Kriyam (Love, a beautiful relationship) Episode 33

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Kriyam (Love, a beautiful relationship) Episode 32

Hi, it’s princess porsha here. I am here with a new episode… I hope that you are loving my ff.

Let the episode begins…

It’s morning:

Everyone was having breakfast..

Elsa: Krishna, my room is a mess so I need you to clean it.
Suhani: She can’t clean a room. You know that she is 7 months pregnant.
Krishna: It’s OK. I will clean the room.

She gets up from the table. She picks a bucket of soap water and went to room. She closes the door.

Krishna: May be, I can find those tablets or a clue.

She starts searching. She sat on floor in search of something when she noticed a little whitish thing on the floor under the sofa.

She goes near the sofa and tries to get that thing out when… The door opens and Elsa was standing there.

Elsa: What happened?
Krishna: Um.. I was just searching for my ring. (Making an excuse)
Elsa: OK but now take this bucket and fill it again.
Krishna: OK

Krishna took the bucket and went outside while Elsa followed her back.
She fills the bucket again.

Suhani: What are you doing Krishna? You need to take rest.
Elsa: No need of rest for her. Go and clean my room.

Krishna makes a face and spills some water on floor. She was going when a screaming sound came.

Elsa: Ahhhh…..
Krishna: Served you right.

She went away. Krishna again starts to grab that thing and finally gets it.

Krishna: It’s a tablet. May be, she give this tablet to saiyyam.

While outside:

Hearing Elsa’s scream, saiyyam rushes to her and suhani also starts acting of being caring but inside she was laughing.

Saiyyam helped Elsa to stand up.

Elsa: Its enough now.
Saiyyam: What’s enough?
Elsa: I mean that don’t you think that Krishna has to take rest.
Saiyyam: Yeah, I was thinking that we should send her to her relatives sohe can be cared well.
Elsa: Yes. She can go to her aunt’s.
Saiyyam: Fine.

He goes towards the room. Krishna was standing when she slipped and was about to fall when..

Saiyyam: Krishna…..

He runs to her and stops her from falling. He had his one hand on Krishna’s baby bump and another around her waist. They had an eye lock.

Hearing the voice, everyone rushes to room and saw kriyyam. Elsa was burning in anger.

Saiyyam: Ouch..
Krishna: What happened.
Saiyyam: The baby kicked.
Krishna: Oh..
Saiyyam: And Krishna you must take care of yourself.
Krishna: I will next time.
Saiyyam: There is no next time. You are going with me to you aunt house. You will live there til your delivery is done.
Krishna: But sir..
Saiyyam: Don’t worry, you will be paid the salary. Now start packing.

He leaves and Elsa smiles.

Elsa: See, I told you that I will make you out and I have.
Krishna: I will be back soon..

She packs her bags and bids suhani and others a bye.

Krishna: Don’t worry everyone. I will be back soon.

She goes with saiyyam. Saiyyam drops her to her aunt’s home. Saiyyam was going when he heard voices.

Aunt: You are back again, you stupid. You must had done something that’s why they have thrown you out. You have to do work here. Start working.

Krishna doesn’t move.

Aunt: Go…

She slaps her.

This whole scene was being witnessed by saiyyam..

Screen fades on saiyyam’s angry face.


What would be saiyyam’s reaction? Will he take her or let Krishna stay with her cruel aunt.

So guys, do comment.

Till then.
Bye and take care….

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  1. Shaani

    Nice episode waiting for the next part… Fabulous episode… Keep writing…?

  2. A great episode !! Please update soon

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  4. Nice episode. Next update soon plz

  5. Nice episode

  6. Wow? wat a episode. Update soon

  7. He will surely bring her back ?and this elsa? very well written episode ❤

  8. There is one ridiculous mistake??
    K:what happened?
    S:baby kicked
    He happens but is really funny…
    Super epi gal and Elsa is so cruel..I wish saiyyam calls her back…

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