Kriyam :An Unexpected Love (episode 6 )

Pratima:(smiles )Suhani get the rings . We don’t want any more delays
Suhani:yes mom
Sayyam thinks :I shld b happy tht they r together now . Buh y am I feeling bad . Was mom right ? is there something I’m trying to hide . ?
Suhani:(brings the ring )
Krishna:(takes a ring n puts it on Yuvaans finger )
(Everyone smiles and clap )
Yuvaan:(tries to put the ring on Krishna but doesn’t fit her)
Mom I’m unable to put it on her , i think its too tight
Yuvaani:buh da ceremony won’t b complete widout tht
Suhani:(tries to push the ring buh it don’t work )
Sayyam:may I try ? (Everyone looks at him )I mean if u don’t mind
Suhani:(hands him the ring )

Sayyam:(takes the ring . Bends down in front of Krishna . He takes her hand . And easily puts da ring on her )
(Everyone stands wid a shocked face )
Sayyam:(gets up )there
Yuvaan:wow I tried hard but it didn’t work . U tried once n it worked
Bhavna:seems like u have magic
Pratima:it’s a miracle
Suhani:no . It’s not . Its wht god wanted
(Everyone looks at her )
Suhani:no I mean …. tht it was meant for him to do a miracle
Sayyam:if u do smthn wid ur heart it always works
Krishna:dat means u did dis wid ur heart
Sayyam:(looks at her but doesn’t respond , he leaves )
 (Sayyam sits on his bed thinking , Krishna comes in )
Krishna:thx(she sits down next to him )

Krishna:for da ring
Sayyam:I thot u were mad at me bc I put it on u instead of ur lover boy
Krishna:no . I wasn’t mad at all (she gets up to leave but trips n falls )
Krishna:ouch .
Sayyam:r u OK ?
Krishna :(tries to get up but falls back .she takes out her hand n held it out to Sayyam) help ?
Music Starts :Ishq Mubarak plays
Sayyam: (holds her hand and picks her up )
Krishna:I can’t walk
Krishna:ur not gonna help me ?
Sayyam:(lifts her up )y am I always stuck doing this to u ?
Krishna :bc u probably wanna do it
Sayyam:wht ?
Krishna :nothing (smiles )take me to my room
Sayyam:I feel like throwing u out
Krishna:(smirks )u will never do tht
Sayyam:how do uk? Maybe I will
Krishna :u won’t cuz u care about me
(Their eyes lock .Suhani watches them)
“E mere dil mubarak ho
Ye hi tho piyar ×2”

“Ishq Mubarak”(repeats )
(Music stops )
(Sayyam carries Krishna to her bed n drops her there . Her dupatta gets stuck to his watch )
Krishna :come here
Krishna :I’ll take it of
Sayyam:(sits down on bed next to her )
Krishna 😮 god Sayyam come closer
Sayyam:(he goes closer )
Krishna :(tries takin the dupatta of buh it doesn’t come of )
Sayyam:(watches her )
Krishna:y r u looking at me like tht
Sayyam:shut up .I don’t wanna look at u
Krishna:stop lying (she finally takes it of )
Sayyam:I’m leaving
Sayyam:y? So I can stay wid u n ur bf comes n asks y am I on ur bed ?
Krishna:he’s not home , everyone is outside except Suhani aunty. She’s in her room taking a nap
Sayyam:buh y wld I stay ?
Krishna :to talk to me . I’m bored . Uk I think u shld get married .
Krishna :y not

Sayyam:bc I don’t want to get married
Krishna :after me n Yuvaan get married it’s either gonna b ur or Yuvaanis turn . So I was jus trying to prepare u
Sayyam:I like someone
Krishna :(looks surprised )who ?
Sayyam:someone . N it’s none of ur business
Krishna:do ik her ? Is it Baby ?
Sayyam:no . It’s someone way different from Baby
Suhani:(enters ) wht r u guys talking about ? May i join ?
Sayyam:thank god u came mom . She was annoying me
Krishna :aunty Sayyam likes someone . But he won’t tell me who it is
Suhani:u like someone ?
Krishna:describe her . Whts she like ?
Sayyam:fine I will . She’s annoying .
Krishna :(looks confused )
Sayyam:she makes me want to kill myself
Krishna :(swallows )wht does she look like
Sayyam: she has um…long brown hair . Fair skin . She likes to eat . She’s boring .  But she’s really simple and unique
Krishna :she’s like me
Suhani thinks : she’s not like u . She is u
Sayyam:not at all . She’s way better than u . If it was upto me then I would have killed u a long time ago
Krishna :y? Whts wrong wid me ?
(screen freezes )

Precap:Suhani:Sayyam wait . Do u like Krishna ? Sayyam:(stands looking confused )

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