KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 65)

Episode starts..
Saiyam holding Krishna,s phone under her ear and looking at her lovingly.Krishna talks and then says..ok fine bye..the phone is disconnected but Saiyam is still holding it under her ear and seeing her..
Krishna: Saiyam..( does not respond) …SAIYAM??
Saiyam: ( comes to senses) ah..ya ..hogaya na ..chalo lets go home..
Krishna: haan vo bas baby ne apne liye earings mangwaye the vo kharid ke chaltay hai..
Saiyam agrees
Krishna is now choosing an earing for baby..while Saiyam is silently choosing one for krishna..
Krishna likes a d earing

Krishna: this is nice i will send baby its pic.
Krishna is looking at the earing she really liked it..
Baby repiles: u have such a bad taste Krishna..leave it..i will myself bring me an earing.
Krishna feels bad.

Saiyam: kya huwa.
Krishna: nothing she doesn’t need it..lets go back
Saiyam understands and says..acha tum jaao mai aata hoon..
She goes and he buys those earnings
They are now walking to wards the car..
Krishna looks at Saiyam..he had sweat all over his face..
Krishna: doctor said u need rest..u shouldn’t have come here.
Saiyam: no its fine..
Krishna: ok but u need to eat something..lets go to a least eat something..
Saiyam: fine Krishna..
Krishna: apne liyr nai to mere liye

Saiyam stops
Krishna: matlab muje bi bhook lagi hai..kuch kha lete hai na?
Saiyam agrees
They go to a cafe and eat something
Saiyam( thinks): im glad that everything is getting fine slowly..our friendship should just become strong day by day)..
Saiyam,s phone was Suhani..

Suhani: Saiyam beta..kahan pauche tum? Ghar kyu nai aaye abi tak..
Saiyam: han vo bas ek cafe mai aaye the abi nikal hi rahe hai..
Suhani: haan haa jaldi aao..tumhare liye ek suprise hai
Saiyam: suprise??..mere liye??
Suhani: liye jaldi se aa jaao..
Saiyam: Ji..
Krishna: kya huva..suprise?
Saiyam: haan ab chalo jaldi chalte hai
They go to home..
Saiyam enters the home to see everyone gathered..
Saiyam: maa kya huva aap kis suprise ki baat kar rahe the?.
Suddenly a boy about same age as yuvaan runs and hugs Saiyam..and at the same time a girl of Krishna,s age comes and hugs Saiyam from back..
Both of them together: SUPRISE..!!!
Saiyam struggles to breath as he was sandwiched between the
All smile as Krishna was left confused..
Saiyam: bas ..bas karo tum dono..huff..
They break the hug..

Their face is shown..
The boy is shown wearing a blue shirt and jeans..while the girl is wearing shorts and half sleeve top..
Saiyam: rahul..priya..tum dono yahan kab aaye..
Priya: suprise hogaye na..pata tha muje..yaar kitna miss kiya humne tumhe..
Krishna: aunty ye dono kaun hai??
Yuvani: dono Saiyam ke besties hai..bachpan se teeno ek saath the..aur mumbai mai saath mai hi rehte teeno aur baby bhi..
Suhani: dono ne hi hamare betay ko itne saal apna pyaar diya …apni dosti di..hamari kami puri ki..
Rah: nai nai ki kami koi puri nai kar sakta..

All smile..
Rahul and priya meet Krishna..
Rahul: hi Krishna..vaise technically u r my bhabi..right??..but i will prefer saying Krishna..would u mind??
Krishna( smiles): no not at all..
Priya:( brings a necklace box): vaise Krishna..mera sapna tha Saiyam ki shaadi par dance karnay ke..par is idiot ne to pura hone nai diya..but koi lo hamare taraf se wedding gift..
Krishna: mai kaise.
Saiyam: krishna..rakh lo…ye apne hi hai..

Suhani: haan Krishna..rakh lo..
Krishna smiles and agrees while baby is left jealous
Yuvani: ok now priya..u will sleep with me..and rahul u sleep in the guest room…but first u two come with me..
They go..

Suhani: so..did u like the suprise
Saiyam: of course i did..
They hug..krishna smiles looking at them
At yuvani,s room
Rahul: nice room really..but first tell me where my room is..
Yuvani: ya..but..listen to me first..muje tum dono ko batana hai..muje help chahiye
Priya: kya help?.
Yuvani: tum log Saiyam ke best friends ho right?? tum log nai chahte ki usse us ka pyar mil jaaye..

Priya: kya bol rahi ho..
She tells them..kriyam,s entire story..
Yuvani: now they both have agreed for friendship but i know they luv eo..we need to make them confess.
Priya and rahul look at eo..

Priya: of course we will..
All smile..

Precap: priya scolding saiyam

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  1. Shaani

    Emotional episode ta… Very nice… Yeah..i’m also happy about ssel these days episodes.. Excited for watch Karan’s dance… I mean the dance on humma song..all family members dance for it na.. Waiting for that episode..
    Ur episode is awesome as always..keep writing..

    1. Taniasharma also waiting for his dance plus all will eat the spiked cake so hoping that drunken kriyam will lead to cute and romantic moments..

      1. Shaani


  2. I find it funny that in all ff’s I’ve read one of the extra characters names is rahul or rohan…haha…awesome writing though…update soon!!!

  3. Episode was so cool?❤??

  4. Aarti32

    Amazinggg..Hope Rahul n Priya’s entry is fruitful to Kriyyam

  5. So cute ?

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