KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 78)

Episode starts

In morning..

Krishna combing her hair when suddenly tiger( Saiyam,s dog) comes..
She gets scared and runs here and there screaming..
Saiyam comes out of the washroom and krishna hugs him asking him to move tiger away..
Priya comes and they break the hug..Priya strokes tiger and calms him down..she then takes him with her..

Krishna loosens her grip..
Saiyam: kya Krishna why were u so worried??..vo kha thodi na jaata tumhe..Priya ko dekho..she handles him so brave like her..
He leaves while Krishna was left deep in thought..
After sometime
Krishna walking in the Corridor thinking something..she sees baby playing on her phone and goes to her..

Krishna: baby..
Baby( on phone): hmm
Krishna: u r Saiyam friend since childhood right..
Krishna: so Priya is also his friend but why is he so much close to Priya than u..
Baby:( still on phone): maybe because they spend much more time than i do with him..and Priya is much more of his type..brave..bold..and bis dressing sense is also much better then me..every boy likes girls who wear clothes like her.. maybe he didn’t like me because of my skin tone otherwise i also used to wear those clothes..
Krishna listens silently..
At night..
Krishna looks at herself in the mirror..she felt uncomfortable..wearing a sleeveless short black dress..

Krishna: kya kya karna padh raha hai Saiyam ke liye..
Saiyam enters the room and thinks her to be Priya..
Saiyam: priyu tu yahan..Krishna kahan hai..
Krishna turns around and he is left shocked to see her. She looked so beautiful but he could sense that she was uncomfortable..
Krishna: Saiyam vo ye dress..mai kaisi lag rahi hoon..

Saiyam comes towards her and looks at her from bottom to top
Saiyam: ye kya hai..tum to aise kapde nai pehenti..
Krishna: par Priya vo to pehenti hai na..aur kitnui khoobsurat lagti hai..
Saiyam: par tum Priya nai ho..tum jo ho usi mai achii lagti ho….tumhe ye sab kyu karna pada..
Krishna: nai bas maine socha ki..

Saiyam: kuch sochnay ki zaroorat nai hai..apne comfort zone se bahar aane ki koi zaroorat nai hai..kyuki tum jaisi ho..bohot khoobsoorat ho..
Krishna smiles hearing this..she was so happy that Saiyam understands her without her saying anything..

Saiyam: now go nd change..
Krishna changes and comes back
He sees Saiyam sleeping on the bed..

She gets on her side of the bed and holds his hand..
Krishna: im so happy that u understand me..bas i feel bad seeing u with Priya..i know you are friends bit still.i don’t know why..
She leaves his hand and lies down on her side facing towards him..
She gradually feels asleep

Precap: dadi,s memory loss.
How will she interpret Saiyam Krishna and Priya

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  1. So sweet?

  2. Aarti32

    Awww..So adorable yaar..N I think Dadi will think of Priya as Saiyyam’s wife?? it’s gonna be interesting

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