Kriyam(Love, a beautiful relationship) Episode 12

Hi everyone, I am here with a new episode. Do comment and let me know that how’s the episode.
Let’s start:

*********Next day*******
Suhani: Pandit ji has arrived.
Yuvaani: OK maa, I will call Dadi.
(Dadi comes happily. Guys dadi is happy because Krishna is going from birla house)
Dadi: So pandit ji! What’s the best day for wedding?
Pandit: The most peaceful day is after two days.
Suhani: There are many preparations to do and small time. What is the best day after two days?
Pandit: It is after 3 Weeks.
Dadi: Don’t worry, everything would be done on time. We should fix two days after day.
Suhani: As you wish dadi.

Pandit goes.
Suhani: So tomorrow haldi and sangeet and after tomorrow mehendi and then after two days marriage. OK?
Dadi: OK, let’s go to shivani’s house.
Suhani: OK, Yuvaani we are going.
Yuvaani: OK maa.

They both go to shivani’s house meanwhile in Krishna’s room.
Krishna was sitting on bed and had a photo frame in hand. She was crying.

Krishna: I wish that you were here.
Yuvaani comes there. She saw her crying.

Yuvaani: What happened Krishna? Why are you crying?
Krishna (wipes her tears): Um.. Nothing.
Yuvaani saw her parents photo frame.
Yuvaani: So you are missing them?
Krishna: Yes Yuvaani, I am getting married and aren’t here with me.
Yuvaani: But we all are here so now don’t cry. I know what will cheer you up.
Krishna: What?
Yuvaani: Your marriage is fixed after 2 days so let’s go to parlor for so manicure and pedicure or some facial.
Krishna: (Gives a faint smile) OK.

Krishna gets ready and they both go to parlor. After an hour, Suhani and dadi come home. Krishna and Yuvaani also arrive there at same time.

Suhani: Where have you two been?
Krishna: Aunty, we went to parlor.
Suhani: OK! So Krishna, tomorrow is your haldi and sangeet.
Krishna: OK aunty.

Everyone’s whole day was busy. There were decoraters, choreographer etc. Whole day went in preparations.

***Next day****
It was haldi and sangeet day. Preparations were at the top in birla mansion.

Suhani: Yuvaani, get ready and help Krishna in getting ready. In one hour haldi ceremony will start.
Yuvaani: OK maa.

She goes upstairs and krishna was changing clothes in her room.

Yuvaani: Krishna, get ready. ( without seeing)
Krishna: I have changed the dress.
Yuvaani: OK! I will get ready and then come to you.

Yuvaani goes and later comes back.

Krishna: I am ready.

Suhani calls them.
Suhani: Beta, come down now.

They go down stairs. Krishna sits at the place for her.

While at shivani’s house:
Shivani: Rohit, come now.

At his room:
He was talking to someone.
Rohit(on phone): Listen, u know my marriage is fixed then why are you calling me again and again.
Os: Because I love u.
Rohit: I like you but my parents don’t and I won’t do anything without their permission.
Os: But…

He cuts the call. He turns to go when he saw his mom and sister at door.
Shivani: I have told you that don’t talk to her than why?
Rohit: But mom, she was calling me again and again.
Shivani: See we are your parents and we know that what is better for you so forget her.

She takes rohit to do haldi ceremony.

Meanwhile at birla house.
Suhani: Kaira beta!
Kaira: Ji mom.
Suhani: Beta, give this haldi to Saiyyam so that he can take this to rohit’s house.
Kaira: OK.

She goes to kitchen and picks the haldi. She was going through the corridor when Saiyyam collides with Her and all the haldi falls on Saiyyam. The bowl brokes so Suhani, Yuvaani and dadi comes there. They saw this and are shocked.
Dadi: Something is going to happen. Groom’s haldi is on someone else before him.
Suhani: No dadi. Nothing is going to happen. It was a accident.
Yuvaani: Saiyyam, you come with me.
They both go to Saiyyam’s room.

Suhani: I will give another haldi and give that to Yuvan.
Kaira: OK

They both go while Krishna doesnt know anything about this incident.
Suhani goes back to Krishna and everyone applies haldi to her except Saiyyam and Yuvaani. After sometime, they both come down.
Yuvaani: Don’t tell anything to Krishna. OK.
Saiyyam: I know.

Yuvaani goes and applies haldi to Krishna. Saiyyam was standing at back.

Krishna: Saiyyam, will you not apply haldi at me.
Suhani: Yes, he will apply.

First Saiyyam hesitates but then he steps forwards and applies her. He then goes to his room quickly. He had some tears in his eyes.
Everyone was enjoying but Saiyyam was sitting in his room.

In Saiyyam’s room.

He was sitting on floor and had tears in his eyes.
Saiyyam POV:
I don’t know why but I feel so much bad that Krishna is going away from me. What are these feelings. I feel so comfortable around her. Whatever these feelings are I must forget about them.
POV ended.

But he couldn’t calm. Suddenly he stood and started to throw everything. Yuvaani hears these voices and comes to Saiyyam’s room.

Yuvaani: What is this Saiyyam?
Saiyyam( comes to his senses): I don’t know. This happened suddenly.
Yuvaani sees his hand bleeding. She does his first aid and goes down.
Everyone then goes to their homes back.

It was sangeet ceremony at night.
At 7:00 pm.
Yuvaani was in Krishna’s room.

Yuvaani: Krishna, you haven’t got ready yet. The groom’s family would soon arrive.
Krishna: I have changed the dress but its so heavy.
Yuvaani: obviously, it would be heavy.
Krishna: Acha, now can you do my makeup.
Yuvaani: Yah sure.
She does her makeup.

Krishna got ready in sometime. She was looking so stunning and just like a barbie doll.. She was wearing a golden lenga with yellow jhumkas and necklace.
Suhani comes there.
Suhani: You are looking so beautiful. Now come, Rohit and his family is here.

Yuvaani and Suhani take Krishna down. Everyone was praising her.
Suhani: Where is Saiyyam?
Yuvan: Maa, he hasn’t come down. I will see.

He goes to his room where Saiyyam was on his phone.
Yuvan: Saiyyam, you are not ready. Aren’t you coming?
Saiyyam: No, I am not a mood.
Yuvan: Come on, it’s fun. Come for Krishna’s sake.
Hearing krishna’s name, he agreed to come.

Everyone was gathered and Yuvaani was hosting.
Yuvaani: So everyone, welcome to Krishna and Rohit’s sangeet. So are you ready for some entertainment?
Everyone cheers.

One by one, everyone dances except Saiyyam. At last, everyone iinsist Saiyyam to sing a song.

He sings a song which make him and everyone else cry. Krishna and Saiyyam were sharing an eye lock which was broken by audience who were clapping.

They all enjoyed and did dances. Krishna and Rohit did a couple dance. They all ate dinner and went home.

Krishna’s mehendi and revelation of Rohit’s phone caller.

So guys, this is a long one. Sorry, if I left out any rituals as I don’t know about these things much. Please comment and let me know tahtaht how’s the episode.
Bye and take care.

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  1. Its seriously beautiful @princessporsha…
    The way you describe sayyam’s unsaid emotions and unrevealed feelings is just praiseworthy. The story has numerous layers and is truly a embodiment of fictional thoughts and authorly talents.
    Keep up the good work…

  2. This really doesnt give away the impression that you are a first time writer. Its a truly amazing story…
    Immense amunts of gratitude for the hugely beautiful chapters until now. They were seriously awesome..

    Thanks for updating such a long chapter today.
    Keep healthy and stay blessed.

    1. Sorry for not commenting during the earlier parts of today.
      I was left speechless (or to say wordless) after reading them. Apologies for that..

    2. Princessporsha

      Thankyou so much for your appreciation. You guys help me to write more beautifully.
      Tale care

  3. Wow nice post next one soon

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      Thankyou so much.

  4. Aaravjaikar

    Long one… love it.. it’s like maha episode… good one.. keep posting….

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  5. Nice one keep going waiting for next episode cant wait ?

    1. Princessporsha

      Thankyou and i will try to post soon.

  6. Nice episode,
    eagerly wating for next..
    so, please try to update soon..
    anyway, how are you?
    take care

    1. Princessporsha

      I am fine. And thankyou

  7. Superb count down starts 4 kriyyam wedding I think so…yes I love povs and u just expressed his emotions really it P.Porsha & keep writing beautiful and awesome epus 4 us 🙂

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