KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 80)

Episode starts with krishna fuming with jealousy on seeing Priya in Saiyam,s arms..
Now she had had enough..she has been tolerant since so much time but not now..she stormed towards them and pulled Priya from his arms..
Priya:ouch… kya kar rahi hon.
Krishna: ye tum muje batao ku yum itne finoo se kya kar rahi ho..jab dekho Saiyam ke ass pass kyu batakti rehti ho..vo mera pati hai..then why the hell are u trying to get close to him..
Saiyam: KRISHNA.!! vo dost.. hai meri how can u talk to her like that..
Priya understood she had to leave them alone..
Priya: i think u guys need to talk..
She goes..
Saiyam: ye kya batameezi thi krishna…tumhe matlab bi pata ha is baat ka jo tum bol rahi ho
Krishna: achay se pata hai( hits him on the chest) par tumhe pata hai par tumhe nai pata ki muje kitna bura lag raha hai..ja. bi mai tumharay pass aao to priya pehle hi tumharay saath hoti hai.. har waqt tum Priya je saath hi kyun hotay ho( hits him again and cries) tumhe meri koi fuqar nai hai..mai tumhari patni hoon aur tumhe itna bi khayal nai hai ki mere saambe jab tum Priya ke saath hota ho to muje kitna bura lagta hai..PYAAR KARTI HOON MAI TUMSE..nai dekh sakti kissi aur ke saath tumhr..
She pushes him and kneels down crying
Saiyam stood there listening yo her each word..he was in tears..
Krishna wipes her tears..u don’t luv me i know..but i can’t see u with anyone else it hurts me..and if u want to be with her then just give me a divorce..
She cries and storms out..
Saiyam was left shocked and recalls her words..
Krishna comes yo yuvani,s room and cries hugging her..she tells yuvani everything..
Yuvani: no Krishna..he luvs u..he just..
Krishna: i don’t want to listen to anything..i am sleeping here tonight…
Both Saiyam and krishna didn’t come out of the rooms that day..they just kept on recalling the incident..

At night
Krishna wakes up and freshens up and wears yuvani,s clothes as she didn’t want to go to her room..a top a shrug and jeans..
She recalled the time when she wore the black dress and Saiyam understood that she was not comfortable..
She cries..
Yuvani comes nd hugs her..
Krishna: yuvaanii..kya huva..
Yuvani: kya huva?? Saiyam is calling u in ur room..i bet he is going to propose u..
Krishna: propose?? he won’t…
Yuvani: ok then ho and find out for what is he calling u..
Krishna hesitantly goes towards the room and entered..the room was completely dark as all lights were switched off..
Krishna: Saiyam..??
All lights get on and krishna sees the room decorated with flowers heart shaped balloons rose petals and candles..
She looks on confused when Saiyam enters and closes the door..
Krishna: Saiyam?? sab kya hai ..tumne muje yahan..
Saiyam comes close to her and puts his finger on her lips .
Saiyam: shhh…u said what u had my turn..
He kneels down on one knee and says..u r the best thing that ever happened to me.Krishna..having u in my life is the best thing i could have asked for..the way our story was till now..i can’t change that…i know i have hurt u a lot..yet u married me..yet u became my friend( gets up) now can i ask one more thing from u..
He comes close..
Saiyam: will u accept me as ur husband because( in a tearful tone) i..i love u..
Krishna was so happy on hearing that..this is what she wanted..
Yes, she said ..i love u too..
Saiyam smiled and they hugged..hugged for a long time..and cried..

Saiyam broke the hug and wiped her tears..
Saiyam: i don’t want to see these tears again..
He kisses her forehead her cheeks…and went down to her lips and completely captured was a long passionate kiss…Saiyam put his hands around her waist..while she tucked hers into his hair..
She broke the kiss to have some breath and kissed again..
Saiyam pins her to the wall and kisses her neck all over..he removes his shrug..thereby exposing her sleeveless top to him
He kisses he hands and arms..and goes back to his neck..he touches her waist and reaches out to the button of her jeans.. Krishna lets him unbutton her jeans and tuck his hands inside..he pulled her jeans until it reaches her ankles..
He continued kissing him on lips cheeks and necks and slowly moves down to her chest..
He slowly pulls down one side of her sleeve and kisses her shoulders
He lifts her up and lies her down on the bed..he gets over her and removed her top leaving her only in her inner wear..
Krishna turns him over and unbuttoned his shirt..she then kissed his lips neck and chest all over..Saiyam turns her over and removes her inners she completely surrendered herself to him as she was fully exposed to him..Saiyam continued feasting upon her kissing her stomach and moving upwards towards her chest..he gave wet kisses and moves downwards towards her legs..Krishna breathed heavily as he kissed her ankles knees and went up yo thighs..he slowly moved inwards kissing her inner thighs and then between her legs..
Krishna moaned in pleasure.and lets out a small Saiyam continues kissing her there..
He looks at her as if asking should i continue?… loving it..replied she..Saiyam smiles and removed his pants..
He slowly separates her legs and enters in her..krishna tightly held him as he continued..
She grabs a blanket and covers them..
Screen fades as Kriyam are seen getting intimate..

So guyz its over really going to miss u all..plzz all of u leave comments below to let me know how was my ff.even silent readers..plzz..plzz.thank u nd see u soon

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  1. Hey I am a slient reader I love your ff but can you make baby as a villain so that it can become more interesting as you got the heroine and hero already in it

  2. Oossmmm cute

  3. U going to quite or what plzz updtae I love your episode plzz update soon I m waiting

  4. Taniasharma

    now guyz. …i have received much comments telling me not to stop the im thinking about a season 2..but for that i need ideas and also i may not post much episodes everyday so if u want than give me ideas

    1. Nnnya

      Im super late to the farewell…but you will be missed dear… your ff is just wonderful..eagerly waiting for season 2

  5. Tania It was the best one❤I’ll miss yew?hope that yew will come back with new one?

  6. No your fan fiction is the best just carry on please. Write about Krishna getting pregnant the way saiyaam looks after Her – write cute scenes based around that pls don’t go

  7. We will miss u too….:( plz come up with new ff … 🙂

  8. Aarti32

    It was aweeeeeeesomeeeeeeeee?? n I’m vry happy dat u’re thinking abt a season 2..

  9. Yar miss u too .this ff was good and the fast updates from u I loved it .I think this is the first time I am commenting on ur ff but I am reading ur ff from day 1 to till now that too not missing any.keep writing good work . I don’t know how to praise so I wrote how I used to read everyday to feel u that we are liking and waiting for it.

  10. Its really nice

  11. So goood

  12. Wonderful ff….long journey but amazing one dear….loved it ??thank u so much??waiting for your comeback with season 2?

  13. Excellent FF 10 on 10

  14. You can put their romantic life together with family and kids in season 2 but plz donot stop writing.

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