KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 73)

Episode starts
Priya: NOO…!!!
Rahul and yuvani together: YES..!!
Priya: no guyz..its getting too much i can’t do this..
Yuvani: only u can do this..
Rahul: yes u and Saiyam are best friends…seeing with u again and again will make Krishna jealous and this will make her confess..
Priya: but..
Yuvani: for Saiyam??..plz..
Priya: fine..only for Saiyam and krishna..
Yuvani and rahul smile

Next day..
All go for a walk in the forests and enjoy themselves..
They reach a cliff and stay there for sometime..
Saiyam tries to call was not good so he wandered here and there..he was about to fall when someone pulls him and they both fall.with Saiyam on top of was priya..
All hear priya,s scream and come..
Krishna comes and was shocked to see them both in that position..
Yuvani and rahul smile..
Saiyam gets up and help priya..
Krishna goes to him..

Krishna: ye sab kya ho raha hai?
Priya explains everything..
Krishna: tum dyaan se nai chal saktay Saiyam..agar priya nai aati toh??..
Yuvani: ok ok fine..relax..guyz we should head back now..its getting late we have to go home also..
Saiyam: ya..
All go except Priya yuvani and rahul..
Rahul: she was not much jealous

Priya: so should we drop the idea?
Yuvaani; not at will work ..ek baar Krishna tum dono ko baar baar ek saath dekh le toh zaroor jealous hogi..
All go to the resort..
They are now ready to go home
Rahul sits on the driving seat while yuvani sits beside..she signals something to priya..
Saiyam sits on the back seat..Krishna was about to enter when Priya stops her.
Priya: ah..Krishna ruko

Krishna : haan priya
Priya: mai Saiyam ke side mai baith jaao??
Krishna:( little hesitates) umm..ha ..haan theek hai..
Priya enters and sits beside Saiyam while Krishna sits beside her..
Rahul drives..
Priya deliberately keeps on talking with Saiyam and Saiyam too talks…they laugh and Priya places her hand on Saiyam,s arm..
Yuvani looks through the mirror and sees Krishna looking at them both ..
She had a sad look on her face..
Yuvani( thinks) so..the plan is working
She smiles

Precap: krishna:( a bit louder) maone kaha na mai tumharay saath baithoo gi
Saiyam gets shocked

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    Superb episode.. Jealous Krishna ?? n d precap is interesting..

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