Kriyam : An Unnamed Relationship (Episode 7)

The next day
Krishna prepares for the meeting in the office. Sayyam enters and sees the preparations. He sees Krishna working but she thinks he is Raina.
Krishna: Raina, is everything fine here..
She turns and gets taken aback seeing Sayyam . She drops the files
Krishna: Sir..
She realizes what she had done and picks up the files
Krishna: Sir I’m sorry I thought
Sayyam: Hmm, its okay

Krishna nods. She remembers the previous evening’s happenings and feels awkward standing before him. Sayyam too feels embarrassed.
Sayyam: Ab Miss Krishna-
Raina: Sir, they have come
Sayyam turns to see her and nods. She goes away. Krishna walks to the door with her head bent.She reaches the door and holds the handle
Sayyam: Miss Krishna!
Krishna stops nervously. She looks up pointing to god saying ‘’what now’’
Sayyam: You did well
Krishna sighs a relief. She turns and smiles.

Krishna: Thank you sir
Sayyam nods with a faint smile. Krishna leaves the room beaming. Raina comes to her
Raina: What happened, why are you smiling?

Krishna: (excited)You know what, sir appreciated me, I’m so happy yaar, he is happy with my work, I-
Raina: Okay okay Krishna, take a breath, you didn’t even take a break saying that
Krishna grins.
Sayyam comes out of the cabin. Krishna turns to see him.
Sayyam: Raina, check these and Miss Krishna, today at home. Same timing
He hands some files to Raina. Krishna nods in agreement.Sayyam gets back. Krishna gets glad

Raina: Krishna?
Krishna comes out of her thoughts and turns to her
Raina: Be at time, okay?
Krishna nods smiling
In the evening
Krishna reaches Birla Mansion. Yuvani sees her
Yuvani: O, hi Krishna

Krishna smiles. She remembers the previous evening and gets shy to meet her eyes. Yuvani understands
Yuvani: Don’t worry Krishna, I was just joking yesterday
Krishna smiles. Suhani comes there and sees them talking
Suhani: Yuvani, is she ur friend?
Yuvani turns to face Suhani
Yuvani: Mumma actually she is Sayyam’s assistant
Suhani: O..acha..kya naam hai tumhara ?
Krishna: Ji Krishna..

Sayyam comes there
Sayyam: Maa, meri woh files..
Bhavna comes there with some files in her hands
Bhavna: Yahan hai
She hands them to Sayyam.He smiles
Sayyam: Thank u Chachi
Suhani and Bhavna go. Yuvani too gets out
Sayyam: Miss Krishna aaj apko yeh files complete karni hai-
Yuvaan comes there playing games and hits Sayyam

Yuvaan: Sorry Sayyam
Sayyam : Ab..its okay
Yuvaan smiles and goes away. Sayyam starts collecting them.Krishna goes to help him. She gets on her kneels and starts picking them up. Sayyam looks at her while she picks. He sees her tucking her hair back and smiles. Krishna picks all of them
Krishna: Sir, done
She gets taken aback seeing him observing her. She checks her outfit and then touches her face to check if everything if fine with them. Sayyam realizes and gets back in his senses
Sayyam: Ab thanks

He gets up awkwardly. Krishna too gets up surprised at him.
Sayyam: Um..okay so complete this and after this you have to do much more work
Krishna nods. She goes and sits on the sofa
Sayyam: You can go to my room
Krishna looks up at him and then gets up to go. She goes to his room.Sayyam feels weird about himself
Sayyam: Why was I observing her? And why did I smile? Woh mere bareme kya soch rahi hogi..
He looks up at her going through the stairs

Hi guys, sorry there weren’t much Kriyam scenes..and yeah a huge box of thanks for ur awesome comments..
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  1. Khushi1707

    Sorry, Sayyam should have called Bhavna ”Masi” instead of ”Chachi”

  2. Omg thank u soo much for uploading this ff… I was waiting for this since morning yaar… I really love this story.. Don’t say sorry yaar… Still ur story is at the beginning we can understand… How can u give lots of kriyam scenes at the beginning it self… Don’t worry we can totally understand… I loved today’s episode… I read ur this ff evryday… And I’m waiting for it… Keep writing…

    1. Khushi1707

      Thank u sooooooo much dear, means a lot

  3. Shaani

    Thank u soo much for uploading this yaar… I was waiting for this ff… From the ff u r writing this is my favourite… Now I didn’t mean that ur other ffs r not good…. Those ff r also nice… But this is my favourite among ur ffs… How u didn’t felt bad… If soo I’m soo sorry about that buddy…
    Anyways nice episode . Loved it as always.. U r going good.. Don’t worry about kriyam scenes…. We don’t have a rush.. So let them built their own time to built their relationship step by step… Don’t rush.. Do as u r doing now… Waiting for the next episode… Plz jaldi post karo.. I know that I’m little selfish to say that… But wht to do yaar… This is one of my favourite ff… Waiting…???

    1. Khushi1707

      Thank u so much dii for the long comment, I rarely get so much long really makes me feel glad…and of course I didnt felt bad…love u dii, I will try to update ASAP

      1. Shaani

        Aww… Yeah.. I know how u feel when u get a long comment from a reader… I’m also a I can understand.. U r doing a great job… Keep up the good work.. God bless u..

    2. Khushi1707

      Thank u so much dii

  4. nice one as usual

    1. Khushi1707

      Thank u nikki

  5. Di really sorry for not cmt in previous episode..
    didi thanku so much for updating both SUPERB episodes or writing my favourite ff..
    love u di love u love u love you so much…
    eagerly wating for next episodes so di try to post AS SOON AS POSSIBLE it’s my humble request to you please di please…

    be happy
    keep smiling..
    stay healthy..
    or blessed always..
    take care..
    O SORRY!!!
    I forget to ask.. How are you kushi di nd ur exam?
    keep loving me..

    or SORRY once again..

    1. Khushi1707

      No sorries you..and thank u

  6. Kushi didi if u want to see me so please watch vaad-vivaad 15 april 11:00am morning or 17 april 10:00pm night only own DDK (Door Darshan Kisan)
    di please watch because as a student it’s very banifical for u..
    so please watch nd recognise me or it’s challange…

    anchor name MONALISA

    1. Khushi1707

      I’m sorry dear but on 15 I will have school so dont think will able to watch it but still I will try

  7. DI jaldi next episode please please please please….
    love you

    1. Khushi1707

      I will try to update soon

  8. ur ff is awsm…keep going

    1. Khushi1707

      Thank u so much sana

  9. AnahitaAnnie

    Wow supergirl each of ur ff is written beautifully. I just loved all of the scenes
    I am really sorry for not being able to comment before but its really great. I am absolutely loving all of them. Its soo good. U can handle each ffs really beautifully. I loved the last portion of the ff. It was an enthralling read. Keep going ….?

    1. Khushi1707

      Thank u so much Annie…and dont worry no need to say sorry

  10. Superb I just loved it …And waiting for next ff ..plzz upload it soon ?

  11. Fenil

    Loved it.

    1. Khushi1707

      Thank u dear

  12. Its absolutely beautiful khushi. Loved it immensely. The growing bond in kriyam’s life is too good. Krishna’s reaction to sayyam’s appreciation and the descriptive writing about how sayyam observed her when she bent down was so cute. Its really so realistic and amazing…

    1. Could you please try to upload an episodic analysis or namely could you present us readers with an extraordinary chapter of kriyam-love diaries?

    2. Khushi1707

      Thank u so much..I’m sorry I wasn’t able to update KLD, I will try ASAP..

  13. Superb epi..who said there was no kriyyam was full of their moments.. loved it

    1. Khushi1707

      Thank u so much Isha

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