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Hey guys, I am so so sorry for not uploading as I had no time and I was so busy in school. I won’t be able to write for a week because my papers are starting on Monday and I am so scared. My 1st paper is chemistry and its so tough. Pray for me guys. I hope you understand…

So let’s start…..

In previous episode:
Elsa slaps Krishna but Krishna faces her determined. Krishna challenges elsa that she will get Saiyyam back.


Elsa goes to her room. Saiyyam was sleeping.

Elsa:Oh Saiyyam!! I love you more than anything. I can’t let you remember your past. If you remember the past then how will you accept me.

While outside….

Every one had gathered around Krishna. She was holding her baby bump.

Krishna: I will never let Elsa win. For my child, I will do anything.
Suhani: Yes beta and we all are with you. What’s the plan.
Krishna: Um.. Nothing for now. We must know that what Elsa is planning. But how…

They were thinking when Saiyyam and Elsa came there. Saiyyam comes forward.

Saiyyam: Maa, I want to talk to you all.
Suhani: Haan. Do you want anything?
Saiyyam: Yeah. I want something. I know maa that how am I standing in front of you all. On that day, my wife Elsa saved me. I was in the mouth of death.
Suhani: Sh.. Don’t say like that.
Saiyyam: But it’s the truth so I want something. Elsa told me that you didn’t accepted our marriage so I wqant you to accept Elsa as your bahu.

Everyone is shocked while Elsa was smiling by seeing everyone’s shocked faces.

Suhani: We can’t and she’s not a type of girl for you.
Elsa: But maa, I will change myself. OK.
Suhani: Don’t you dare call me maa. I will never ever accept you as my bahu.
Saiyyam: OK maa. Then me and Elsa are shifting to Mumbai.

He folds his hands and pleads to accept Elsa for last time but she refused.

Saiyyam: Come Elsa. We are going to Mumbai. If you can’t stay here then how can I.

He holds her hands when..

Suhani: Wait!! OK. I will accept her. I can’t lose my son. (Teary eyes).

Saiyyam smiles and hugs her. Elsa and Saiyyam go to the room.

Suhani: I am sorry but I had no thee choice.
Krishna: You don’t have to say sorry. We can understand. I am going to make dinner.

She goes.

Dinner time:

Everyone was eating dinner. Everyone was mostly sad and silent. Krishna served everyone and was sitting…

Elsa: Why are you sitting with us? You are a maid so go and eat in kitchen..
Yuvraaj: She won’t. She is like a family member to us. She is also pregnant.
Kaira: Yes. And she always will be a family member.

Krishna sits and eats dinner. After dinner, she took a glass of milk and went to Saiyyam.

Saiyyam: You here?
Krishna: Yes. I am here to give you milk.
Saiyyam: Thankyou.
Krishna: You must be tired right?
Saiyyam: I am. But Elsa always cares for me and takes care of all my medicines and that’s why I sleep well.

Krishna(thinks): May be there is a connection of Saiyyam with these medicines and may be they are the cause of memory loss.

Krishna: Saiyyam sir. Can I see those tablets.
Saiyyam: Yeah sure but I don’t know where they are. Elsa carries them with herself.
Krishna: OK.

She goes to other family members. She tell them about tablets.

Suhani: So you think that these tablets may be a cause of Saiyyam’s memory loss.
Krishna: Yes. But the problem is that Elsa has kept the tablets in a safe place and that certainly shows that elsa didn’t want anyone to know about these tablets. We must find them.

Screen fades….

While in Saiyyam’s room:

Elsa: Saiyyam. Here is your daily dose.

She was taking the tablets from bottle while walking to him when she drops a tablet but didn’t noticed.

He took the tablets and ate. He went to sleep.

Elsa looks at the tablets and smiles.

Elsa(thinks): He will never remember anything. He is totally in control. Elsa, you are a genius and now Krishna can do nothing as Saiyyam will not remember anything only because of these tablets…

Screen fades.

Precap: Elsa planning to get Krishna out of the house and challenges her.

So guys, comment and tell how is the episode. Once again, do pray for me that I get good percentage. Thanks those who comment. I will try to write the next episode in some days till then

Take care..

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  1. Shaani

    Episode was awesome as always… I’m really excited to read ur upcoming episodes.. Keep updating….
    Eagerly waiting for the next episode…

    1. Princessporsha

      Tysm and I will try to update asap but maybe cannot because of my papers.???

      1. Shaani

        It’s ok I can understand… I will wait…

      2. Princessporsha

        I may update a episode today.

  2. Nairan_kriyam_lover

    Nice episode but pls don’t make us wait for long time as ur ff is so interesting I will be eagerly waiting for ur update..
    Update the next asap pls?

  3. Minerva

    Lovely episode. The story is on a great turning point for sure. It would be great to see krishna’s upcoming plans and her steps to achieve her husband back. The fallen tablet is sure to act as a tiny stepping stone towards the huge success of krishna’s life. Elsa’s are surely going to land her in hell sometime soon. Until then, lets hope and pray.

  4. Good epi dr ?..Best wishes for ur exams..We will all pray for u ? princess

  5. Best of luck for your exams!my finals are also on its way?and epi was amazing❤

    1. Princessporsha

      Tysm for wishes and for loving the episode??

  6. Loved the episode ?❤ plx update soon. Eagerly waiting for next episode. Keep posting❤

    1. Princessporsha

      Tysm and I’ll update ASAP..

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