Kriyam :An Unexpected Love (episode 7 )

Suhani:now u two b nice to eo
Sayyam:(turns to leave )
Suhani:now Krishna take care of urself I’ll b leaving
Krishna:(smiles )good night Aunty. Good night Sayyam
Sayyam:(doesn’t look at her )good night
Krishna:Aunty I might have trouble sleeping at night bc of my feet . U know I might need help at night

Krishna:can Sayyam stay ? No I mean if it’s OK wid u .. everyone else is not gonna b home tonight
Suhani thinks :Krishna cld have asked me y did she choose Sayyam?
Suhani:Sayyam … c u stay here tonight
Sayyam:I can’t stay in da same room wid her it won’t b right
Suhani:u can sleep on da other bed
Sayyam thinks :I’m dead tonight

Sayyam:fine  if u insist
Sayyam:I’ll go get my pillow (he gets out )
Suhani:Bye Krishna (she follows Sayyam and stops him in the hallway )
Suhani:rukho Sayyam -wait Sayyam
Sayyam:(stops )
Suhani:kiya tum Krishnase piyar karti ho?-do u like Krishna ?.
Sayyam:(stammers)nahi ma…ap ye kiya bolrehi hai – noo…mom wht r u saying ?
Suhani:ha ya na?-yes or no ?
Suhani:really ? Then y do u like to be around her so much

Suhani:I got my answer . Ur eyes say yes .
Sayyam:it’s …
Suhani:(slaps Sayyam)y Sayyam? Y? I thot u won’t do anything like dis . She’s going to b ur wld b sister in law .
Sayyam:(stands looking blank )ik…
Suhani:u can’t like her . U have to forget her n move on . I don’t want any drama in dis wedding .

Sayyam:yes mom . Don’t worry
Suhani:I’m not trying to b unfair . I just don’t want u to be left heart broken. Bc Krishna n Yuvaan love eo. (She hugs him )I hope u understand me
Sayyam:yes mom . I won’t get close to her . But how can u sleep in her rm tonight ?
Suhani:u can .. jus mantain distance
Sayyam:(nods n leaves)
(Suhani looks )


Krishna thinks :whts takin him so long
Sayyam:(enters wid a pillow )
Krishna :ur here .
Sayyam:unfortunately , yes
Krishna:now tht ur here can u plz put this anklet around my foot . I’m unable to do it(she holds out an anklet n gIves it to him )
Sayyam:(doesn’t look at her n puts it on her )

Krishna:(holds his hand )thx
Sayyam:(removes her hand rudely widout saying anything )
Krishna:(gets sad and thinks )wht happened to him ?
Screen freezes on her thinking face

Precap:Krishna:Sayyam c u come wid me. Sayyam:(avoids Krishna and thinks )srry buh I have to do dis

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  1. Awasme epi as alwayas
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  2. Love how Krishna is warming up to Sayyam…didn’t like it when Suhani slapped Sayyam though…but leave..that’s how moms are…

    1. We want longer updates though plz….love ur writing

  3. Feeling sad 4 saiyyam…why is god so mean “When a guy truly loves a girl,the girl cheats When a girl truly loves a guy,the guy cheats
    & When both love eo God cheats…” I wish god do some miracle…plz update ASAP…

    1. Yeahhh exactly?

  4. Nice epi…Update asap..Waiting for ur next…Today’s epi was awesome..

  5. Love your story so much can’t for the next update??

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