Kriyam : An Unnamed Relationship (Episode 5)

At 4
Krishna knocks the door
Krishna: Sir may I come in
Sayyam looks up from the laptop
Krishna enters and keeps the files
Krishna: Sir I’ve completed these files
Sayyam: Um.okay. U can leave
Krishna nods. She turns to go
Sayyam: (still engrossed in the laptop) I want you at my home at 6 sharp
Krishna makes a face. She turns
Krishna: Sir..?
Sayyam:I want you at my home at 6 for tomorrow’s schedule..
Krishna: (understanding) um..okay sir
She again turns to go
Sayyam: Miss Krishna
Krishna stops and makes a face
Krishna: (thinking) ab kya hua
She turns

Sayyam: Tell me my home’s address
Krishna stares at him disbelievingly
Krishna: (thinking) kitna ajeeb hai..khudka ghar ka address hi nahi pata..mujhe kyun pooch raha hai..
Krishna: Sir..I don’t know
Sayyam : So are you some genius who will find my home without knowing the address
Krishna realizes. She makes a face
Krishna: (thinking) ek no. ki pagal hai tu Krishna
Krishna: Sir address..
Sayyam: Note down from Raina
Krishna nods and again turns to go but stops.
Krishna: (thinking) Krishna, soch, kuch aur to nahi rahe gay..ek baar confirm kar le..
She turns to Sayyam
Sayyam: You can go Miss Krishna
Krishna gets taken aback. She nods and sets off.

At 5:45
Krishna enters the Birla house. She starts seeing the huge house. A servant comes to her
Servant: Koun ho aap aur yahan kya kar rahe ho?
Krishna: Ab..vo main..Sayyam sir ke liye..
Servant:Um…okay, main sir ko abhi bulata hun..

He goes to call Sayyam but Yuvani stops him
Yuvani: Ab mere liye ek juice
Servant: Mam who ladki ko Sayyam sir se milna hai..
Yuvani looks at Krishna
Yuvani: Ab main dekhti hun tum juice lao
The servant nods and goes. Yuvani goes to Krishna
Yuvani: Sayyam ke liye aayi ho na..
Krishna: Ji han
Yuvani:Hm. Okay come
She brings Krishna inside.
Yuvani: Tum yahin ruko main Sayyam ko..
Sayyam: Yuvani I’m here
They look at Sayyam who was at the stairs. Sayyam comes there

Sayyam: Yuvani maa tumhe bulaa rahi hai
Yuvani: (nodding) hmm
Sayyam: (turning to Krishna) come
Krishna nods. A man comes
Man: Sir these papaers
He looks at Krishna confused
Yuvani: Ab don’t worry main karma dikha deti hun
Sayyam nods. Yuvani takes Krishna.

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