Kriyam(Love, a beautiful relationship) Episode 11

So guys, here is the new episode. Please please comment and tell me that how is the episode and ff going..

*****Next day****
The birla mansion was decorated. It was Krishna’s engagement day. There was a rush everywhere.

Suhani: Krishna!! What are you doing here?
Krishna: Um.. Aunty I was helping.
Suhani: No, you should be getting ready.

Yuvaani comes there.
Yuvaani: Maa, parlor ladies are here so everyone must get ready.
Suhani: Yes, but Krishna is the bride so she must have a separate lady to help her.
Yuvaani: Yes maa. Come Krishna.
Suhani: I will also come.
Yuvaani: OK!

They go to Krishna’s room where a lady was arranging the things.
Suhani: Execuse me. Are u from parlor.
Lady: Yes, my name is Maya.
Suhani: So Maya, I want you to make Krishna to make beautiful of all.
Maya: I will try my best.
Suhani and Yuvaani go to their room to get ready.
Maya gets Krishna ready.
After 1 hour.
Suhani and Yuvaani come down. They both are looking so nice. Suhani was wearing a red and black saree with a light makeup while Yuvaani was wearing a frock with heavy embroidery. Rohit’s family soon arrives. They were introduced to yuvan and kaira and other family guests.

In Krishna’s room.
Krishna was sitting and waiting to go out. Soon Yuvaani cones there. Krishna was wearing a lenga which was very heavy with some jewellery. Her brown hairs were open and curled and she looked like a Queen.
Yuvaani: Wow Krishna, you are looking gorgeous. My jiju Would be amazed to see you. She said teasingly.
Krishna: Yuvaani ( shyly)
Yuvaani took her downstairs. Everyone was watching her come and everyone was amazed to see her. Saiyyam was just starring and starring at her. Soon he realized that what was he doing, he quickly goes from there.
Suhani: So shall we do the ceremony?
Shivani: sure.

They make Rohit and Krishna stand together.
First Krishna puts ring in Rohit’s finger and then Rohit puts ring in Krishna’s finger but it didn’t fit.

Suhani: Oho.. It isn’t going in her finger. Suhani tries to put the ring but it wasn’t going. Suddenly, Saiyyam spoke up.

Saiyyam: May I help?
Krishna: Sure!
He goes to her and tries to put the finger and it through her finger easily. Shivani and Suhani hug each other and congrats Rohit and Krishna.
Saiyyam went from there.

They took some family pics and then they all went home.

Haldi and sangeet..

So guys tell me how’s the episode by commenting.

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  1. Nice but little funny if sayyam makes Krishna to wear her ring all congratulated Krishna and loving ur ff plz continue and upload sasp

    1. Princessporsha

      Thankyou and everyone congrats Rohit and Krishna because Krishna aad already put the ring in Rohit’s finger and when Rohit was putting the ring in her finger, it was stuck at middle of finger so Saiyyam just pushed the ring in her finger.

  2. i love to read ur ff…but when dis saiyyam will realise his love..mandap mein??? lol..waiting fr next..

    1. Princessporsha

      Thankyou and lots of Kriyam will come soon in ff.

  3. Aaravjaikar

    Interesting… love itt. Keep posting….

  4. Hello,
    how are u di?
    Sorry sorry sorry….. SORRY 4 so late cmt nd big or heartfeel sorry 4 not cmt.. past few episodes..
    di heads off to u, u r doing MINDBLOWING job, u r such a WONDERFUL writer..
    thanku so much for updating or writing SUPERB ff..
    eagrly wating for upcoming episodes..
    so, plzplzplzzz….Please try to update soon..
    bye bye
    take care..

    1. Princessporsha

      I am fine and thankyou so much for your comments.

  5. Nice i hope they get together soon ?

  6. Loved it!!! Keep writing and update ASAP 🙂

  7. Princessporsha

    Thankyou everyone

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