Kriyam : An Unexpected Love (episode 1)

so i am here with a new ff on kriyam?? (ma bad if u hate it ) so in this ff sayyam already learns the truth of sayyam before marrige. he is not married to krishna and yuvaan and krishna are going to get married…sayyam looks like he used to look (without beard ). krishna (dresses like before marrige ) . and yuvaan acts like before he got married with baby .

krishna :(hugs yuvaan)i’m so happy we r finally getting married
yuvaan:yea. and sayyam is gonna join our happiness (he pats sayyam on the shoulder)
krishna :(breaks from the hug and smiles )well we have to prepare for the engagement ceremony this evening
sayyam:(gets a call )excuse me ( he leaves)
after a while
krishna:(gets up on the stool to do the decoration )o god how do i do this ? she tries to jump and reach the top but looses balance and falls , she screams but someone’s catches her )

krishna :(opens her eyes to find herself in sayyams arms and sighs )i thought i fell
sayyam:u will if i drop u now
krishna :ur so rude . i’m going to b ur sister in law so u shld behave nicely wid me
sayyam:sister in law my foot
krishna :r u gonna put me down now or r u trying to flirt with me
sayyam:(glares at her )

krishna:chill i’m just kidding
sayyam:(puts her down )
krishna:now tht ur here c u help me wid dis

sayyam:i’ve no interest . it’s urs and yuvaans wedding not mine
krishna :buh u cld help
sayyam:(was about to say something but stops when he sees suhani)
suhani:wht happened ?y r u 2 screaming ?
krishna :aunty can u plz tell sayyam 2 help me ?
suhani:sayyam beta help her (she gives him a hug )
krishna:n wht bout me? (she joins them both , her hand touches sayyams)
(they break the hug )
suhani:now cm on hurry up . we have a lot of arrangements to make. sayyam u n krishna go to the pandit to check the horoscopes
sayyam:i don’t belive in these things
suhani:won’t u listen to ur mom ?
sayyam:fine but only for u i’m going with her otherwise…
krishna:y? whts wrong with me ?
sayyam:u drive me crazy

krishna:like u don’t do anything
sayyam:(tries to say something but suhani screams )
suhani:shut up!! both of u
(they both get silent)
suhani:u guys argue like little kids . u both r going now to the pandit , i don’t want to hear another word from either one of u
(they both leave )
sayyam:(sits down on the car .krishna sits next to him )tie the belt
krishna :(has trouble closing it )i’m unable to it
sayyam:when r u able to do anything
krishna :can u help me out instead of taunting me
sayyam:(he goes over her to help her out . their eyes lock. someone watches them) done.
krishna :thx
sayyam:(sits back down and starts the car)

krishna:(turns on the radio ye tere sang yaara plays )
sayyam:(turns it of )
krishna:y did u do tht?
sayyam:my car my wish

krishna : but i like this song. it’s so romantic
sayyam:i hate romantic songs. listen to it when u sit with yuvaan.
krishna:fine turn smthn else on .(she changes the radio station )
sayyam:(turns it off again )
krishna :wht happened dis time
sayyam:we r here
krishna ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
(they get up on the temple . but krishna stops halfway on the stairs)
sayyam:wht happened ? y did u stop?
krishna:i can’t get up anymore. i’m fasting for yuvaan . thts y i’m tired
sayyam:(lifts krishna up )
krishna:wht r u doing ?

sayyam:i have to take u there . i promised mom tht i will take care of u
krishna:i’ll manage
sayyam:i doubt it
(someone takes a pic of sayyam carrying krishna )

sayyam:(finally reaches the top of the staircase . people look at them. krishna feels awkward . sayyam puts her down )
krishna :thx
sayyam:(looks tired)
krishna :(goes )
sayyam:(stops her )where r u going ?
krishna :to get water for u (she comes back with water and gives it to him )
(another pic gets clicked of them )
krishna:by the way ur a good person

sayyam:(looks at her )u can say tht to yuvaan instead of me
krishna :y do u always bring yuvaan up ?and tht was supposed to be a compliment
sayyam : bc he’s going to be ur husband and thnk u for the so called compliment

precap:(krishna hugs sayyam , he gets shocked)

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