Kriyam : An Unexpected Love (episode 3)

Krishna:(sits on her bed crying)how can Yuvaan think like tht?(someone puts a hand on her shoulder , she turns around to see Yuvaan)
Yuvaan:(hugs Krishna ) sorry . Tht was stupid Baby tht gave me wrong thots
Krishna:ur never gonna do tht again r u ?
Krishna:I thot u don’t trust me ,not even a little bit
Yuvaan:nope I don’t trust u a little bit
Krishna :(looks sad )
Yuvaan:(holds her face )in fact I trust u a lot

(Someone knocks on the door , they turn around to see Sayyam standing )
Sayyam:(looks down on the floor feeling awkward )
Yuvaan:(smiles ) come on in Sayyam
Sayyam:no sorry for disturbing …I’ll come later (he turns to leave but Yuvaan stops him )
Yuvaan:wait..(he hugs Sayyam) don’t leave …I’m sorry for whtevr happened earlier
Sayyam:(smiles )it’s OK . I get it .
Sayyam:(breaks from the hug ) I came here to tell u tht Mom said for u to get ready for the party
Yuvaan:(leaves )I’ll get ready . Get ready Krishna (he holds her hand for a sec n leaves )
Sayyam:(looks away seeing this , he also is about to leave but Krishna holds his hand )
Krishna : Sayyam can I ask u a question?
Sayyam:wht u want now?
Krishna: don’t u want to get married ?
Krishna:but y? Everyone needs someone they love
Sayyam:well I don’t
Krishna :u will need smone 2 argue wid
Sayyam:like ur not enough .
Krishna:but ..
Sayyam:n u don’t have to worry bout me anyways . I’m leaving after u n yuvaan get married
Krishna :where ?n y?
Sayyam:I’m going back to my house . I have my business to take care of .
Krishna:u cld do tht from here
Yuvaani:(comes in running)Krishna come quickly
Krishna :y?
Yuvaani:oh my gosh u ask so much questions
Krishna :but…..
Yuvaani:just come na baba…(she takes Krishnas hand from Sayyams ) sorry Sayyam but u can talk later
Sayyam:(let’s go of her hand )
Krishna :(looks at Sayyam as she leaves )
Baby thinks :today’s party is gonna b extra special with extra drama (she smirks ) n Yuvaan will b mine
Krishna :(comes out wearing a long black dress with thin sleeves , she felt awkward as her back showed , though she wore it bc of Yuvaan)
Sayyam:(comes wearing black suit wid black Tshirt and jeans wid white sneakers )
Krishna :u
Sayyam :(looks at her )
Krishna : u welcome
Sayyam:I didn’t say thnk u
Krishna :but u were supposed 2, I was trying 2 remind u
Sayyam:u don’t need 2
Krishna thinks :I try 2 b friends wid him buh he never steps up toward me (she turns to leave wid a sad face )
Sayyam:(holds her hand ) u look nice too
Krishna :(turns around n smiles )thx
Sayyam:u welcome
Baby thinks :this is the right time
(Baby calls the server)
Baby :excuse me c u plz give me 2 cold drinks
Server :sure Maam (he hands her 2 drinks )
Baby:thank u

Server:my pleasure (he leaves )
Baby:(takes a packet out of her purse and opens it . She puts some powder in both drinks . And mixes it up with a spoon )
Krishna:I’m thirsty
Baby :here I got u 2 cold drinks
Sayyam thinks :since when is baby so nice
(They thank Baby n drink . She leaves after watching them drink )
Sayyam:I’m feeling tired
Krishna:I feel dizzy
Baby:(comes ) Krishna Yuvaan is calling u in ur room
Krishna :y ?
Baby :idk but he said it’s urgent
Krishna:alright I’ll go (Krishna leaves )
Baby:Sayyam u shld go
Sayyam:y? Y me?
Baby :he wants both of u 2 go
Sayyam:OK fine(he leaves )

Sayyam:(enters but gets shocked when he sees Krishna lying unconscious on the floor , he feels more dizzy ) Krishna get up (he says weakly , he picks Krishna up n puts her on bed but falls on her and gets unconscious)
Baby :(enters the room )perfect scene . Now Yuvaan will definitely leave Krishna n b mine . Now it’s time to bring Yuvaan to the scene (she leaves )
Suhani:(walks in the hallway )where’s Krishna ? It’s almost time to exange the rings . She is probably in her room . Let me Check there (she opens the door to Krishnas room )
Suhani:Krishna…(she gets shocked when she sees Krishna sleeping with Sayyam)o god….(she puts her hand on her mouth )

Precap:Suhani sprinkles water on Sayyam n Krishna

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    Awesome one..I’m not hating baby’s deeds, for a change??

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