KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 62)

Episode starts..
All shocked to look at Saiyam..unconscious
Krishna runs and takes him in lap..
Krishna: Saiyam..saiyam utho..uthoo na Saiyam..
All come to him..
Saiyam covers his wound..
Suhani: yuvraj doctor ko phone karo jaldii yuvraj..

Yuvaani and krishna are crying
Krishna: Saiyam..plzz utho na…
Doctor comes and checks him..while all wait outside..
Suhani is recalling how sambhav killed saumya.
Suhani: yuvraj..yuvraj..he killed saumya.she left me..will my Saiyam also leave me..
I left him..will he take revenge..
Yuvraj hugs and consoles
Krishna ( in a crying tone): yuvaani vo tumhari baat mane ga shayad us se kaho na uthne ke liye ..muje baat karni hai us se..dekho na aunty ko us se kaho aunty ke liye hi uth jaye..
She hugs yuvani and both cry..

After sometime
Doctor comes out…
Suhani: is my son??
Doctor: u should thank god that he got saved..otherwise seeing how much blood he had lost..i almost lost hope..but he is fine now..but remember he will feel very much weak for 2-3 days..u need to take good care of him..
All smile..yuvraj takes doctor
All enter room..Saiyam opens eyes and sees Suhani..

Saiyam( slowly): ma..maa
Suhani( cries): hume maaf kardo beta…plzz
Saiyam( gets up and sits weakly): I am sorry maa…u should not be..i don’t deserve u..i
Suhani: need aan se is baare mai baat nai hogi..samje..tum hamare betay ho..bas ab hum us rakshash ka naam dobara nai lege..
Saiyam and Suhani have an emotional reunion

Suhani( to krishna): aur tum..tume aaj se hamare betay ka pura khayal rakhna hai..
Krishna looks at Saiyam and nods..
Suhani: ok then u rest now..
At night
Krishna enters her room and finds Saiyam is missing..

She finds the whole house and finally goes to terrace..
She sees him sitting on the floor crying..Krishna feels bad for him..she sits beside him..
Krishna: Saiyam..tum theek ho??.

Saiyam couldn’t control himself..he just hugged her tight and cried
Krishna was left shocked..she had tears in her eyes seeing him crying..she could feel his pain..

Saiyam: bahot bura hoon na mai..bahut nafrat karti ho na mujse..karni bi chahiye..meri maa ko bi karni chahiye..par Krishna mai apni maa se bahut pyaar karta hoon..shuru se..par..hamezha us lyaar ko sab se aur khuf se chupaya.bachpan mai jo bi mushkiley aayi un ke liye maa ko blame kiya..mai nai jaanta tha sorry Krishna..maine bohut hurt kiya tumhe…mai nai karna chahata tha..sach sorry..
Krishna sat motionless listening to every word..she remembers her betrayal and cries
Saiyam breaks away and wipes his tears..

He looks at her and she avoids looking back..
He goes and both cry..

Precap: Saiyam: aur kuch nai bas dosti chahiye mujhe..

Guys..hii..hw r u all..i have been busy so can’t just be much interactive..but how are u all..let me.know how is it going..and ya im so happy that in ssel they are focusing on Kriyam story..and yuvani is helping Krishna..whoaaa..dream come true..and yuvaan hate him..

But i came to know Saiyam is going to help krishna drape her sari..just can’t wait to see it..
Anyways plzz leave ur comments below

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  1. Loved this…ur an amazing writer!!! Loved the emotions…keep it up!!

  2. SukhiDhillon

    Omg this is amazing love it keep the good work up and i cant wait for the sari episode and yuvani is helping krishna with the situation , i hope sayyam realizes his love soon

  3. Loved it ?

  4. Nnnya

    ohhhh god this…. and epsode 61.. sooooooooooooo good tania dear… stay blessed and hope you never stop writing..

  5. Okay I think it’s high high time that saiyyam gives a divorce to krishna. If he feels so bad for hurting her and he is saying that you probably hate me then why don’t you just bring a divorce TRACK where saiyyam tells krishna that because of him she lost her smile and she lost everything. And give her a divorce and then show krishna trying to convince saiyyam that she loves him too and would not hate him or anything. It’s high time you bring in the divorce TRACK like for how long will saiyyam continue to convince krishna!!???

    1. Taniasharma

      well i did plan a divorce track..but it will come a bit later..i hve much ideas coming better that..and for all those who like my is a sneak peak..
      Saiyam is going to have a surprise when he comes back from shopping..;)

  6. Aarti32

    It was superb..D way u described d emotions..It was commendable..It was..Is..N will always be awesome..N I know dat

  7. You got everything to complete a perfect episode…u have done good job and I think u should take ur career as a writers….well done tania…update ASAP.. 🙂

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