KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 79)

Episode starts
It is the dadi,s memory loss day..
All are gathered in the hall thinking about dadi,s memory loss when Suhani enters as amma mai..dadi comes and greets her..
Priya comes out wearing a kurta as she could not wear short dresses in front od dadi..she felt a bit uncomfortable and when passing through Saiyam sumbles but Saiyam holds her…as usual Krishna burned in jealousy..
Dadi sees them and goes to them..
Dadi: aray beta tumhe chot to nai aayi..

Priya: nai dadi im fine..
Dadi: dadi?? Why are u calling ur mother- in law dadi..
All look confused..
Dadi: ( to Saiyam) kya hogaya hai tumhari biwi ko..hamai dadi kyu bula rahi hai…
All get shocked..
Priya: Saiyam ye kya bol ..
Saiyam holds her hand and stops her.
Dadi: beta Saiyam..tum hamare betay ho..aur ye hamarai bahu….ye baat isse bhool gayi hai kya..
Suhani: nai say galti se moon se nikal gaya hoga..rehne do
Dadi agrees and goes..

At night
Krishna in her room teary eyed..

Krishna:( thinks) why is he going so far from me..and why is Priya coming so close to him..vo mera pati hai..mera us par sab se zyaada aur sab se pehla haq hai to vo Priya kyun..
She cries
Saiyam comes and she wipes her tears
Saiyam: krishna vo..

Krishna: kya horaha hai ye sab..Priya tumhari patni kaise ban sakti hai..
Saiyam: haan Krishna…this is strange but dadi ke liye hame ye karna hoga..
Dadi comes and sees them
Dadi: aray tum hamaray betay ke kamre mai kya kar rahi ho..
She calls Priya and she comes..
Dadi: tum apne kamray mai kyu nai thi aur ye Krishna yahan kya kar rahi hai..
Saiyam: vo bas muje paani denay aayi thi..
Dai: par tumhari patni Priya uska kaam hai..iska tumharay liye koi nai hai..
Kriyam feel bad..
Krishna goes..
Saiyam wanted to go to her but couldn’t..

Dadi goes and Priya consoles him..
Next day.
Priya had to sit with Saiyam which made Krishna quite jealous..all day Saiyam had to be near Priya and krishna began to feel insecure..
In Kriyam room
Krishna: i don’t want to see them close..Saiyam is only husband…
Saiyam and Priya enter..

Priya: krishna tum yahan kya kar rahi ho?..agar dadi ne dekh liya to…
Krishna:( angrily) to kya meri marzi mai kya karoon..mera kamra hai meri jab marzi mai aao yahan..
Saiyam: krishna..araam se dadi sun le gi..
Krishna goes and feeling heartbroken
After sometime
Krishna goes to lawn and sees Saiyam there..
She sits next to him..
Krishna :i am sorry din mai i acted rude..
Saiyam: par rude to tum Priya ke saath thi.u should apologize to her..
Krishna( bit hesitates) hmm bol doon gi..

Next day..
Saiyam comes out and sees everyone gathered in hall..
Dadi comes to him and greets him happy birthday..
Saiyam looks on confused as it was not his birthday..
ALL wish him in front of dadi dadi takes them to mandir and asks Saiyam and Priya to do the aarti together..
All get shocked
Saiyam: but..
Priya stops him and krishna sees this feeling angry..
Saiyam hesitantly does the aarti woth Priya while Krishna was fuming with jealousy..

After aarti
Dadi takes Saiyam to hall where his birthday cake was placed..
Saiyam cut the birthday cake nd made Suhani eat first.he then went towards Krishna..but Priya came in between and signalling him thay dadi is also here.. he makess priya eat
Krishna goes away heartbroken..
After sometime..
Krishna enters room and sees Saiyam and Priya talking.on sofa.she lies to priya that dadi is calling her..
As Priya gets up..she slips deliberately and falls on Saiyam
Krishna looks on jealous

Precap: krishna:( angrily to Priya) why the hell are u trying to get close to him..he is MY husband..and first right on him is mine

Guyz this is my second last episode..i am going to miss ur comments so plz..comment and let me know how u rate my ff out of 10…

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  1. Second last for today…. if your ending your ff then plz don’t u I love your ff alot…..plz and your ff is the best it is beyond those numbers

  2. I would definitely rate u 10 out of 10. U have been so good that u have reached 80 episodes. How I wish the CVS also show us some scenes like your :).

  3. Pls don’t stop this…

  4. Oossmm cute….

  5. kriyyam fan no1

    I would rate u 10 on 10…u r excellent writer

  6. Aarti32

    Wat do u mean second last!! No no no no no..Don’t end dis OK..It’s all going g so great..It’s on d pinnacle of excitement..Y r u ending it..N y will u miss our comments..Won’t u write more ffs!!

  7. Awsome man such a interesting episodes plzzz update do no quite ….

  8. Yeah plzzz don’t quit plzzzz plzzz

  9. Dnt take me wrng…..ur ff was awsm bt now u r draging this jealousy track very much which is now irratiting….I jst wnt saiyyam to confess frst nt krishna….I jst wnt to see saiyyam jealous nt krishna. ……….I hope u will undrstnd me……..othrwise ur ff ur wish

  10. Hey pls dont stop writing yaar. As per the rating is concerned i will give u 10/10. But please dnt stop. Atleast u can show them happily married bt pls dnt stop

  11. No no no no…!
    plz don’t do this..
    please don’t stop writing..
    it’s my spcl and humble request 2 u…
    ok ok!
    I’m really sorry 4 not cmting ur ff parts..
    I’m silent reader or it’s not possible 4 me cmt..
    plz didi
    forgive me or don’t stop writing…
    I like ur ff very much..
    plz plzplz… Please…

  12. So good. And please dont end it

  13. I would rate you 13 out of 10 because it is really good. Plz donot end it.

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