KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 69)

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Episode starts
Krishna gets up from bed angrily..
Krishna: tumhe jhooth bolne ki koi zaroorat nai hai..
Saiyam( getting up): par mai jhooth kyu boloo ga..sach mai i didn’t drink..mai to..
Krishna: muje kuch nai sunna..ha kar ready ho jaao..hum sab ko jaana hai…
She goes..
Saiyam: what is happening..why don’t i remember anything..
Krishna storms into yuvani,s room..and sees yuvani and priya there..
Yuvani: krishna..aagayi tum.
Krishna: i just need to use the Washroom..
Yuvani: haan vo kar lena par tuje kahin muje kuch batana to nai hai na…vo kal..
She hopes that Krishna will say that Saiyam confessed but..
Krishna: kal Saiyam ne sharaab pee thi..meri samaj nai aata ki ab kyu..khear usse jo karna hai vo kare..i don’t care..muje usse baaat nai karni..
She goes into the bathroom

Yuvani and priya look at eo with hopeless expression..rahul comes and they tell him everything..
Rahul: so basically..plan ulta pad gaya..
Yuvani: ab kya karay.
Priya: sab se pehle Saiyam ki help karni hogi Krishna ko mananay main..phir aage ka soch te hai…we have to somehow indirectly tell Krishna that..the food was spiked..
Rahul: aur wo kase…

Both yuvani and priya looked at rahul he could figure out they were thinking something mischievous

Yuvani: ek tareeka hai..aur vo aaj hum resort mai apply karienge…

After sometime..
All get ready to go..
Rahul priya Kriyam and yuvani go in one car.. Saiyam sits on the driving seat..rahul priya sit on back…yuvani opens the door of the bavk seat but Krishna stops her..
Krishna: yuvani i don’t want to sit in front..u sit there..
Yuvani: but Krishna..
Krishna: yuvani plzz..i don’t want to listen anything..
She sits at the back
All feel bad mostly Saiyam..

All the way the 4 try to make Krishna forgive Saiyam but failed..they reached the resort..all admire its beauty..

Yuvaan : so where do we have to go first
Yuvani: first we have to freshen up and then go to the local markets and then a movie…and tomorrow is special…all the kids are going on camping while rest are staying back..
Rahul: now thats pretty cool
All were enjoying except kriyam
Saiyam was deeply disturbed as Krishna was angry with him..

Kriyam go to their room..
Saiyam: nice room na
Krishna doesn’t respond
Saiyam: ab bas na Krishna aur kitni der naraaz rahogi..mai sach keh raha hoon i didn’t drink..
Krishna: muje is baare mai baat nai karni..
she goes to freshen up..
on other side..
baby goes to the garden and sees a forest nearby..her phone was not having network so she wandered here and there finding it..she reached the forest and was walking forward when something caught her was a deep pit..
an evil smile crept on her face..

in yuvani,s room
yuvani: so rahul are u ready..
rahul: ah..yes..but is it important?
Priya: we don’t have any other option..Now come on go to their room..
in Kriyam,s room.
saiyam comes out of washroom and sees Krishna is not there..
he thinks now how am i going to convince her..kuch to karna pade ga varna aise hi naraaZz rahe gi..
he goes to find her..

rahul enters their room and seees no one there..
rahul : where did they go??.
He goes ans to yuvani and Priya and tells them everything..they began to search for Kriyam
Krishna goes to garden and sees baby..
Krishna: baby, did u see aunty..
baby: umm..ya i think she went there go extremely straight and u will find her
she said this by pointing towardsa the forest in the direction of the pit..
Baby smirks and goes..
Krishna goes towards the forest..just then Saiyam comes and sees her going
He follows her..
Saiyam( shouts): krishna( she ignored) Krishna kahan ja rahi ho
Krishna:( walking fater) meri marzi..tumhe kya tum jaa kar sharaab piyo..
Saiyam( starts walking faster and follows her): ab tum usi baath ko pakad kar kyu baith gayi..chordo na..
Krishna: muje tum se koi baat nai karni..
Saiyam: ( runs towards her and stands in front of her) suunna pade ga..kab se bol raha hoon tum samaj kyu nai rahi..
Krishna: maine kaha nai leave me..
She moves a step forward when the land beneath her suddenly burst and she began to fall..she accidentally held Saiyam,s hand which made him fall too in the pit

Precap: yuvani: dekho rahul..achay se acting karna varna Krishna ko shak ho jaye ga

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