Kriyam : An Unexpected Love (episode 2)

Pandit :beta whts ur birthdate
Sayyam:(tells him his birthday )

Krishna :(tries to tell pandit tht it’s supposed to be Yuvaans not Sayyams but pandit quickly listens to hers and starts workin without listening)
Pandit:perfect . Both of ur horoscope matches perfectly . Ur jodi is made in heaven
Sayyam:(looks at Krishna who looks at him )pandit ji ur mistaken . It’s supposed to be Krishna n Yuvaans horoscopes that needs to b checked. Krishna is getting married to Yuvaan not me
Pandit:I’m so sorry . The way u carried her here I thought…. I apologize for the mistake . But tell me Yuvaans birth date
Pandit:I’m sorry but this relation is not tht compatible
Krishna :(looks sad )o
(they thank the pandit and leave)

Sayyam:wht happened ? Y r u so sad ?
Krishna :mine n Yuvaans..(she couldn’t finish her sentence , bursts out crying and hugs Sayyam.)
Sayyam:(looks shocked )wht r u doing ?
Krishna:we will b able to get married right?
(Someone records the entire scene )
Sayyam:yeah Krishna (he breaks the hug and holds her face . )besides these things don’t matter
Krishna:(smiles at Sayyam)
(Scene is being recorded )

Suhani:u guys r back .
Krishna :yea
Suhani:n panditji told me buh it’s k Krishna
Krishna :ik sayyam explained it to me
Suhani:(she smiles at Sayyam )n hopefully Sayyam Will find a girl for himself too . One tht luvs him
Krishna :which girl wld want to do ruin her life by doing tht
Sayyam:wht u mean to say

Krishna :no I mean ..(she slips on the water on the floor and falls wid Sayyam on the floor )
Sayyam:u need spectacles
Krishna:sorry …
Suhani:don’t start arguing now
(Baby comes wid Yuvaan )

Baby:wow Yuvaan. U shldnt trust pple blindly. Bc u r failing to c whts happening between ur would b wife n ur brother
Sayyam:(gets up and helps Krishna get up )
Yuvaan:u don’t need to be around Krishna all the time Sayyam
(Yuvraaj comes )
Yuvraaj:Yuvaan speak with manners
Screen freezes on Krishna and Sayyam

Precap:Suhani enters the room and gets shocked seeing Krishna and Sayyams state  

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  1. Rockstr

    Its wonderful man…plsss update loving it..

  2. Awsome plzzz update soon
    I love your fff …..

  3. Aarti32

    It superb yaar..Plzz post d next episode soon

  4. This ff is an adaptation of which serial? I never heard of the jodi Kriyam. Which show is this?

    1. The serial name is suhani se ek ladki on star plus @5:00pm everyday?
      And yeah watch it kriyam is the best❤️❤️

  5. Oh I’m super excited about precap?

  6. Didn’t like ur track.U r trying to make krishna negative in yuvaan’s eyes.Didn’t like it.Sry if i am a bit rude

    1. Syedul

      She’s not negative in his eyes . Just creating misunderstanding so Krishna gets closer to sayyam

  7. I love it…it’s awesome…plz continue!! 😀

  8. Love it

  9. Pinkyyy

    Awesome update dear
    Precap is interesting

  10. Misspoetess

    Interesting… Is the Kriyam stalker Baby?

  11. Syedul

    Thx for all ur support

  12. Omg update soon❤️

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