You are not ready yet?
Krishna: I am having difficulty in selecting dress.
Yuvaani: OK so this will look nice( while pointing on a green dress)
Krishna: so I will wear this.

She changed her clothes and was ready.
Suhani: Beta come. Mehendi ladies are here.
They go downstairs. Music was being played and there were only ladies.

Shriti(Bridal mehendi girl): So who is the bride?
Suhani: She is the bride. Her name is Krishna.
Shriti: OK come Krishna madam.

They apply mehendi on her hands while ladies dance and ladies of birla house also apply mehendi on their hands except rags and dadi.

Soon the function was over and everyone went home. Boys come back.
Yuvraaj: So how was your function?
Yuvaani: Papa, it went very good.
Suhani (hit her hand): Oho. I totally forgot.
Yuvraaj: Now what?
Suhani: We haven’t bought wedding dresses and I have to buy jewellery for everyone.
Yuvraaj: Uff.. Let’s go Yuvaani and Suhani.
Kaira: But what about us?
Yuvraaj: Yuvan will take you.
Yuvan: Ok, let’s go. But are you coming Saiyyam?
Saiyyam: Nope. I am tired.
Suhani: Ok. So rest.
Saiyyam: OK maa.

Everyone goes but only Saiyyam and Krishna are at home.
Saiyyam was going towards his room when he saw Krishna in kitchen. She was trying to take food but as her mehendi was still wet so she couldn’t.
Saiyyam goes to her.
Saiyyam: Can I help you?
Krishna: Sure.
Saiyyam took her food and was giving it to her but she wasn’t holding.
Saiyyam: Why aren’t you taking it?
Krishna: I can’t. (While showing her hands)
Saiyyam: Alright.
He put the food plate on table and was going when Krishna called.
Krishna: Um.. Saiyyam. I can’t eat it with wet hands.
Saiyyam (looks angrily): Alright.
He took the plate and started to feed her. Seeing her eating so innocently that his all anger went away. A smile crept on his face. He suddenly started to enjoy the movement. They both have a eye lock but it was broken by Krishna who had eaten something spicy and wanted water. He went away after finishing.
Everyone came back home at 11:00. Krishna had already slept as it was her big day tomorrow. But Saiyyam was still awake.

At a restaurant, a boy was shown. He was none other that Rohit. He was with a girl.
Rohit: Don’t you understand that I am getting married tomorrow so stop calling me.
Priya: But we both love each other then how could you marry some other girl?
Rohit: But I can’t go against my parents.
Priya: But you have to.

They talk for a while.
******Next day*****
It was the big day. It was Krishna and rohit’s wedding day. Everyone was in a hurry.
Ramesh: Suhani bhabhi, Rohit ji’s mother have come.
Suhani: Okay.
She goes to her and hugs her.
Shivani: This is the wedding dress for Krishna.
Suhani: This is beautiful. She will love it.
Shivani: Ok , I must go because of preparations.

She goes to Krishna’s room. She was sitting with her parents photo frame and crying. Seeing this Suhani had some tears in her eyes. She goes to her.
Suhani: Don’t cry.
Krishna: But aunty, in sometime I have to leave this house and go. I will miss you all.
Suhani: We will miss you too. Now look this dress has been sent for you. (Trying to cheer her mood)
They talk for sometime. Krishna packs her bags. Soon Yuvaani comes.
Yuvaani: Acha Krishna. Parlor girl is here to get you ready.

She gets ready.

Will this marriage be successful or not?

So guys comment below please.

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  1. Hi i’m a silent reader.dis is d first time i’m commenting on dis ff.btw Nice epi.I loved how sayyam fed krishna.I hope sayyam get married 2 Krishna instead of rohit.waiting 4 nxt epi.plz post nxt prt tc byeee

  2. Aaravjaikar

    Love it.. Waiting for next one

  3. Wonderful episode @princessporsha.
    Your writing skill is just awesome and the way you express yourself is just marvellous.
    The episode was seriously awesome and truly good. All characters were justifying their role and carrying it out with perfection.
    It wouldbe great to see the way in which rohit’s truth will be brought out into the open. It would surely be a turning point for this story.
    Keep writing and god bless…

  4. Please update next one .i m dying to read

  5. Smiley010403

    Its nice episode and hope so Rohit runs away from wedding and Saiyyam marries Krishna

  6. I don’t think so …R will marty P and krishna woyld be crying …saiyyam couldn’t withstand her in tears he will marry her… Just predicted this ;-P super epi …can’t wait 4 the next 🙂

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