Kriyam : An Unnamed Relationship (Episode 6)

Yuvani: Are you Sayyam’s assistant?
Krishna: Yeah I’m
Yuvani: So is he a good boss
Krishna was uncomfortable by this question
Yuvani: (understanding) U..acha acha..okay, don’t tell.I can understand
Krishna smiles
Yuvani: So what was the first thing on which he scolded you?
Krishna: Well we first met in a temple and there we collided..his phone fell and..
Yuvani: (sighing) ..and I know the story
Krishna grins at this
Yuvani: But then he appointed you as his assistant?
Krishna: No it was his dad..his name..something..
Yuvani: Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj Birla. My father.
Krishna: Ab..ya..sorry
Yuvani: No need for that..anyways here is the room
Krishna: Thank you

Yuvani nods and goes away.Krishna enters the room and makes a face.
Krishna: Yeh bhi koi karma photo frames,wind chime, kuch bhi Sayyam hai kya..
She suddenly stops and turns. She goes to the door and looks right and left.She sighs a relief
Krishna: Bach gayi..warna aaj sun lete aur Krishna teri toh nikal padti..
She gets back to the room. She goes to his bed and sees a photo frame in the side table.
Krishna: Chalo yeh toh hai
She picks up the frame and sees Yuvani, Sayyam, a boy about the age of Yuvani (Yuvaan) and two elders one of which was Yuvraaj (and the other Suhani).
Krishna: Akdu smile bhi karte hai..great..
She was seeing the pic when Sayyam enters. He fumes with anger
Krishna was so shocked and frightened that she nearly dropped the frame. Sayyam goes to her with an angry face and snatches away the frame
Sayyam: Tum yahan kaam karne aati ho toh kaam kiya karo..
Krishna : I..I’m sorry sir..
Sayyam puts the frame on the table. Krishna looks down sacred.
Sayyam: Take these and study the details
He hands her some files. She nods. He goes and sits on the bed reading some files. Krishna stands there feeling awkward
Krishna: (thinking) ab kya karun..agar hilungi toh bolega ‘Did I ask u to move’ aur gar khade rahung toh-
Sayyam:You can take the table Miss Raj
Krishna gets taken aback with the sudden order. She nods and takes her seat. She starts her work.

After some minutes
Krishna:Sir I’m done
Sayyam: (still engrossed in the file) Hmm. Tomorrow you will have to arrange the preparations for the presentation (he looked up at her) will you manage?
Krishna: ye..yes sir
Sayyam gets up
Sayyam :Um okay. Be ready
Krishna nods. He goes to keep the files on the side table but trips and falls over Krishn. Krishna closes her eyes and clutches Sayyam’s shirt tight nervously. They fall on the bed. Krishna opens her eyes. Sayyam looks at her. They have an eye lock. Yuvani enters the room and gets stunned seeing this
Yuvani: Sayyam..
Both of them look at the door. Krishna moves first and Sayyam realizing gets up
Yuvani : (smirking)I thought I entered at the wrong time..sorry, pls continue
Sayyam: (angrily)Yuvani its not like that
Krishna hurriedly gets up and stands at the corner feeling embarrassed . Sayyam too was feeling uncomfortable .Yuvani goes away smirking
Krishna: Sir..I think I should go
She walks away hurriedly without waiting for an answer.Sayyam tries to call after her but she had already left

Guys hope you liked the part..I started their romance..Pls pls pls comment, ur comments encourage me a lot

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