Kriyam : An Unexpected Love (episode 5)

Suhani thinks: Sayyam I’m ur mom . I can feel tht ur lying about smthn to me .
Yuvaan:come now Krishna . It’s the second part of the dance let’s go
Yuvaan:(holds Krishnas hand and takes her to the stage n began dancing
Sayyam:(feels disturbed )
Suhani:wht happened beta? R u OK ?
(A girl comes up )

Girl :excuse me (she says it to Sayyam)
Sayyam:(Sayyam looks )
Girl:may I plz have a dance wid u
Sayyam:(looks at Suhani , she nods )sure .y not (they both go to the stage to dance )
(Everyone dance . Krishna watches Sayyam dance )
Krishna thinks :y is he so close to her . He could get a little farther from her while dancing .
(The boys twirl the girl and the girls go to the next guy . At the end Krishna ends up wid Sayyam. )
Sayyam:u again
Krishna:y were u so close to tht girl while dancing
Sayyam:(she twirls her around n holds her waste )y?
Krishna:u don’t have to b tht close to her
Sayyam:r u jealous ?
Krishna:y wld I b jealous . I was jus saying
Sayyam:u didn’t have any problem being close to me . Then y do u have a problem when someone else is close to me
Krishna :don’t u thnk we r already close enough after wht happened
Sayyam:ik my limits . I didn’t do anything . I swear
Krishna:ik I trust u(she smiles )
Sayyam:(smiles back . He pulls her closer )
Krishna :(gets closer to him widout realising )
Sayyam:(whispers )how cm ur so close to me now ?
Krishna :bc I can’t help it
Krishna :(backs of a little )nothing
Sayyam:(looks at her wid a weird look )
(Dance gets over )
Baby:(gets the microphone ) hello everyone . Now it’s time for the big surprise (she smirks )
Yuvraaj:wht surprise ?
Baby:it won’t b a surprise if I tell u (she turns on the projector . Pictures come )
(Everyone stands wid a shocked face )
(Pictures of Sayyam n Krishna fill the screen . The first shows Sayyam holding Krishna . Second shows him carrying Krishna . Third shows Krishna hugging him . Fourth pic shows kriyam dancing while being really close . 5th pic shows Sayyam and Krishna sleeping ..wid lips touching )
Krishna :(puts hand on her mouth )idk….Yuvaan trust me
Sayyam:this is all fake

Krishna :sayyam was just trying to help me
Yuvaan:I get it . He was helping u . But don’t tell me how he was helping u by sleeping with u . U disgust me
Suhani:(slaps Yuvaan)mind ur tounge
(A lady speaks at the back ):kids these days . Relations r toys for them . She’s marrying one guy . And having an affair wid the other brother)
(A guy responds back :she’s so cheap she decided to sleep wid him )
Krishna:(cries ) is not like tht
Suhani:I’ve heard enough . Yuvaan ask ur friend Baby how did she get these pics
Baby:I was …
Suhani:y were u following them ?

Yuvaan:answer baby
Suhani:I’ll tell u . Baby has planned everything . (Suhani explains everything from how Baby mixed smthn in the drinks n how she found Kriyam on bed together)
Yuvaan:I didn’t know tht u r do disgusting Baby
Baby : but Yuvaan I …
Yuvaan :just shut up !
Baby :(leaves angrily ) I’ll prove it 2 u tht I’m right
Yuvaan:(hugs Krishna )I’m so sorry . I shouldn’t have accused u of smthn like this . How can I forget tht ur my BFF.
Sayyam:good thing there is no problem between u (smiles)
Suhani thinks :u can’t escape from me by faking a smile
Screen freezes on suhani thinking , sayyam fake smiling , and Krishna n Yuvaan holding hands

Precap:Pratima:(smiles )Suhani go get the ring

Suhani:yes maa . (Sayyam stands there wid a mad face )

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