KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 60)

Episode starts
Kriyam go to the hall where results were going to be announced..
Kriyam came 2nd while yuvaby lost..
After giving the first prize..the judges called Krishna nd Saiyam to collect the award..and prize money..
They went to the stage while baby burns in jealousy
After receiving award..

Judge: would u like to say something mr.saiyam
Saiyam: ( taking mike) not much..just want to tell my wife that i could do this only because of her cuz im incomplete without her..
Krishna tries not to look at him
Saiyam: i mean..u can’t win a couple dance without a patner she is also equally credited as i..
All clap..

Kriyam come down from the stage..
Saiyam goes to his room..and sits on the sofa..thinking i can’t control my feelings..krishna..i just can’t i love u..but why didn’t i realized when u were with me..those days when i was with i u..i never used to be so happy with anyone i was with u..but i didn’t realize..i didn’t..( cries) im sorry Krishna..
He gets up and goes to the dustbin picking out the locket..
Saiyam: i want to love u Krishna..i want to be with u
( kisses the locket and cries)
After sometime
Yuvani enters Saiyam,s room and sees Saiyam sitting on the floor
Yuvani: Saiyam..
Saiyam( wipes tears and hides Locket) : yes?

Yuvani: mama is calling everyone outside..she told she is going to tell all of the kids about..about ur father
Saiyam,s expression changes..he wondered what was suhani going to say..
Both go outside to see that..everybody jas gathered there
Yuvraj: do u think it is the right time to tell them?
Suhani: is i don’t want to be late( goes to Saiyam) today im going to tell u the truth of ur birth.what happened before ur birth..why i left u..and i know u will take my side cuz u r my son..but before telling u the truth remember one thing i love u..and..i regret leaving u..

Saiyam listens wondering what she will say next..
Suhani begins telling him everything from the time she met she had to marry he planted the bomb in yuvaan,s he toutured he killed saumya..and rap*d her..
She had tears running down her cheeks while recalling everything but she had to do this..
Bhavna holds her..
Yuvaan..yuvaani are hell shocked..they went to her and hugged her..krishna couldn’t understand what was happening..Saiyam,s father killed saumya..

As for Saiyam he seemed lifeless..he silently walks towards his room while everyone was consoling Suhani and locks up himself

Precap: Saiyam attempts suicide

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  1. Upload next episode please want to know what’s going to happen next xx

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  4. Taniasharma

    Ya guyz i have submitted 2 and am working on 3rd 🙂

  5. Oh my god…hope Krishna helps Sayyam now atleast…

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    It was vry thrilling but d precap is worrying me..

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