KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 70)

Episode starts
Kriyam fall in the pit..
Saiyam holds her back while Krishna her arm..
Saiyam: kyA Tha..
Krishna: (gets up) a pit??.why couldn’t i see it..
Saiyam:( still holding his back) because u waste ur mind in useless things..
Krishna( makes a puppy face): now u will blame me..tum na..kya huva khada nai ho pa rahe ho kya
Saiyam: kamar todhdi meri aur puch rahi ho khada kyu nai ho raha..
She helps him to get up..
Saiyam: how did this pit come here..
Krishna: i don’t know..u just call someone..
Saiyam( finds his phone): oh god..i forgot it..
Krishna: do u mean we will be like this only..what will..
Saiyam: krishna plzz.stop yelling at me..already u r angry with me for useless things
Krishna: useless?? U think drinking is a nice thing??
Saiyam: when did i say that..ok leave that we can fight lets just call for help..
They scream but. Nobody heard them..
Krishna gets tired and sits down..
Krishna : now how will we get out..
Saiyam: don’t worry we will figure out something

He also sits and holds his back
Krishna: ( with concern) dard ho raha hai?..
Saiyam: fine..

They sit for sometime saying nothing..the silence was broken by saiyam
Saiyam: ah..i didn’t drink yesterday..
Krishna doesn’t say anything..
Saiyam: why r u so angry..acha tell me did i say something wrong or did i do something wrong..
Krishna remembers the kiss
Krishna: nothing happened..
Saiyam: so y r u angry..
Krishna: cuz i don’t like ur drinking..
Saiyam was somewhere happy about this concern..
Saiyam: but i didn’t me Krishna..really..
Krishna: then why weren’t u in ur senses…
Saiyam: i don’t know but im sorry..
Krishna:( after a long pause’) so how are we going to get out of the pit..
Saiyam: i don’t know..
On the other side all realized Kriyam were missing and tried to find them..
Finally priya goes towards the forest..
In pit..
Saiyam felt something inside his pocket..a chocolate?? He thought..
He divided it and offers Krishna..
Krishna: no i don’t want..
Saiyam: pata nai aur kitni der yahan rukna just eat it..
She takes and eats..
She thinks maybe he is telling truth..he didn’t went outside yesterday then how did he drink..but why he was not in senses then
Priya comes near to the pit and calls their name..they hear her call and call back.. she sees them in the pit and rescues them with a ladder..
They go to resort..
Suhani: tum dono theek to hona..
Saiyam: ( holding his back) don’t worry maa we r fine
Krishna: baby u told me that aunty went towards the forest but.
Baby: i think i saw someone else.
Saiyam: next careful about what u say..
Yuvani: ok dude chill…u look tired and ur back is hurting right?? So u 2 rest we will go shopping..after sometime..
Saiyam agrees..
In Kriyam,s room
Krishna helps Saiyam to sit on bed nd covers him with blanket..
Yuvani priya rahul look from Window
Yuvani: rahul..achi acting karna kahin Krishna ko shak na hojaye..
Rahul nods and goes

Precap: krishna holding ears in front of Saiyam

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  2. Cant wait for the precap ?

  3. i love ur ff so much…dat i keep on chckg for updates…i wish dat d writers implemnt atleast 20% of ur ff

  4. Aarti32

    It was superb..N bit comic too..But was short yaar..Y so short??

  5. I hate baby!!! But superb episode…

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