Kriyam : An Unnamed Relationship (Episode 4)

The next day..
Krishna enters the office chanting god’s name
Krishna: (murmuring) Bhagwan ji, main aaj hanuman chalisa, ram chalisa, shani chalisa, sab ka jaap karungi, bas please mujhe us akdu se bach lena…

She starts chanting Hanuman chalisa..
Krishna: Jai hanuman gyangun sagar..(sorry guys if its wrong, I do not know much of it)
Sayyam comes there and sees Krishna murmuring. He gets shocked
Sayyam: Excuse me
Krishna had closed her eyes and didn’t knew who was talking to her
Krishna: Pareshan kyun kar rahe ho idiot..aaj mujh us akdu..kya naam he uska..haan, akdu Sayyam se sirf mujhe bhagwan ji hi bacha sakte hain..
Krishna: What kya what..bhagwan ji, aaj us Sayyam se please bacha lena..or tum yahan what what mat karo, tum ud akdu se bachne ke liye hanuman chalisa ka jaap karo..

Raina comes there to Sayyam .
Raina:Sir yeh papers..
Krishna: Sir..?
She opens her eyes and gets shocked seeing Sayyam
Krishna: SIR!
Sayyam: No need for that Miss Krishna, I think you will like calling me ‘’akdu’’
Krishna: Sir..sir
Sayyam: Main tumhara sar hun?
Krishna: Yes..I mean
Sayyam glares at her and goes to his cabin. Raina signs Krishna about ‘’what you did’’and follows Sayyam.
Krishna hits her head points up(signing to god) and goes to the cabin.

Sayyam signs the papers. Krishna comes there. Sayyam signs Raina to go. Raina goes giving Krishna ‘’you are dead’’ expression

Krishna comes inside scared
Krishna: Sir..(hitting her head, muttering to herself) no sir, boss bol..(then back to Sayyam)Bo..
Sayyam: Havent you got to the manners of asking whether to come inside or not
Krishna gets scared and turns to go to the door
Krishna: Akdu hi rahega..
Sayyam: MISS KRISHNA! I didn’t ask you to move.
Krishna stops and turns.
Sayyam comes to her
Sayyam: This is the last warning.. its just because of my dad or else I would have..
He gets forward. Krishna, scared gets back
Krishna:I’m sorry sir
Sayyam: Sir..
Krishna: (cutting him) I mean boss
Sayyam: (mockingly) O no , u can call me akdu Miss Raj
Krishna: I’ll not do that again..
Sayyam: Lets see
He turns away and goes to the table..
He puts some files.

Sayyam: I want this completed..TODAY!
Krishna nods scared
Sayyam: Gale main awaaz nahi hain
Krishna: Ye..yes sir
Sayyam goes and sits and starts his work
Krishna stands there
Krishna: (looking up)bhagwanji , ye kya kiya.aur ab kya karun..jaungi , toh bolega: I didn’t ask u to move..aur agar aise khade rahungi toh..
Sayyam:Did I ask you to stand idle
Krishna: Si..sir can I..

Sayyam: hmm..
Krishna takes the files and gets out.
She sighs a relief.Raina comes to her
Krishna: Yeh cabi hai ki nark..nahi nahi, nark better hai..
Raina: Zyada mat bol, agar boss ne..
Krishna: Correct, tere boss Yamraj ki tarah kahin aa tapakte hain..

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