KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love ( episode 72)

Episode starts

At night
Saiyam comes out of washroom and is shocked.
He sees a pillow wall on the bed..and Krishna sitting on one side..his pillow and blanket were also on the bed..
Saiyam: krishna..this pillow wall..and why did u keep my pillow on the bed..
Krishna: cuz u r sleeping on the bed tonight..ur back is aching and we have to go for camping today u sleep on the bed only..
With this she slept on her side of her bed with her back on the Saiyam,s side..
Saiyam was left amazed..he smiled and went to sleep..
He faces Krishna,s side who was facing the other side..
Saiyam smiles and recalls the moment when she applied baam on his back…he recalls the moments with her and slowly falls asleep
In morning..the elders stay back at the resort while the kids go for camping..
Yuvani: so here we are..we just have to cross this forest..all of us have a map right?..
Rahul: yes we do have..
Priya: listen we are going to play game..yuvan baby one team..Saiyam krishna one team..and me yuvani and rahul one team.. we will compete and let’s see who will reach take ur maps …all maps have different routes but same destination
All take maps and started
Saiyam and krishna walked together..
Krishna was stumbling regularly while Saiyam was as usual holding her..finally he began to hold her hand while walking..Kriyam were walking hand in hand when they heard some noise.. a noise of someone murmur something..Krishna gets scared
Krishna:( holds Saiyam,s shirt) ye aawaaz kaisi hai..
Saiyam: is sab pe dyaan mat do..just walk

The voice was actually rahul,s who was following them..priya and yuvani were also there
Krishna was walking through the forest scared while Saiyam continued to console her..
Saiyam: krishna just leave it na..achaa tell me..did u pack my t shirts
Krishna: ah..yeS.yes i did..
Saiyam continued distracting her and she began to feel light..they talked along the way and laughed together..
Finally they reached the campsite..they saw they were first to reach there … the rest followed complained of being tired..while others began to do work..
Priya rahul and yuvani fixed the tents..yuvaan went to bring firewood..
While our Kriyam were preparing food for everyone.
Saiyam: u go and rest with baby.i will handle this..
Krishna: u think i will go?.
Saiyam( smiles): i was just trying….i wish baby could also be like u..i mean u care for others so much…sometimes even accept pain..u r really a nice person..
Krishna: really?? What makes u say that?
Saiyam: u accepted my friendship inspite of my betrayal.

Krishna expression changes…
Krishna: i was because u did it all in anger..u didn’t knew the complete truth and when u came to know u deserve it..
Both smile and cook food..

All enjoy playing games and in the campfire..they sung songs and enjoyed a lot..they had dinner and were ready to sleep..
Krishna stood up but Priya deliberately makes her slip so that she falls in Saiyam,s arms..nd so she did..she felt a bit shy in Saiyam,s arm..while all rest smile..except baby..

Krishna goes and slowly all go
After sometime..
Saiyam calls priya out of her tent..and she comes
Priya: kya huva Saiyam??
Saiyam( a bit angrily,) why did u trip Krishna..if i wasn’t there then..
Priya gets embarrassed..
Saiyam: answer my question
Priya: cuz i wanted her to fall in ur arms..i want to get u close to her..cuz i know u luv her.
Saiyam looks away..
Saiyam: but i don’t want this..she doesn’t luv me and h accept this like i did..
Priya: but Saiyam..
Saiyam: ( takes her hand and places it on his head) tumhe meri kasam..u won’t do anything that will let me confess my love..
Priya was left shocked..
Priya: but why??
Saiyam: i said what i had to..
He goes..
Priya goes to rahul and yuvani and tells them everything..
Priya: we can’t to this now
Yuvaani: we can..
Rahul: but yuvani..Saiyam ne apni kasam di hai
Yuvaani: us ne kasam di hai that we should not make him confess..but we can make Krishna confess..
Rahul and Priya smile..
Priya: and how will we do that..

Precap: Saiyam slips from a cliff…but someone holds him from behind and saves him

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