KriYam-a unbreakable bond of love (Episode 59)

Episode starts
Krishna thinks about Saiyam,s words..
Why did he say he cares for me..and if he does why did he betray me
She looks at the was 11: 30
Why hasn’t he come she thinks

After 30 min
Saiyam comes
Krishna: Saiyam mai
Saiyam: i am sorry..maine jaisa behave kiya i know that was not right mai gusse mai sorry

Krishna: its ok
Saiyam: kal competition hai lets just forget everything and concentrate
Krishna nods
Both go for sleep
Competition day
Saiyam gets ready in the washroom and comes out to see Krishna fully dresses but sitting on the sofa thinking something
He goes to her..

Saiyam: what Happened ? R u ok?
Krishna: hmm
Saiyam: nervous?
Krishna: nai..vo…bas aise hi
Saiyam smiles and sits with her..
Saiyam: don’t be nervous Krishna im with u always..
Krishna looks at him ans they ha e an eyelock.

Krishna breaks the eyelock..
Krishna: u were never with me..rather u always give me pain..staying with u is the worst thing in my life..
Saiyam feels bad..even Krishna does
Yuvani comes
Yuvani: come on guyz..come out ur turn is next..
Krishna: ya just coming
Yuvani goes
Saiyam also followed and krishna follows him..

Saiyam stops at the door
Krishna: kya huva
Saiyam: ek baar apne suit ki dori check karlo kahin phir se khuli to nai..
Saiyam goes
Krishna makes a puppy face
Krishna: bol to aise raha hai jaise mai deliberately karti hoon..
She checks the dori
Krishna: hai

She goes
At stage..
Kriyam,s turn
Saiyam takes Krishna by hand and they dance on tum hi ho..
Yuvani: mama they look so good with eo..just hope they sought out their differences soon.
Suhani: yes beta..soon everything will be fine
After dance…

Saiyam in his room..finding something in cupboard..Krishna comes
Krishna: results are going to be announced soon..aren’t u coming..
Saiyam: just coming
He closes the cupboard door but something falls..
Both look that the locket fell which Saiyam gave her in mumbai and krishna returned her
Both had an awkward and heartbreaking moment..

Saiyam picks it up and moves towards Krishna
Saiyam: krishna..this locket..main iska kya karoo..tum hi rakho isse man huva to pehen lena..he gives it in her hands Nd thinks..i love u Krishna..and since i realized this i haven’t given anything to u..i may never confess to u..but at least i can give u a small gift

Krishna looks at the locket and recalls the time he first gave it to her..she then recalls how he betrayed her..
He goes to the dustbin and throws it..
Krishna: ( stopped herself from crying and took a deep breath) i don’t want anything from u
Saiyam was left with tears in his eyes..
Krishna( thinks) i wish everything would have been like before Saiyam..but it is not so
She goes..

Precap: Saiyam takes the locket out of the dustbin and cries

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  1. Awww

  2. Aarti32

    See, i told u u’re going perfect…It was superb episode..

  3. superb……Krishna’s dialogues are awsome

  4. SukhiDhillon

    I love your ff its amazing i always check the site to see if you have posted every hour xD im addicted to it Love it keep the good work up and it was an amazing episode <3

  5. God, I’m gonna cry yaar..that too Sayyam’s sach is gonna be revealed…feelin’ sad for him

  6. im really addicted…..2 this….n thnku 4 giving us a lot of parts 2day…really feeling bad 4 saiyyam…dont know how he will handle this truth…along with krishnas constant taunting…

  7. Precap??I feel bad for sayyam?

  8. Oh my gosh already let saiyyam divorce krishna so she realizes her love behind her anger??

  9. Shaani

    Feel bad about sayyam.. N Krishna…
    Nice episode…

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