KriYam – a unbreakable bond of love( episode 75)

Episode starts with krishna going to kitchen and preparing tea for Saiyam..she makes the tea and goes in room to give it to Saiyam..
She is shocked to see what is happening there….
Saiyam and Priya are sitting together on the floor with coffee mugs in their hands..they are laughing and enjoying themselves…
Saiyam sees her..
Saiyam: aray Krishna aao na u also sit..
Krishna comes to them and places the tea she brought for Saiyam on table..
Krishna: Priya maine kaha tha mai Saiyam ke liye chai bana doon gi to ye coffee kyu..
Priya: haan vo tumhay change karnay mai time lag raha tha aur maine socha ki tum bi thak gayi is liye maine hi coffee bana di..aur vause bi Saiyam ko coffee zyada padand hai..right Saiyam??..
Saiyam: yes..and priyu kya coffee hai bilkul bachpan yaad aagaya is see..pata hai Krishna hum bachpan mai raat ko chup chup kar kitchen mai ja kar khud ke liye coffee bana kar aise hi piya kartay thay..
He smiles and priya smiles back..
Krishna fakes a smile and looks at the tea.. she felt bad..

Next day..
All at the breakfast table except Saiyam..priya is nect to krishna
Rahul: chal yuvani plan start kartay hai…
Yuvani( aloud): aaj fin ka khana hum bahar se order karay gain..
Yuvani: baki sab ki pasand toh muje pata hai..par Saiyam ko kya pasand hai khanay mai..( looks towards Krishna) tumhe to pata hi hoga na..
Krishna: nai yuvani usnay kabhi bataya nai..
Yuvani: nai Krishna i was not talking to u..mai to proya ko puch rahi thi..usse to Saiyam ke baaray mai sab kuch pata hai..everything..haina Priya..
Rahul: haan aur is se zyaada to Saiyam bi khud ko nai jaanta
Krishna feels angry..she was in no mood to eat..she begins to go to her..she stands up when Saiyam comes..
Priya: aray Saiyam aa gaye tum..Krishna agar tum ja rahi ho to plzz Saiyam ko yahan jagah de do..
Krishna didn’t want Saiyam to sit with priya..
Krishna: nai mai to bas kitchen se salad lena ja rahi thi..
Ramdin: hum le aatay hai..
Krishna sits on her seat..and Saiyam sits beside her..
Yuvani rahul enjoy her jealousy

Kriyam room..
Saiyam working on laptop..
Krishna comes..she recalls the breakfast incident..
She goes and sits next to him..
Krishna: ah Saiyam..
Saiyam;( still working): hmm??
Krishna: mai tumharay baaray mai bohot kam jaanti hoon na..i mean tum meray pati ho phir bi muj se zyaada Priya tumharay baare mai jaanti hai..
Saiyam( closs his laptop): vo to is liye kyuki vo meri best friend hai..aur maine uske saath sab se zyaada time spend kiya hai….( smiles) sab se achii dost hai vo meri..aur ab tum bi to ho..tum bi to jaan jaao gi jaise jaise hum time spend karay gain..
He smiles and she faked a smile back..

Precap: the jealousy track continues

Ok guyz i just want a suggestion..the jealousy track will continue to 5-6 episodes..according to my plan…let me know if u want to let me mame it longer..
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  1. Aarti32

    Amazinggg but short episode..N don’t extend d jealousy track too much..5-6 is OK..Already d show is enough to drag d tracks..

  2. Its all going good :). Pls post more episodes today. Enjoying the jealousy track

  3. Yaar iss volcano kab phutega…hey u can also make saiyyam jealous by rahul being friendly with krishna….it will be awesome….nyc epi

  4. It’s amazing?your story is going on right track❤

  5. Yes plz make it longer….. it’s fun reading Krishna jealousy track.

  6. Angel_Swalakian

    This is epic

  7. Depends on you…for the jealousy track, cause it’s really interesting…also thnx for updating soo much in a short time….I was waiting…awesome story!!!

  8. Yes plz make it longer…. love your ff’s a lottt?

  9. If possible can u make a jungle scene like Krishna feels bad seeing them together and she runs in the jungle saiiyam finds her but they spend their might in jungle with some romantic scenes…. In the end of jealousy track….

  10. So cute

  11. i think a ff got deleted…..unfortunately i don’t remember its title

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