KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 63)

Episode starts

Next day..
Krishna wakes up and sees Saiyam going to washroom..she remembers his breakdown last night and feels bad for him..
She goes to make breakfast for him..
Saiyam comes out of the washroom..thinking something..
Saiyam: should i do it??..of course..she is .my wife..and if relations are getting better with my mother then why not Krishna
He goes to the cupboard and takes out that locket and sits on the sofa..
Krishna comes with breakfast
She puts it on the table
Krishna: ah..have ur breakfast..phir davaai bi khani hai..
Saiyam:vo..ah..kuch maangna tha tumse..
Krishna:( serving his plate) khane ke liye kuch mat maangna..kuch din tumhe vahi Khana hai jo doctor ne kaha hai..
Saiyam: vo nai kuch aur.
Krishna( still serving) : kya??
Saiyam( gathers courage and takes a deep breath) muje sirf tumhari dosti chahiye
Krishna stops and looks at him
Saiyam: ( looking down)look i know its really weird..i ..i told u everything yesterday..i felt guilty yesterday like i never felt before..i did really wrong with u and trust me i feel guilty..i need to get everything right.i know maybe u will hate me even more knowing my daD killed ur mom. But yet i.just want to be ur friend..can u give me ur friendship( offers the locket)

Krishna is confused on what to say and does not respond for a long time..
Saiyam: im keeping it here..take ur time.but remember i not lying..i ..i really want us to be friends

He keeps the locket on the table and goes..
Krishna looks at the locket thinking about his words..

After 4 hrs..
Saiyam comes back to room..he looks at the table..locket was not there..he goes and checks the dustbin..but locket was also not there..
Saiyam: did she keep it?? Does this mean yes?
Krishna: yes
Saiyam startled and looked see Krishna
Saiyam: ah.when did u come?
Krishna: when u were finding the locket
Saiyam looks ate her and sees she was wearing it..he felt that happiness in his heart which he hasn’t felt for a long time
Saiyam: u mean..u mean u accepted me as a friend..
Krishna slightly smiles and says..yes i did..saiyam..i just gave i a thought..tried to look through your eyes..raising up in an orphanage without family and knowing ur mother left u..and also killed ur dad..anyone would have done what u did..u used t hurt everyone a..even me..but now when u are trying to get everything with u..
Saiyam smiles..he couldn’t believe Krishna was saying this..she hasn’t talked such with him in ages..he pinched himself..and..and……….did it hurt??

Yes it..IT DID.KRISHNA WAS REALLY SAYING ALL THIS..KRISHNA AGREED FOR FRIENDSHIP..he couldn’t explain how happy he was when that pinch hurted..
He just stood there smiling..

Precap: Kriyam go for shopping

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  1. Nnnya

    aww so cute… Yippee kriyam are friends…

  2. Aarti32

    Yayyyyyyy!! Batti ho gyi?? n these shopping tracks r always interesting..Atleast for me coz I looooove shopping ??

  3. Aww so cute ?

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