KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 68)

Episode starts
Krishna comes to room and sees Saiyam holding his head..
She goes to him
Krishna: kya huva Saiyam..tum theek ho?..
Saiyam( senselessly): haan ..haan theek hoon nai.muje kya hoga( Stumbles but she holds him)..
Krishna: tume shaarab pee hai Saiyam??..
Saiyam: nai..nai nai nai..bilkul nai..sachii
Krishna: to chordo..tum chalo mere saath.
She takes him to bed and kes him lie down but he doesn’t leave her..he still holds her by waist..they remain in this position for a while with Saiyam lying down and krishna sitting beside him with her back slightly bent towards him as he was holding her by waist..
Krishna: Saiyam leave me i…
Saiyam: i want to tell u something..
Krishna: what??
Saiyam pulls her close..and her face comes really close to his..and her hands on his chest
Saiyam( whispers senselessly) : u r really beautiful..
Krishna had a slight smile on her face..she wanted to be like that only..
Saiyam: i don’t deserve u yet u became my friend..tum bahot achii ho..
Krishna tries to break apart but Saiyam holds her tight and brings her close..their noses are touching eo..both close their eyes..
Saiyam: and i want our friendship to prevail forever..
He kisses her forehead her cheeks and finally her lips..
Krishna holds his shirt tightly…as they kissed..
After sometime.Krishna breaks apart..
Saiyam opens his eyes and says sorry..
Krishna: ( tearfully) tum aaj yahin so jaao.main.
Saiyam: aur tum mere saath..
Krishna( hesitantly): nai main..
Saiyam: i won’t do anything..i promise..( after a pause) do u trust me??..
Krishna wipes her tears and removes her footwear..she lays down beside him with her back towards her..Saiyam hugs her from the back and sleeps..
Krishna cries and thinks sab kuch kitna badal gaya hai Saiyam..kash tum vaise hi hote..aaj jo huva mai jaanti hoon tum ne intentionally nai kiya..but mai to hosh mai thi na..maine kyu nai roka …no matter how hadlrd i try..i can never stop loving u…par tum muj se pyaar nai liye muje bi apne pyaar ko maarna hog..hamare beech mai dosti se zyaada kabhi kuch nai hosakta..

At morning..
Saiyam wakes up first and is shocked to see his position..he removed his hand from Krishna,s waist which wakss up Krishna
Both get up and ait on the bed..
Saiyam: krishna ye sab( holds his head) ye sab kya..main bed pe kyu..aur tum mere saath..i..
Krishna: kal tum nashe mai thay aur..
Saiyam: ( with a worried look) did i do something wrong??
Krishna: tumhe kuch yaad nai??
Saiyam: nai..kuch bi nai..par tum bolo na maine kahin kuch galat to nai kiya??
Krishna( remembers the kiss): nai..kuch nai..tum bas muje pakday hoye thay is liye mai ja nai paayi..aur kuch nai..
Saiyam: im sorry Krishna i don’t know ye sab kaise..
Krishna: ye sab sharrab peenay se pehle soch na chahiye tha..
Saiyam: nai Krishna maine sharaab nai pee sach mai
Precap: krishna angry with Saiyam

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